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  1. News/Article/Feature Highlight: The Most Sought After Rare Northern. This list contains what I consider the most sought after and rare original release Northern soul 45s at this point in time. Read on... View full article
  2. THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER RARE NORTHERN This list contains what I consider the most sought after and rare original release Northern soul 45s at this point in time. It contains some seriously rare 45s and includes many that have been deemed to be ‘the hot collectable to have’. Records that have eluded collectors over the many years of searching for them and the ones that keep you awake at night, brooding if you’ll ever own them. The records are not listed in any particular order, just as they came into my head. I checked with a few well-informed people on the Scene and it looks like such a l
  3. Digging in the Texas Triangle 2019. Here we go again since 2007 along with fellow collector Gaz Simons we have regularly visited Texas particularly the Austen Record Convention. The 2019 trip was special because fellow collector Colin Denham was joining us on our adventure. This was Colin's first USA Trip and he was dying to get stuck in. Adding a bit context to looking for records in America this century is very important, it is by no means the “Golden Age” many soul luminaries have visited this magical state over the years from the seventies onwards and bore fruit way beyond our
  4. Cameo-Parkway by Pete Smith First on Soul Source in 1997 CAMEO PARKWAY Releasing material from the Philadelphia-based Cameo/Parkway group of labels (which also included the popular collector's label Fairmount), C/P (as it shall be referred to from hereon) hit the big time in the early 60's with million sellers from Chubby Checker, Bobby Rydell and Dee Dee Sharp. Originally appearing in the UK via the London label, CP soon found a home at Columbia before getting it's own logo in 1962 via the Pye group. Unfortunately, this move coincided with a downturn in the company's fortunes, and b
  5. Texas - a big state but a small world - In April 2020 my interest was piqued when a I saw 2 mysterious Chicano records on 2 different web sites of respected...
  6. A look at the 'Popcorn Scene' could be read in the Guardian yesterday and while its a mainstream take it read quite well to me. A few preview clips... Belgium's 'Popcorn': the last underground music scene in Europe Antwerp's answer to northern soul has a drowsy, decadent vibe and its DJs favour eclecticism, jive music and playing records at the wrong speed. Bob Stanley gets into its strange groove ... DJ plays Eartha Kitt, the Skatalites, something that sounds like a northern soul record at the wrong speed. The atmosphere is friendly but exclusive, and the musical mood dark
  7. Following on from the Graham Warr thread, I figured that this is the time to start collating some of those UNBELIEVABLE U.S. Northern finds. Or unbelievable disappointments too. From experience, it's quite often the unexpected ones which turn out to be killers! So here's an example from me, just to kick things off.... In 1988 I was stuck in a pretty boring job in between my more exciting jobs when I got a phone call from my ex boss who used to own the Warehouse in Leeds. He'd recently moved out to Denver, Colorado and was thinking about opening a club out there, so he invited me
  8. Most record diggers will have at least a few of what became known over the years as simply ‘Little LPs’. The traditional soul fraternity are fortunate enough to have had a number of larger, better distributed labels show interest in producing these interesting discs including Atlantic, ABC, Okeh, King and of course Motown. But what on Earth was it that made the Stereo, 33 rpm, multi track, single 7inch disc, seem an attractive prospect? To appreciate the history of the ‘Little LP’, it’s probably best to revisit the historical timeline of the record industry and highlight its major de
  9. News/Article/Feature Highlight: For those avid collectors of rare soul vinyl, the mail order list of SoulBowl (proprietor, John Anderson) ... View full article
  10. News/Article/Feature Highlight: This great bit of background info was originally posted on a soul list by andy rix who ok'd it to use, well interesting stuff- << Question.. "Love is allright" Volcanoes (cover up) anyone know `owt about it? >> First played by But... View full article
  11. News/Article/Feature Highlight: OK the USA trip was unlike previous as it hadnt really been planned in advance... View full article
  12. Continuing the weekend soul feast and here's something we have not done for a while audio wise, yeah bang back up to date and back to todays current Rare Soul Scene Its the DJ sessions; and this one sees the return of Pete Coulson whos last lot seemed to have gone down well. From the North West, have caught his sets at Tonys and Llandudno recently and did good things to my ears. You can catch him at next Saturdays niter at Llandudno. Pete also runs the fanzine Northern Essence ( see mag section in topics for more info) Quality stuff and big thanks to Pete C for and all the
  13. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Continuing the weekend soul feast and heres something we have not done for a while audio wise, yeah bang back up... Its the DJ sessions; and this one sees the return of Pete Coulson whos last l... View full article
  14. Capitol by Pete Smith First on Soul Source in 1997 CAPITOL The first Capitol 45's issued in the UK appeared in 1954 and were on a green label with triangle centre. This quickly changed to a purple label with silver lettering which continued up until 1965 when it changed to a black label with silver lettering. All of these labels utilised the Capitol ' dome' logo. This in turn was replaced by an unusual design consisting of red, orange and yellow rings with black lettering - fortunately this didn't last long, and a sedate (in comparison) pink l
  15. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Capitol by Pete Smith First on Soul Source in 1997 CAPITOL The first Capitol 45's issued in the UK appeared in 1954 and were on a green label with triangle centre. This quickly changed to a purple label with silver lettering which continued up... View full article
  16. News/Article/Feature Highlight: A list of releases of a soulful nature on the good old 60s stateside label. View full article
  17. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Budweiser Label Listing For a change here's some info on one of the 80s collectable labels. View full article
  18. Atlantic - by Pete Smith First on Soul Source in 1997 ATLANTIC The legend that is Atlantic Records was founded in New York in 1947, and immediately went out on a limb by specialising in discs aimed at the black R & B market as opposed to the white pop market. It hit the R & B charts in a big way in the early 50's with the likes of The Chords, Laverne Baker, Ray Charles, Ruth Brown and The Drifters. Despite many of these artists recordings having their thunder stolen from under them by inferior white cover versions, the label had establ
  19. News/Article/Feature Highlight: President label info by Pete Smith 1997 PRESIDENT A lesser known but very long-lasting record label, President began in 1967 and was still issueing records in the late 80's in one form or another. Although not exclusively a soul label, President... View full article
  20. Heres some worthwhile info/background gear by Keith Hughes Taken from Detroit City Limits by Graham Anthony (also has a good record list) who can be contacted at: Derby Does anyone out there know anything about Motown acetates? A recent article in Detroit City Limits listed the contents of some Motown acetates that appeared on the market a couple of years back (and then rapidly disappeared), and invited info. Id seen the same list around the time they were advertised, and recognised the "JD" prefix from other acetates Id come across in my research, but it wasn't until
  21. Dug this out when revamping content, reckon worth yet a other "bump" up as enjoyed re-reading it Trivia of a vinyl kind Posted on Wednesday, April 25 2001@ GMT Standard Time by mike h Vinyl trivia as you may have spotted get quite a bit of vinyl trivia and info, most of it was thrown up on main page and as it gets updated a lot may get missed, so have thrown all bits up here, not going for a well smart layout just a online scrapbook of fascinating facts!! info on jimmy radcliffe acetate once featured on sounds page from chris
  22. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Rare Soul Review - Issue 1 2001 View full article
  23. News/Article/Feature Highlight: London by Pete Smith First on Soul Source in 1997 LONDON-AMERICAN This giant label is perhaps the most important collector's label of all time, spanning 3 decades and churning out rarity after rarity, with some of the most valuable items from t... View full article
  24. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Heres some worthwhile info/background gear by Keith Hughes from Detroit City Limits by Graham Anthony View full article
  25. TOPPS 45s — “Yeah, But Can You Play ‘Em?” The memorabilia available to collectors of Berry Gordy’s Motown and its subsidiary labels and companies covers the whole spectrum of artefacts. From rare unreleased acetates that never made it past the infamous Friday quality control meetings to The Supremes vintage advertising on wrappers of loaves of bread, the Motown collector’s thirst for all things ‘Hitsville’ knows no bounds. In the past I’ve found every type of artefact from beer glasses to Hot Rod engines that have borne some branded connection to West Grand Boulevard. I’ve even fou

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