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Calling Those Who Used To Attend The Peterborough

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all-nighters circa 1974

I am putting together a double cd one of which will have live stuff on from that era from me, Gary Spencer, Tony Dellar, Andy Smudge Smith and Soul Sam the other CD will have stuff from the the 30th Reunion night at the Railway Club in Peterborough last year with me, Gary Spencer, Tony Dellar and Andy SMUDGE Smith 4hrs of 1974---4hrs of may even hear me in 2004 say.."that was Dooley Sliver..sliver sleiver , oh f*ck It I'm so pissed I cant pronouce his name" laugh.gif you may even hear me introduce a record in 1974 as new release--Debbie Flemming Long Gone--got it back this week for £3-50 inc p&p...wonderful..the double cd £12 plus p&p

all profits to the Heart Foundation

Off list please to to register your interest.

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