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Few Biggies At Nice Prices


Beverly And Del Capris: Mama I Think I'm In Love (Columbia WDJ) £125

In demand 60's Girl group midtempo dancer

Yvonne Carroll: Please Don't Go Now (Vee Jay) £100

Superb 60's midtempo

Carolyn Cooke: I Don't Mind (RCA WDJ) £75

In demand feelgood dancer

Channel 3: Sweetest Thing (Dakar WDJ) £125

Alltime classic

Embers: Just Crazy About You Baby (EEE) £100

In demand Northern

Cookie Jackson: Do You Still Love Me (Progress) £200

Bargain: Classic nighter sound

Quotations: I Don't Have To Worry (DiVenus) £100

In demand Northern

TJ Williams: Baby I Need You (Josie) £300

Huge at the moment

Cash only!!

PM if interested?


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