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    Tom Blaue
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    Rare soul, vintage scooters, design, sketching
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    Jimmy Hart - teahouse in chinatown
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  1. this one's new to me. would have spared a few days of uncertainty if this would be the only reissue around
  2. Phew, now i'm a happy one. perfect! many thanks. All Images i've seen of the boot seem to have slightly thinner Zero in the "1209" as well
  3. Need some help to keep the reissue apart from the original: Nu-tone 209, lonnie lester - ain't that a shame does anybody have clue? i'm a bit helpless. cheers and tia
  4. I'm after a at least vg+ copy of Jason. Hope somebody could help. TIA
  5. Would be grateful, if anybody could help me with this classic. tia, tom
  6. really, and finally mine. sorted now many thanks tom
  7. would be great, if anybody could help me with an old want. at least in excellent condition. many thanks in advance. cheers tom
  8. trev, thanks for the info. would accept a worn label, if the vinyl is minty. it's what's in the grooves that counts ;)
  9. at least an ex copy for a reasonable price thanks for any help cheers tom
  10. i'm looking for a copy of Colt 45's "Lady, Lady" on Jerry thanks for any help. cheers tom
  11. thanks for any help. cheers tom
  12. tough one to acquire, i know. tia for any info

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