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  1. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Being reported that Edna Wright lead of The Honey Cones and who also recorded earlier as Sandy Wynns (Touch of Venus) has passed on Sister of Darlene Love and wife of Greg Perry, further details of this sad news can be found here... View full article
  2. Being reported that Edna Wright the lead singer of 'The Honey Cones' and who also recorded earlier as Sandy Wynns (Touch of Venus and more) has passed on Sister of Darlene Love and wife of Greg Perry, further details of this sad news can be found via the link below https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/obituary/9448113/edna-wright-dead RIP
  3. PAUL RISER - MBA (Motown’s Brilliant Arranger) The importance of the arranger in the musical process, whatever the genre, cannot be overstated …or underestimated. The arranger translates the basic structure of a song, or piece of music, into a format that musicians can play, while improvising and embellishing the original concept into a completed creation. The American Federation of Musicians defines musical arrangement as “ …the art of preparing and adapting an already written composition for presentation in other than its original form. An arrangement may include re harmonization, parap
  4. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Paul Riser Motown’s Brilliant Arranger. View full article
  5. The Esquires: The Family Tradition Continues. The Musical Legacy of one of Milwaukee’s finest harmony group’s is being kept alive by their children. The original Esquires were a vocal group from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, originally formed in 1957 as a high school group by Gilbert (Gil) Moorer, his brother Alvis, and their sister Betty. They originally began performing under the group name of Betty Moorer & The Esquires. The Esquires (from left) Sam Pace, Millard Edwards, Alvis Moorer and Gilbert Moorer at the Apollo Theater in New York City in 1968.
  6. Hi. Today on my radio show I did an interesting interview with legendary Chicago soul singer Jan Bradley. Bradley grew up in the Robins, IL, a South Suburb of Chicago. In high school she began singing lead with a local group called the Passions (a male group who later recorded as the Swinging Hearts). While performing at a talent show, Chicago promoter and owner of the Formal record label Don Talty discovered the group. Don decided to keep Bradley as a solo singer so Bradley left the group to pursue her solo career. Talty took Bradley to a show at the Regal in order to meet Curtis Mayfiel
  7. News/Article/Feature Highlight: A highlight of a forum post by the late Bob Abrahamian back in 2008 View full article
  8. A great article and some interesting footage as part of the Shinola project on the link to Vogue on line below ! “Detroit’s full of characters,” says photographer Bruce Weber, who, eight years ago, corralled a sampling of the city’s talented eccentrics for a major photo portfolio for W magazine titled, "Welcome to Motor City." Now he’s shot and filmed an entirely new batch of wonderfully singular personalities from the city for Shinola, the growing watch and leather goods company aiming to revitalize manufacturing in Detroit. http://www.vogue.com/vogue-daily/article/capturing-a-momen
  9. An interesting article shows up online via the Cincinnati.com website, not just looking at the story behind Junior McCants but passing on news of a upcoming panel discussion at the library called “Listen to This: The Mystery of Soul Singer Junior McCants” A preview below of the article and the link to the full article follows.... Commercially, that was true. From 1965 until it closed Cincinnati operations in 1971, the Hardest Working Man in Showbiz kept King alive with Top 40 smashes like “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag.” Otherwise, the rest of King’s artists had records that rare
  10. Al Perkins, DJ, Song Writer, Producer, Label Owner and Singer............................. The multi-faceted star shone bright for a while in Detroit. He started his DJing career down in Memphis after moving there from Brookhaven, Ms. In Memphis he honed his skill as a DJ alongside fellow jock's Jay Butler and Fred Goree, all of whom would eventually move up to Detroit and join WJLB and later Martha Jean The Queen's WQBH station on East Grand Blvd. Once on the air Al acquired the nick name 'The Perker' due to his happy upbeat style. On route to Detroit Al spent a number of years i
  11. News/Article/Feature Highlight: With the passing of Mr Mel Britt I thought it timely to remind ourselves of a very special day in his company... View full article
  12. Mel Britt - Northern Soul Icon The Day We Met Mel Britt With the passing of Mr Mel Britt I thought it timely to remind ourselves of a very special day in his company. In a strange quirk of fate I almost missed this day as I’d visited Motown a few times in previous years and had enjoyed a tour of the building prior to its refurbishment as a museum with Mrs Esther Gordy-Edwards and contemplated keeping that memory fresh rather than see it “all polished up” so to speak and it was only due to Sam Robert’s insistence that I don’t miss the trip and my wife Bev’s adamant “We’re going…end o
  13. By E. Mark Windle Texan Don Robey was an entrepreneur, community celebrity; and some report an individual who used threats and violence to get his way. But whether a man of stature, malevolence or elements of both, he followed many business avenues and was successful in most of them. Robey’s entertainment enterprises, including ownership of four of the biggest and most prolific R&B orientated labels in Texas – Peacock, Back Beat and Sure-Shot, has secured his place within web pages of the Texas State Historical Association’s hall of fame. A building carrying his family legacy, the L.
  14. Ian Levine reports that Mel Britt passed away last month, new came from Mel's brother. I think Mel's music is going to live on forever though... added by site yet more sad news Here's a clip of the local Battle Creek Obituary http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/battlecreek/obituary.aspx?pid=162958119 Melvin Curtis "Cookie" Britt Battle Creek Melvin Curtis "Cookie" Britt of Battle Creek, Michigan died on February 1, 2013, in Select Hospital in Battle Creek, Michigan. He was born in Gary, Indiana, on June 19, 1945 to Betty (Slackman) and Matthew Britt. He at
  15. From JET Magazine, September 3, 1964 "Tiny Topsy", a five foot, 250-pound-plus entertainer, whose name in real life was Otha Lee Moore Hall, died in Chicago's Cook County Hospital of a brain hemorrhage and scores of show business folks mourned her passing. Tiny, 34, married to a South Side Chicago night club owner, Samuel Hall, began her career in the all-negro Chicago suburb of Robbins at the age of five.She eventually worked with such well-known figures as comedian Dick Gregory, the late "Blues Queen" Dinah Washington and Bandleader Red Saunders. She belted the blues, ala Big Maybe
  16. Karime Kendra - It's a Family Affair - Interview by Martin Gavin Karime Kendra has soul music running through her veins and is all set for 2009 to be the year when she hits the big time. The Los Angeles-born singer lives in Kensal Rise and MARTIN GAVIN found out about her soulful family and prolific recording career. Q. Why, and when, did you make the move from The USA to Brent? I became a resident in 1998. Before that I managed to spend time here because I was signed to Talkin' Loud records. I think the move was based on the fact that my late mother, who was a soul singer in th
  17. I Love Detroit - Sonny Munro - Falcons Interview Conversations with Americans can run the full gamut of human intelligence, understanding and thought. On a recent trip to Detroit I encountered a white bar tender in his late 20s, working at a renowned restaurant in the city, who seemed fascinated by the sight of a sterling five pound note I was showing a fellow patron. As he inspected it a couple of questions sprung forth. "Who is this woman?" he inquired. I politely responded that it was the Queen, to which he then asked "Is she still alive?" When I told him that she was, he seemed genui
  18. GEORGE McGREGOR - Detroit's busiest drummer. There can't be many people who have seen active military service as a teenager in Korea, played music for some of the most famous doyens and despots in the world, yet enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a musician and record producer in one of the most creative eras of popular music ever. George McGregor has. Over five decades, beginning in the mid 1950s, he played drums on everything from marching bands to Motown with a technical proficiency and distinctive style that made him one of the premier military beaters, and one of the m
  19. Around 2004 I was running a website for Melvin Davis . It was set up to promote his short Uk tour and also a cd that had been released by Hayley Records. Am sure that anyone who met him and his son when they were over would agree with me when I say that he is a great genuine guy. So when Rob Moss asked if wanted to use the sleeve notes for this section it was a no brainer. The sleeve notes are from the cd entitled Melvin Davis - His Greatest Recordings and though released in 2004 I think it is still availble, either via the usual outlets or indeed thru the Hayley website. Also featur
  20. IT'S A FAMILY AFFAIR ! Robert, Eugene and Albert Hamilton. There is little doubt that the most famous family name in Detroit, during the late 1950s,1960s and early 1970s, was Gordy. The family's prodigal son, Berry Jnr., and the rest of his extended clan, had combined to create a musical monolith that dominated local, regional, national and international affairs at the time, and continues to exert considerable influence in the modern era. Yet, among the myriad of performers, players and promoters of the same period that emerged to augment and expand the dominance of the so called 'Detro
  21. Blues Poetry Introduction By Jacqueline Amos When I think about the Blues Singer Jacqueline Amos, I often reflect on the times of Cotton Club Comes To Harlem with Lady Blues, Billy Holiday, the reflection sends a light of the times of the 1940's, the horns that plays from the direct spirit of Blues, and the sounds of the pass, which reverts through the mike of Lady Blues Jackie, this vibrant cry, take me to the cotton club brings the applauds from the audience, Jacqueline not only a literarily writer but a composer who gets down and dirty at times, singing the flows of which she re
  22. Dorothy Berry Interesting feature with info, photos, free download etc on Dorothy Berry known for her Soul Power, Driving Me Crazy, Dont give me love 45s etc from a Louie Louie angle Preview Clip follows the article link is at the bottom When author Richard Berry wrote the song, he combined romantic images of a distant love with a catchy Caribbean-inspired musical riff. At the time he wrote this song, he was involved in a romantic relationship with a beautiful girl from his old high school by the name of Dorothy Adams. As he wrote the lyrics "a fine little girl- she waits for m
  23. “He Made A Woman Out Of Me” – Betty LaVette (Silver Fox 17) – 1969. I was born on a levee; a little bit south of Montgomery. Mama worked at the ‘big house’ and Daddy worked for the county. Never had no learnin’ till I turned sixteen, when Joe Henry came up the river y’all – he made a woman outta me, Lord, he made a woman outta me. I used to tease Joe Henry – I guess I teased too hard. Then, one day, it happened, right in my own back yard. Joe Henry had his way – he went and set me free; now I’m here to tell everybody that the man made a woman outta me, Lord, he made a woman outt
  24. News/Article/Feature Highlight: 'A deep look at a high-point in smouldering, storyline country-tinged southern soul, one of those wonderful and rare occasions when all of the undeniably top-drawer participants came together at the peak of their considerable powers to produce a genuine..' View full article
  25. Some background snippets on some classic recordings from The Honorable Milton Wright and a member of the Ambassadors As to be expected over time there has been a fair few threads in the forum regarding Milton Wright and his recordings. As Box regs may be aware, nowadays he's still out there involved in music but due to his daytime job nowadays he is better known now as the Honorable Milton Wright, Judge of the Boston Municipal Court in Roxbury Massachusetts. After reading recent discussion the Honorable Milton got in touch with this site and during the email exchange I asked if he co

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