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  1. News/Article/Feature Highlight: With the passing of Mr Mel Britt I thought it timely to remind ourselves of a very special day in his company... View full article
  2. Mel Britt - Northern Soul Icon The Day We Met Mel Britt With the passing of Mr Mel Britt I thought it timely to remind ourselves of a very special day in his company. In a strange quirk of fate I almost missed this day as I’d visited Motown a few times in previous years and had enjoyed a tour of the building prior to its refurbishment as a museum with Mrs Esther Gordy-Edwards and contemplated keeping that memory fresh rather than see it “all polished up” so to speak and it was only due to Sam Robert’s insistence that I don’t miss the trip and my wife Bev’s adamant “We’re going…end o
  3. No not a tale of Ned Kelly and his muckers it's the 1890s (groan) 2 old reviews sandwiched together Maria from Sydney letting you know how the latest Perth night went on with a well good account of her night.... .... Bear in mind that as I write this report I'm still yet-lagged and dreaming of sleep, so I hope I convey enough of the what I mean, cause I'm so tired that I'll start babbling or summat... LAST SATURDAY.... Entering the foyer of the Irish Club in Subiaco Perth, the pre-soul night familiar tingling feeling of anticipation inside me, was reaching boiling point rig
  4. Had a good night last saturday at Broughton, an old face from many years ago appeared through the door in the guise of John "Jacko" Jackson AKA the fighting Postman from Rhyl.a few people havnt seen him for over 26 years and it was nice to see Mark Speakmans face, and Garry Beatties, when jacko tapped them on the shoulder !! I used to go to Wigan with Jacko, and Ritchie "pants" Andrews who also made an appearance - (lovely to see you again mate ),along with Wuffer, Joey Dunlop, to name but a few. I stopped going to wigan in 78 and never saw jacko again until 2AM one morning in 1982 8
  5. George Jackson Nite Review By Mike Hump 2000 thanks go out to another of out intrepid reporters for taking his life in hand and venturing to far off lands, EC1 in london, just so he can pass onto you details of what seems to be a excellent nite with a bit of a different flavour read on for the adventures of mike humphries at the george jackson soul nite It always seems to me a tough decision deciding what type of warmer to go to before an event. Going to a strictly 60s Northern do before the 100 club seems like going to see a tribute band before the real thing. So when I read the fly
  6. Seems like it was just a week ago that I was somewhere in North London trying to find a night club where word was some lot called Capitol Soul had regular soul nites that were worth getting to. Cutting it short, well these nites later moved location to the Dome and the rest is history. As 3rd anniversary coming up, thought throw up this special feature to mark the occasion. (A revised version of this featured in recent "Shades Of Soul"). Gotta say have had some of the most enjoyable nites ever at the CSC events, and seeing it reach the third year point as strong and healthy as it is now a
  7. Thanks go out to Mike Lofthouse for this review on the Soul Essence weekender Soul Essence 13 - 9 10 11 April 1999 - The Raynscourt Hotel Great Yarmouth. The Event... The Soul Essence Yarmouth weekender number 13. It is a twice yearly event held in Spring and Autumn with the first one taking place back in April '93 - check out 'Voices From The Shadows' magazine issue no. 20 for a full review of that weekend. The Town ... Gt Yarmouth is one of those typical British seaside resorts that are past their best - the lure of sunnier climes has long since taken the shine off
  8. A great lookback at Prestatyn 2008 from the modern side originally posted on EMS and also posted on the forum here Prestatyn 2008 - Lookback from the Modern Side "Thought I'd do my usual look back for this event ..its huge and I make no apologies because there was so much to take in :-) Prestatyn 2008 was an absolute blast from the start to the last, it was just jam packed with magical moments, musical highs,top social crack ,and spending lots of time with really good friends and chatting with people I don't catch up with often enough. Personally this one for me was all about
  9. What a night! Thunderstorms and rain all day and right through this nine hour long knees up under the stars, in a rickety old dance lounge overlooking the sea on Bournemouth Beach! There was supposed to be a balcony buffet frrom 8-midnight but it was blasting down and the spray from the waves was breaking over the building at times! As the roof of the 1937 built Rowing Club leaked generously onto dancers, there was an electric atmosphere and the DJ'S played to a busy floor for most of the night. This was an r+b free zone due to the tastes of the DJ's on offer and it was indeed so refreshing
  10. That's A Nice Hat Posted by Dave Rimmer, 13 July 2008 · It was with a certain amount of trepidation that I went to Bishops Wood Soul night last night. You see it was also the Catacombs Revival at Soulvation the same night, and you know what the Midlands is like for Oldies. So I was a little concerned about how busy it would be. I was wrong though, it turned out to be one of the best night's I've had this year. Col and Gaye Kidson, and Larry Mc have been running this venue since the middle of last year, and have pretty much alternated between Soul nights and allnighters. I
  11. Taste Of Hell Fire Posted by Tony Foster, 08 November 2010 First of all a big thank you to Captain Morgan for inviting us a long to the Taste of Honey at the Hell Fire Club, secondly a big thank you to all the wonderful friends we had the pleasure to share the day with. It's probably the first time I've walked in to a place and was speechless, it's still makes me smile while I'm writing this, check the photos out you'll know what I mean. If you've not been to the Hellfire Club then go, life will never be the same again, a great spooky place with the strangest of managers I've c
  12. Prestatyn 2008 & Queen Vic Posted by Tony Foster, 04 March 2008 Just recovering from a busy weekend at Prestatyn. I won't bore you with the accommodation, we all know by now what to expect!!! On the whole it was a very enjoyable weekend, catching up with old friends and listening to some new and wonderful tunes, especially the time I spent in the Queen Vic. Friday night was superb especially the guys who played the hour of Ska/Reggae, I am sure that most of you would agree that by now this popular spot should be extended into at least half a day. Robbo and co. Fantastic!!! I did
  13. First things first, I am the worlds worst at taking a compliment, in fact I don't know what to say or do when somebody gives me one. I usually just mumble a thank you, so to all the people who have said such nice things recently I am humbled by your appreciation, and glad to have played a small part in your nights enjoyment. The reason I'm finally getting around to writing this is due in the main to folk coming up to me in venues and asking me what such and such a tune was, and me having to admit to my failure to write the list as being down to laziness as much as illness. I know it's not
  14. What a great time we had. Johnny Weston and I left Birmingham airport at midday on the Saturday with brifght sunshine and 26 degrees. We arrived in Edinburgh to dull overcast skies and by 5pm rain ! It didn't dampen our spirits though, Derek collected us from the airport and we went on a magical mystery tour to collect some speakers and cables. After a fish supper and a couple of beers John and I left Derek to finish setting up, and we jumped a lift to the Spiders Web where John was doing a spot. Great little underground cellar Soul Club. I know it's been running years but this was my fi
  15. Part 2 of Europe and beyond.. The rare soul scene guide to whats on over the water.. Oslo Soul Experience Paid this place a visit in for the anniversary a few years back, another great time in a fantastic rooftop venue that overlooks the city, this venue is used for the Anniversary events.. A good mixed younger crowd, and a very healthy mix of sounds from 60s northern to modern soul.. The other guests on the night were James Trouble, Ian Wright and Marco, all gave the place a glowing report.. A quality overseas soul experience for me..
  16. A TALE OF TWO DITTYS. I'm very much aware that ditty is not the correct word, but it allowed me a literary reference, just to remind me the following is just the usual Sunday morning wibble. If it helps sing the words as you read them, or hum if your vocal abilities resemble my own. The title refers to 2 reviews of last night's outing. The first is for the busy, 'White Rabbit' types who undoubtedly have a huge list of chores to perform and every minute counts, in the interest of diversity, it also caters for those with a diagnosed short attention span. REVIEW 1 I went to the Bletsoe reunion la
  17. Image courtesy of Rugby Store RUGBY & I AIN'T TALKING BALLS. Where to begin? It's been a while since I put pen to paper for a Venue review but this is different because there were people there I'd not seen or spent time with for some time, so thanks to them you get the tale of Rugby past. Rugby's always a great night, why? Because the Dj's are given free rein to play what they want, therefore you get an eclectic mix, so as we've done for the past too many years we meet up at ours with Kev & Pauline and raise a glass to Gail's once again teen birthday (How
  18. From the events section, a few dj profiles lifted from the NYE London Allnighter Event Guide Comments David Flynn — Hey! Mr DJ Flynny has been based in Tokyo, Japan for the last decade, but was one of the resident DJ’s (alongside Irish Greg, Alan. H and Carl Fortnum) at the much lamented Capitol Soul Club. He runs AnoraksCorner.com for full-on Rare Soul collectors and even breaks down how to identify where and when, and indeed by whom, your 1960’s US Soul 45’s were manufactured, set alongside the tasty record sales pages, all regularly updated! 01. How and when did you get into music and w
  19. Dear Cleggster, Some weekend! Thanks to all who attended and supported the event so strongly. Within a couple of hours of arriving at the venue I was out of my despair; your attitude and spirit turned it into a hugely enjoyable event and amazingly, one of the best weekenders ever (certainly one of the most memorable). Lessons have been learned. By sticking rigidly to the licensing hours this year we can now go ahead with the 23rd 6TS Cleethorpes Northern Soul Weekender in 2015. The licenses will be applied for at the first opportunity and will be scanned and put up for all to see on the 6T
  20. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Got back from Lifeline just a short time ago, just enough time to shower and have coffee so I thought I'd put a brief comment up. View full article
  21. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Well I never, been over 10 years since I last visited the hollowed place that is The 100 Club View full article
  22. News/Article/Feature Highlight: WOW, that is the only word that I can think of right now if I shall begin to describe the soulful weekend experience I just had in Oslo. I'll take it from the beginning. I had been looking forward to my first guest dj spot at the legendary Oslo Sou... View full article
  23. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Cleethorpes Antics And The Soul Mastermind 2010 Quiz Posted by Dave Rimmer, 19 June 2010 · It really is a privilege to be able to write this Blog entry, because it's about the 18th Cleethorpes Weekender, and it was the 18th Cleethorpes W... View full article
  24. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Stafford 25, Better Late Than Never ! First things first, I am the worlds worst at taking a compliment, in fact I don't know what to say or do when somebody gives me one. I usually just mumble a thank you,... View full article
  25. News/Article/Feature Highlight: The Capitol Soul Club 2nd Anniversary: Pre-anniversary thoughts One of the many emails that I get from the website, this sort of feedback makes it all worth it! See you all on the 30th @ the Dome Regards Matt Jahans "As the a... View full article

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