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  1. Hayley Records - The Best of Hayley CD by Eddie Hubbard Hayley records is an independent record label from the Midlands UK , specialising in unearthing unreleased and rare 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Soul recordings , especially from Detroit . After over a decade of releasing quality CD compilations and limited edition ‘ 45’s they finally present “ The best of Hayley “ which contains 16 mouthwatering tracks plus one “ hidden “ bonus track !! The first two tracks are covers of old classics ,“ Show and tell “ [ the old Al Wilson side ] is given a more uptempo treatment , performed by Deep Soul
  2. .Stumbled on some old pages from the early days, posted as may be of interest to some long time members and also just in case lose them again... The Record Corner Page from the first year of Soul Source (opened in Aug 1997) Originally published in Sep/Oct 1997 THE RECORD CORNER 1997 This is the place for all things to do with Vinyl and CDs, news reviews etc Looking to end up with a large database of "Northern soul on CD" i.e. details of all tracks on all compilations, will start getting this together soon {CD Reviews} {Vinyl Reviews} {Record News} G
  3. News/Article/Feature Highlight: The northern scene mentioned in this review is now up in the video section Thanks to Pete Smith of Planet Records( see links for details) who before he bought a modem used to produce a good northern fanzine full of go... View full article
  4. first on soul source in 90s The northern scene mentioned in this review is now up in the video section Thanks to Pete Smith of Planet Records( see links for details) who before he bought a modem used to produce a good northern fanzine full of good stuff like this review. Here's a excellent review of one (if not the) of the few films with a reference to Northern. Blue Juice should be on the cheap shelves of your video hire shops. get your popcorn and settle down........ BLUE JUICE Firstly, let me assure you that BEATIN' RHYTHM (the mag he used to publish and a damned go
  5. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Peace Love and Soul - American Soul review... View full article
  6. So the first series of American Soul comes to conclusion this week with Don Cornelius securing an appearance from Ike and Tina Turner but struggling with ever present distractions such as a rocky marriage , organised crime and his own health issues. The BET channel were given a huge responsibility in reflecting a such an iconic programme that holds so many memories for its the series target audience . There have also been expectations from Soul fans with many of us feeling this was the greatest era of Black American music. Former Police Officer Don Cornelius humble beginn
  7. There's a plethora of books readily available on the subject of "Northern Soul". I've ploughed through a good number of them....they're mainly (not all) personal memoirs of the Scene back in the 70's and most of them are poorly written, turgid affairs which rely on photographs to carry them. Most of them are fixated with Wigan Casino. There are exceptions, of course, but not many. 'The Truth About Northern Soul' is Stephen Riley's analysis of the Scene, warts and all, from it's early days and on to the beast it has become in the 2020's. It's a quite brilliant attempt at debunking the rose
  8. News/Article/Feature Highlight: A review. The book is a brilliantly written and well researched look at the Scene from the early days up to the present. It strips away some of the mythology and preconceptions surrounding the Scene. View full article
  9. News/Article/Feature Highlight: When I was first knocking around the Rare Soul Scene, there was a guy from Cambridge called Norman Rogers. He was one of the 'faces'. View full article
  10. Book Review. When I was first knocking around the Rare Soul Scene, there was a guy from Cambridge called Norman Rogers. He was one of the 'faces'. Everywhere that he went, Norman took his camera. The story goes that it was a present from an aunt or uncle and that it was a top quality job.... In fact it was his father who gave him it. Over the years he's taken thousands of pictures, many of which have subsequently turned up in various books, magazines and TV documentaries often without Norman getting any accreditation or acknowledgement. So this book is, if you like, Norman's own t
  11. SOUL SOURCE BOOKSHELF – FLORIDA SOUL When asked to name America’s main music producing cities or regions from a soul perspective, it would probably boil down to the stand out trio of Detroit, Philadelphia and Chicago, in no particular order. Memphis would also get thrown into the mix, but few might suggest Florida, an area more associated as a holiday destination rather than one rich in soul music history. “Florida Soul”, written by John Capouya, a professor of journalism and writing at the University of Tampa, and published by University Press of Florida, convinces the reader that the
  12. DORÉ: L.A. SOUL SIDES Lewis Joseph Bedinsky, better known to Soul Music lovers as Lew or Lou Bedell, and his cousin Herb Newman set up Era Records in the mid 50’s along with backing from Max Newman. In 1958, to increase airplay on radio a second label was added and it was named Doré. Despite the closeness of Bedell and Newman they did have differences musically and these differences eventually led to an amicable split approximately a year after the formation of Doré with Newman retaining Era and Bedell Doré. Up to 1964 the label mainly recruited and recorded white acts, there we
  13. The There's That Beat! Guide To The Philly Sound (Dave Moore and Jason Thornton) Review by Mark Windle Yes, this tome has been a long time coming. And in two ways. Not only reflected by the journey author Dave Moore and graphic designer Jason Thornton have had from book conception to publication, spanning over at least six-plus years I believe - although the precursors which got them there cross a lifetime of a love of soul music, and at that, on both sides of the Atlantic. A book like this has also been well overdue from a musical reference perspective. Thankfully for the soul musi
  14. Jack Ashford Just Productions - CDKEND 447 Personally I hate recycling! paper in this bin, garden waste in that bin etc etc ......but back in Detroit in the late sixties Jack Ashford was the top man when it came to the recycling of band tracks, many rescued from the recently defunct Pied Piper production set up. Backing tracks previously used for the likes of the Hesitations, September Jones & the incredibly talented Lorraine Chandler were sweetened, remixed & furnished with fresh lyrics before being shopped to the many Detroit independent labels such as Sepia, Premium Stuff
  15. Various Artists - Harmony Of The Soul Vocal Groups 1962-1977 – CDKEND 409 This is the fourth instalment of Kent’s “In Perfect Harmony” Series, which concentrates on the sweeter side of group soul spanning the length and breadth of America, highlighting lesser known artists as well as including higher profile acts like; The Pretenders, Brothers Of Soul, Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces and The Mad Lads. The CD contains 24 tracks of which, nine are previously unreleased (including two demo’s from the Stax vaults) and one which first saw the light of day on the Golden State Soul CD (CDKEND
  16. out now via Hayley Records The latest release from Hayley records sees two previously unreleased sides from Emanuel Laskey reaching vinyl for the first time.Recorded in 1978, both tracks were written and produced by Laskey along with Marvin Gaye and Mel Bolton. (Put Your Name) In The Hall Of Fame (see above for scan) is a smooth mid-uptempo dancer combining Laskey's satin voice with a funky bassline and sweet female backing vocals. The vocals are effortless but passionate as he tells his lady that she’s “a star… the very best”. Subtle keyboard and flute harmonies punctuate each line an
  17. One In A Million: The Songs Of Sam Dees - Various Artists (Songwriter Series) CDKEND 411 Meet Samuel L Dees — A Song-writing Phenomenon As Tony Rounce clearly states in his opening gambit to the liner notes of the Kent offering: The Songs Of Sam Dees, “Few songwriters command the level of respect amongst soul fans that Sam Dees does. No single compilation could cover the whole career of a writer whose song list is a big as Sam’s”. As is usual with the Kent releases, you’d be hard pushed to find a better selection of Sam’s song-writing ability that highlights the selected time frame that
  18. News/Article/Feature Highlight: A review of the book Florida Soul written by John Capouya View full article
  19. News/Article/Feature Highlight: A popular spin for the best part of a decade or so on the Rare Soul Scene, it now sees a release via Soul junction. View full article
  20. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Latest addition to the new review section... 'Kill 'Em and Leave: Searching for the Real James Brown by James McBride View full article
  21. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Just released and just Soul Source reviewed by John Reed- Kents latest Album - Harmony Of The Soul Vocal Groups View full article
  22. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Dave Moore steers his ears at Soul Junctions latest Cd Release .. View full article
  23. News/Article/Feature Highlight: From those early discussions the pair decided that Kenny’s long and diverse career was worthy of documenting properly and here, three and a half years later is the final project. View full article
  24. News/Article/Feature Highlight: It’s been a long time since I added anything worthwhile to this site so I though I ought to pull my finger out. I haven’t been out much recently so can’t really say anything about venues although I do feel as if I am missing out on... View full article
  25. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Recently received a great cd from connoiseur collection titled, vsop cd 312 - various artists -smooth soul-the uk collection which to my ears was quite a treat, as 90/00s sounds dont feature that much on my hi-fi at home was surprised by just how good... View full article

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