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  1. Hi. Today on my radio show I did an interesting interview with legendary Chicago soul singer Jan Bradley. Bradley grew up in the Robins, IL, a South Suburb of Chicago. In high school she began singing lead with a local group called the Passions (a male group who later recorded as the Swinging Hearts). While performing at a talent show, Chicago promoter and owner of the Formal record label Don Talty discovered the group. Don decided to keep Bradley as a solo singer so Bradley left the group to pursue her solo career. Talty took Bradley to a show at the Regal in order to meet Curtis Mayfiel
  2. News/Article/Feature Highlight: A highlight of a forum post by the late Bob Abrahamian back in 2008 View full article
  3. Karime Kendra - It's a Family Affair - Interview by Martin Gavin Karime Kendra has soul music running through her veins and is all set for 2009 to be the year when she hits the big time. The Los Angeles-born singer lives in Kensal Rise and MARTIN GAVIN found out about her soulful family and prolific recording career. Q. Why, and when, did you make the move from The USA to Brent? I became a resident in 1998. Before that I managed to spend time here because I was signed to Talkin' Loud records. I think the move was based on the fact that my late mother, who was a soul singer in th
  4. I Love Detroit - Sonny Munro - Falcons Interview Conversations with Americans can run the full gamut of human intelligence, understanding and thought. On a recent trip to Detroit I encountered a white bar tender in his late 20s, working at a renowned restaurant in the city, who seemed fascinated by the sight of a sterling five pound note I was showing a fellow patron. As he inspected it a couple of questions sprung forth. "Who is this woman?" he inquired. I politely responded that it was the Queen, to which he then asked "Is she still alive?" When I told him that she was, he seemed genui
  5. Source Revisited - a occasional series of things that were up and then they weren't. Recent reading about the Lost & Found - Real R&B And Soul cd comp release (that was put together by Paul Weller and Keb Darge) led me to making a mental note to have a dig for this the next time was messing around in the backend of soul source. This was originally up on here in the late 90s and would say that my original source was perhaps a grab from the bbc website. At the time found this an interesting read, and as still think that's still the case and looking around there doesn't see
  6. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Source Revisited - a occasional series of things that were up and then they weren't... View full article
  7. News/Article/Feature Highlight: An interview with Garry Cape; an exploration of his love of soul music, his Hit and Run, Special Agent and Soulscape label ventures and collaborations with the late John Anderson. View full article
  8. By E. Mark Windle. March 2020 When I asked reissue / retrospective soul label owner Garry Cape about the motivating factors for his 2020 return to the soul market with the reactivation of his Hit and Run label series, issues of mortality seemed to be at the top of the list: “I guess it had something to do with my good friend John Anderson becoming ill and passing away recently. It made me think. I’d had some health issues a few years back. What if I was gone? I generally work alone. So I’m sitting on a bunch of unreleased recordings that would potentially never see the light o
  9. A lengthy and interesting talk from 2005 and while has been available on the red bull site its been given a shout as its just now fresh on vimeo The below is a clip from the transcript which can be read via the links after the video Lecture: Leon Ware (Seattle 2005) by Red Bull Music Academy Leon Ware is a living legend. In his session he truly lives up to his reputation as the 'sensual minister', aka the ambassador of nastiness. The critically acclaimed Motown songwriter and arranger recorded a couple of the greatest albums ever. Marvin Gaye's classic I Want You was supposed to
  10. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Last month Soul Source had a look at the mainstream media coverage of the upcoming film titled "Northern Soul". View full article
  11. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Mick Lyons - Manifesto Interview View full article
  12. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Dave nowell has , collecting information and details for... View full article
  13. News/Article/Feature Highlight: I Love Detroit - Sonny Munro - Falcons Interview View full article
  14. The Marvin Smith Story Contents: Introduction Interview (August 2014) (The Unissued Songs) Discography Wilton Concert Details The Marvin Smith Interview Introduction This is an article based on an interview with Marvin Smith this year. Marvin was better known by his time as lead singer of the Artistics, so I will first give a little background of Marvin as lead singer of the Artistics, and his solo recordings. click to view in full The Artistics story was typical of most vocal groups of their era; they were part of the street-corner scene of the 1950’s, when a capella harmonizing
  15. As part of the release promotion of Mark IV - Hang Ups / Give Me Just A Little - Cordial Recordings Cordial Recordings have pushed out an interview with Otis Brown Jr regarding his time with Mark IV Interview Are you from New Jersey originally? No I’m actually from Summerville, South Carolina originally. Summerville is this little town near the east coast. I attended South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, South Carolina. . Was your introduction to music was playing the drums? Yes I started playing in a rhythm band in third grade. Actually they were out of
  16. Cordial Recordings have a new release due out on 29 Jan 2018. To mark this release they have also put out also have put out an interview with Las Vegas Connection's original bass player and chief songwriter Paul Boudreaux, who is still active on the New Orleans music front today. Las Vegas Connection 45 Details Information A Love Vinyl DRS Ltd Exclusive Our fifth release is the Las Vegas Connection, who were a New Orlean band from the 1970s that released two singles on Senator Jones ‘Hep Me.’ This will be a limited press of 500 units only which has been licensed through Warren
  17. In anticipation of Peckham Soul’s upcoming 'Together' event with Belle and Sebastian's Chris Geddes, Together resident DJ Craig Jamieson was lucky enough to grab an interview. Belle and Sebastian are one of the UK's most important independent bands, picking up Brit Awards, Mercury Prize Nominations and Lifetime achievement awards along the way. But soul music has always played a role in their music. A journey into Northern Soul’s obsession – Chris tells the tale of his first Stax compilations to serious record collecting; of Glasgow’s infamous Soul scene and how Northern Soul helped shape the
  18. Also news on a site Guy is involved with (see links) a brief clip check out link at end for site details Guy Hennigan Now living in Manchester Guy Hennigan is recognised as the man who revived Northern Soul from the doldrum that was the aftermath of Wigan Casino. Along with Keb Darge - now a highly paid (not that he'd want anyone to know it! - sorry Keb) funk DJ, Guy brought sixties newies to the scene and remains a vociferous advocate of the quality and not the quantity of soul music. Record collector, promoter and DJ he started his soul career at the tender age of 11
  19. Steve Janas just passed on word of a interview that he recently did with Bunny Sigler Filmed whilst driving through the Philadelphia neighbourhood in which he grew up in. Bunny talks about his days including 45 background info, Gamble & Huff, Philadelphia International Records and more, along with video clips, images etc featured. Aptly titled "Bunny Sigler - Hanging With a Legend" the 18 mins or so video can be viewed below. Steve Janas Philadelphia, PA becker154Apr 26 2014 04:53 PM Really enjoyed watching the interview thanks for sharing saw him once early 80's at the W
  20. News/Article/Feature Highlight: The latest issue of the fine magagine "In The Basement " was a fairly solid hefty affair. One of the many artitcles in this latest issue was a lengthy feature on Philadelphias Ronnie Walker, who am sure many on here will remember him from not o... View full article
  21. Over the years whilst looking over Soul Source you may have noticed long time member boba regularly posting up the latest details of his weekly radio shows titled "Sitting In The Park". As the list of interviews with soul artists seems to be ever increasing we thought it may be a interesting thing if we ask Bob A for some background on both himself and the shows. Chalky got pm-ing Bob and they put together the below... The story of Bob Abrahamian and his radio show Sitting In The Park. "Sitting in the Park" is a weekly soul show that broadcasts every Sunday night from 7:30-9:00PM on
  22. Soul Survivor - Sir Lattimore Brown Back From The Dead! If anyone is entitled to a pain in the heart it is Sir Lattimore. Born to beginnings we cannot comprehend in 1931 and growing up with practically nothing. But from these humble beginnings he was introduced to music, the music of the cotton fields and gospel from the church. Whilst serving in the Army in Korea, Lattimore was listening to acts such as King Cole Trio and Big Joe Turner and listening to these acts taught him a unique combination of R&B shouting and smooth vocal phrasing that he would carry on into his later work
  23. News/Article/Feature Highlight: An Interview - From Northern Soul to Modern Soul - The Full Story. View full article
  24. News/Article/Feature Highlight: An interview with Pete McKenna author of real world books "Nightshift and "Who the hell's Frank Wilson", including news of a new forthcoming edition of Nightshift (several hundred new words added) and the screenplay for a possible stage... View full article
  25. News/Article/Feature Highlight: here's a chance to read right through. One of Detroit's and soul musics greatest arrangers/producers and horn player. View full article

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