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  1. We both would like to say a BIG BIG thank you for all the kind messages that have been sent :thumbup:

    Still 8 unclaimed prizes so please check the numbers on this thread.

    Had a meeting at the castle yesterday and they have at last agreed for us to work with them over the bar issue.

    Due to a raise in the hire charges of this event, we will have to put the tickets up to £7.00 next year, still a bargin price which includes the Friday aswell.

    Receipt from Cancer research attached.


    Thank you

    Kev & Gloria

  2. First of all a BIG BIG thank you for your fantastic support because without you and the DJs this could not happen.

    Also i would like to thank Gloria, Sally, Linda & Steve who did a fantastic job on the door and with the raffle, CDs & Badges Donations and in total we raised £705.00 to Cancer Research, cheque on its way this morning and will post receipt when it arrives.

    We would also like to say a big thank you to those who donated prizes to the raffle.

    There was 13 unclaimed prizes at the end of the night numbers below.

    White tickets





    Pink tickets







    Yellow ticket


    Green ticket



    If you have any of these numbers please PM, Email or Ring me with the 8 Diget code & your address and i will forward the prize for you.

    If we have any prizes still unclaimed we will put them into the Barnstaple Weekend Raffle.

    The only issue we had was the bar from 7pm, we were promised extra staff but this never happend. We have a meeting this week with them and i will demand at least 2 extra bars next year, we are on the case.............

    Music played in all 3 rooms was top notch...... think the upstairs Chill Out Room went down well and would like again to say a big thank you to all the DJs.

    Next year we are going for a 4th room which will be for RnB.

    Once again from Myself & Gloria a BIG thank you.

    Next years date is 18th August 2012 and joining the DJ list are Coops (Skegness) Sam Evans (Hinckley) Mark Freeman (Nuneaton) & Neil Self (Soulfusion)

    Kev & Gloria

  3. Just a last one from me, as we will be busy today..........we wish everybody a safe journey and look forward to meeting you all either tonight or tomorrow :yes:

    This year like i have said before there will be no food, tea & coffee sold at the bar, the bar will have a three lane queing system in place, so you will get served in turn, plus extra staff have been draffed in.

    Food, tea & coffee will be served in the outside B/Q area.

    2pm today is your last chance to buy advanced tickets.

    Thank you for your fantastic support. :thumbup: :thumbup:

    Kev & Gloria

  4. Top times there Kev, been sortin my box out all day, well spinning most of them before they go into the box. Setting off around dinner so will be tree for tea n beer then the castle!!!! Yay

    See ya Tomoz


    Looking forward to see what you have in that boxxxxxxx......... are you at the Preimer inn? will drop that stuff with reception for you, saves you carrying it back later.


  5. DJ Line Up

    Main Room

    Northern & Motown

    1030 J Allsorts

    1120 Moldie

    1210 Carms

    1300 Dennis Hyde

    1350 Johnny Briggs

    1440 Len Cook

    1530 Little Scotty

    1620 Big Al & Yocky

    1710 Dave Rimmer

    1800 Danny Clegg

    1850 Kev Such

    1940 Keith Minshull

    2030 Nige Brown

    2120 Paul Donnelly

    2210 Ted Massey

    2300 Sean Chapman

    Studio Room

    Rare/Underplayed,Up-Tempo, 60s/70s. RnB, Ska & Modern

    1030 Paddy Rozier

    1120 Big Al

    1210 Kev Such

    1300 Danny Clegg

    1350 Keith Minshull

    1440 Sean Chapman

    1530 Moldie

    1620 Nige Brown & Carms

    1710 John McClure

    1800 Ted Massey

    1850 Smiggy

    1940 Nidge

    2030 Dereck Higham

    2120 Len Dopson

    2210 Rob Smith

    2300 Steve Towers

    Mid-Tempo Chill Out Lounge

    For the DJs to Play something different & Laid Back

    1030 Dereck Chandler

    1120 Austen Jones

    1210 Ady Hall

    1300 Steve Towers

    1350 Moldie

    1440 Danny Clegg

    1530 Smiggy

    1620 Kev Such

    1710 Dereck Higham

    1800 Nige Brown & Carms

    1850 Big Al & Yocky

    1940 Dennis Hyde

    2030 Johnny Briggs

    2120 Nidge

    2210 J Allsorts

    2300 Len Dopson

    Thank you


  6. Work prevents myself & rita making the trip this year"absolutely gutted" had a splendid time last year along side the Ktf Preston Soul Crew,,who will be in attendance once again have a very special weekend as if you need telling...and already looking forward to the next one...Nil Satis Nisi Optimum...Froggy

    Hi Froggy & Rita

    That is a shame......... you will be missed..... but like you say next year, nound doubt we will see you up at Preston and around over the year.

    Take Care

    Kev & Gloria

  7. Cant wait till Saturday Kev

    We have all been looking forward to this for ages :yes:

    Looks like its going to be extra special with another room to chill out in

    Great stuff mate,see you all Saturday !! :thumbsup:

    Dereck,Sheila,Ian & Rita :hatsoff2:

    Hi Dereck, Sheila, Ian & Rita

    Be great to see you all again and look forward to some Bury tunes in your 2 spots Dereck :thumbup: :thumbup: :hatsoff2:


  8. Spoke with Pete Roberts at lengh last night and it is very doubtfull that he will make the trip down South, Pete told me that he has not felt well over the last couple of days, now Pete knows i have to deal with the DJ timings today and asked me to leave him out as this would not be fair on others, he has said he will ring me this morning just in case he feels any better.

    Hope you get well soon Pete

    DJ timings will be posted later today.


  9. Is that in the little gallery room through the double doors, on the left hand side of where my exhibition is? Is so, that whas where my exhibition was originally supposed to be. I've just been in there and thought...........nice dance floor! :thumbsup:

    Hi Maark

    Have a choice of 2 and will decide in the morning, see you over there.


  10. I could start my own 'Soulie holds art exhibition' thread, but seeing as my exhibition is at the Castle, why not hi-jack this one! :thumbsup: Yes folks, as well as your £6.00 ticket getting you a million hours of soul in two fab rooms, you can also view my first exhibition for 10 years! Just go up the stairs from the bar and you can expect to see artwork like this;

    Hi Maark

    2 rooms? we have 3 rooms this year and it is where your Paintings are, had a look the other day and they look great mate, we have decided to have a mid-tempo chill out room upstairs so the djs can play something different and laid back.


  11. Hi Calms

    Be great to see you both again just spoke with Moldie and we will swap the times around for the Friday night to give you more time, don't want you speeding :thumbup: :thumbup:


    Friday Night

    Studio Room

    7pm till Midnight

    Bar 7pm till 11pm

    Free With All-Dayer Ticket Only

    1900 - Dereck Chandler
    1930 - Danny Clegg
    2020 - Dennis Hyde
    2110 - Moldie
    2200 - Nige Brown & Calms
    2300 - Steve Towers & Johnny Briggs

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