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    I'm a Kent based Northern Soul DJ. I run The Scorpio Soul Club and prior to the lockdown, I presented a monthly Sunday Soul event "A Soul Agenda" - (Vinyl Only!) at Dartford Social CIub. Until its safe to playout again live I will be uploading weekly "Sunday Social - Mix Bag" vinyl only sets on "The Scorpio Soul Club" YouTube channel.

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    Andy Robinson
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    Northern Soul

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  1. Looking forward to playing out live again, as soon as restrictions are lifted, in the mean time here’s the May “Sunday Social”……Enjoy, stay safe and koko https://youtu.be/RoG075oPmeQ
  2. How you doing...... One month nearer to getting out on, and playing out to dancefloors!!! Aprils' Sunday Social (#43) is now uploaded for you on the below link, with another mix of styles.......enjoy, stay safe and keep the faith! https://youtu.be/tExTlcjRuyI
  3. Hope you are doing ok The Sunday Social #42 is now uploaded for you to have a gander at, full of the usual mix of styles.......enjoy, stay safe and keep in keepin’ on https://youtu.be/jXmVXsZMUBs
  4. The monthly “Socials” kick off with #41 full of the usual mix of styles and continuing on 3rd Sunday of every month.....enjoy, stay safe and koko
  5. Here’s the final “Weekly” Mix Bag of Vinyl Only tunes for your enjoyment....watch out for further details as the “Mix Bags” go “Monthly” from 21/02/21...........keep safe and KTF https://youtu.be/zRS-UaEyPps
  6. Mix Bag #39 is now uploaded, bulging with “Vinyl Only” tunes to move youenjoy your day....stay safe and KOKO https://youtu.be/C9gcQubF0uE
  7. Mix Bag #38 of tunes is now available on the linx below, for you to enjoy during your day....stay safe and KTF https://youtu.be/Fr3Qyz8-m3c
  8. The first “Mix Bag” of 2021 is now available , continuing to bring you “Vinyl Only” tunes to move you, and your feet.....enjoy..... stay safe and all the best for the year ahead https://youtu.be/onmifvs89RI
  9. Here's the last "Mix Bag" of 2020, bringing you Northern Soul, Mod, 70's Funk n Soul, Ska and Reggae vinyl tunes........Enjoy them and your day .......Stay Safe and Keep the Faith in a happier 2021 for all
  10. The Penultimate “Mix Bag” of 2020 with Northern, 70’s/Crossover Soul, 60’s Mod/Latin, Reggae and ska - now uploaded for your enjoyment ......Stay Safe and Keep On Keepin’ On https://youtu.be/3zZS2njru4g
  11. Mix Bag #34 is now available on the YouTube channel below.....enjoy the tunes .....stay safe and ktf https://youtu.be/QqvBx3mZw-A
  12. The latest "Mix Bag" (#33) of tunes is now available on the link below........Enjoy your day .....Stay Safe and Keep on Marchin' https://youtu.be/HG5C459XUIg
  13. "Mix Bag #32" is now available on The YouTube channel for your listening pleasure........Stay Safe and Keep On Keepin' On https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBRnqxxuSjI
  14. Mix Bag #31 is now available on the YouTube Channel......Enjoy , Have a good day......Keep Safe and KOKO https://youtu.be/9jOZe22nvgc
  15. Mix Bag #30 is now available for your enjoyment on the YouTube Channel below..............Keep safe and KTF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jyCXc3-Byg

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