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Big Jim Slade

150+ Soul & Funk 45S W/audio, Updated List W/reductions

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Put this list up here 10 days ago. Sold 45s have been removed and some prices have been reduced. Please send me a PM if you're interested in anything and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I'm always interested in trading for funk, funky soul, and modern 45s so feel free to send me a list of things you're willing to part with if you're interested in something.


Big Jim Slade


NM- As good as it gets for a contact system, practically an untouched record that plays as if it were brand new.

VG++ A few faint surface marks, nothing that will affect play in any major way. Sounds just barely short of brand new.

VG+ A few more marks than a VG++ record but still sounds plenty clean for listening and/or DJing, your typical used but far from abused copy.

VG Light scuffs and light scratches throughout, most can't be felt. Expect surface wear throughout the record with light surface noise and possibly a few pops. Should still serve as a suitable player copy for listening & DJing despite the moderate noise. An average 45 coming from the field, noticeable noise here and there that's still secondary to the music

VG- The record may have some scratches that will be deep enough to feel. Audible clicks and pops are likely consistent throughout the grooves. Should still play well enough for DJing if you're not a stickler. Expect noticeable noise throughout, NO SKIPS though.

G+ A record that has been played and not taken care of. Constant background noise will be present. NO SKIPS but such records are the lowest grade likely to still serve as a cheap filler copy for those in need.


2 of Clubs: My First Heartbreak / Heart (VG++ copy just short of NM-, $10)

Ace Spectrum: Don't Send Nobody Else (G+ that plays okay for grade, $10 each)


Aretha Franklin: I Can't Wait to See My Baby's Face / One Step Ahead (VG that plays okay for the grade, $35)


Barbara Acklin: Am I the Same Girl (solid VG vinyl copy that plays well for the grade, $15)


Barrett Strong: Is It True / Anywhere (2 stock NM- copies, $22 each)


Beastie Boys: Hey Ladies (stock, $10)


Betty Everett: Love Comes Tumbling Down (visual VG- copy that plays VG, $15)


Big Daddy Kane: Smooth Operator ($25 for VG++ copy, $15 for VG copy)


Billy Butler & the Enchanters: Gotta Get Away (solid VG, $15)


Bill Cosby: Hikky Burr (VG++ with WOL and a couple inaudible storage marks, $25)


Biz Markie: Just a Friend / Instrumental (VG+, $20) Haven't recorded yet, will do so upon request

Blackmore's Rainbow: Starstruck mono / stereo (VG+ with some light inaudible marks, $40) http://www.divshare....ad/16296294-c66

Bobby Trend: Judy / Good Day ("Judy" is VG which plays well with one smudge to the vinyl which can be heard for 4 rotations in the middle, Good Day is VG+, $40) http://www.divshare....ad/16296300-bd9

Bobby Womack: Across 110th Street ($20 for VG+ that plays VG++, $16 for VG which plays VG+)

VG+ copy: http://www.divshare....ad/16134756-591

Captain Sky: Moonchild (stock, $10) http://www.divshare....ad/16134801-06c

Carolyn Crawford: Devil In His Heart (VG+ vinyl copy that plays well, $35) http://www.divshare....ad/16134819-7a5

Chi Lites: Are You My Woman ($12 for solid VG copy)

Chimes: the Beginning of My Life ($20 for each stock copy)


Chuck Jackson: I Only Get This Feeling (stock NM- copy, $18)


Chuck Phoenix: Don't Deny It / World (VG++ with inaudible storage marks, $50)


Contagious: Music Freak / instrumental (VG++ with a couple storage marks, $10 each)


Curtis Mayfield: Tripping Out (1 stock issue copy at $25, 2 VG++ copies at $20 each) http://www.divshare....ad/16134962-703

Darrell Banks: Our Love / Open the Door to Your Heart (grey issue) (VG+, $10)


Daybreak: I Need Love (reissue from mid 2000s) (VG++, $20) http://www.divshare....ad/16135057-44a

Decisions: I Can't Forget About You / It's Love That Really Counts (VG- vinyl copy that playsVG or better, $10) http://www.divshare....ad/16296387-d6c

Dionne Warwick: You're Gonna Need Me (3 stock copies, $17 each) http://www.divshare....ad/16305776-e96

Donald Byrd: Fallin' Like Dominoes (stock copy, $15)


Donald Byrd: Change (makes you wanna hustle) (4 stock copies, $8 each)


Dyke and the Blazers: Uhhh / Let a Man Be a Man... (2 VG++ copies, $10 each)


Earl Grant: Hide Nor Hair (VG+ with light marks, most are inaudible, $35)


Earl Turner (E.T.): Sunshine / Sport City Rock (VG+ vinyl copy that plays well, $30)


Eddie Holman: a Free Country (VG+, $10)


Empulse: Anytime (stock, $20)


the End Product: Turn You My Way (VG++ with just a couple marks from storage, $10)


Eric B. and Rakim: Follow the Leader (2 VG++ copies for 18 each, 1 VG copy for $10)


Eric B. and Rakim: I Ain't No Joke (VG++ copy just short of stock, small WOL, $75)


the Esquires: Ain't No Reason (stock, $10)


the Five C's: Get Out of the Ghetto / I Need a Girl (NM- stock copy, $15)


the Five Wagers: Come and Ask Me / Instrumental (VG+ with light inaudible marks, $10)


Fontella Bass: Talking About Freedom (VG++, $10)


Frank Everett: Spellbound (VG copy that plays okay despite marks to vinyl, $15)


Freddie and the Parliaments: That Girl (solid VG, $30)


Gene Chandler: In My Body's House (weak VG that plays okay for DJing, $10)


Gene Chandler: After the Laughter (weak VG that plays okay for DJing, $8)


Gene Chandler: What Now (stock, $10)


Harlem River Drive: Need You (stock, $10)


Honey Cone: If I Can't Fly (VG+ with a couple inaudible marks, $20) http://www.divshare....ad/16135563-5c2

the Ideals: the Gorilla (stock copy on yellow label Zanzibar press, $10)


Jackie Wilson: Because of You (visual VG-, audible VG, $40)


Jackie Wilson: Helpless / Do It the Right Way (VG++ vinyl copy, $7)


Jamo Thomas: I Spy for the FBI (light green Thomas label pressing) (VG+, $10)


Jam Factory: It's Jam Factory Time (VG+, $16)


Jeff Perry: Love Don't Come No Stronger (3 VG copies, $12 each)


Jimmy Soul Clark: Do It Right Now (VG that plays well, $10)


Johnny Otis: Jaws (VG+ with a click that can be heard in dead wax before song and for first rotation after the song begins, $10)http://www.divshare....ad/16296460-170

Ken Williams: Sweet Music, Soft Lights and You (stock in company sleeve, $15) http://www.divshare....ad/16136280-816

Krystal Generations: You Were Never Mine / Wonderful World (3 VG++ vinyl copies with VG labels from moisture, $15 each) http://www.divshare....ad/16296479-897

Lee Dorsey: Yes We Can part 1 / part 2 (VG copy that plays okay, $10) http://www.divshare....ad/16296489-8f7

Lee Morgan: the Sidewinder part 1 / part 2 (G+ copy that plays okay for the grade, $5) http://www.divshare....ad/16296500-8eb

Leon Thomas: China Doll (VG++, $8) http://www.divshare....ad/16136344-6c0

Lee Williams: LC Funk (stock, $12) Haven't recorded yet, will do so upon request

Lee Shot Williams: It Ain't Me No More (UA styrene press) (VG that plays okay for grade, $25)

Leon Gardner: Be There (stock NM- copy, $250) Haven't recorded yet, will do so upon request

Linda Jones: I Just Can't Live My Life / My Heart Will Understand (G vinyl copy that plays okay for the grade, VINYL HAS A CRACK THROUGH FIRST 10 ROTATIONS and otherwise plays as an okay VG-, $40) http://www.divshare....ad/16296509-190

Major Lance: Gotta Get Away (stock, $20) http://www.divshare....ad/16136464-326

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell: Ain't No Mountain High Enough (VG, $10) http://www.divshare....ad/16136497-696

Mike and the Censations: Victim of Circumstance (VG, moderate WOLabels, $10) http://www.divshare....ad/16136536-b21

Milton Wright: Brothers & Sisters / Ooh Ooh... (2 VG- copies that play okay for grade, $15 each)

Brothers and Sisters: http://www.divshare....ad/16136543-8c1

Ooh Ooh Ooh I Like It: http://www.divshare....ad/16136583-3df

Music Freak: Contagious (stock, $10) http://www.divshare....ad/16134919-f92

Neckbone and the Candied Yams: Catch You In the Act (stock, $20 each) http://www.divshare....ad/16296569-e87

the New Birth: Honeybee (WuTang Breaks) ($8 for VG+ copy) http://www.divshare....ad/16136614-71c

the Notations: a New Day (weak VG copy that plays well, $10) http://www.divshare....ad/16136629-e9b

O'Jays: To Prove I Love You (4 VG++ copies, $25 each) http://www.divshare....ad/16296574-7dd

Patti Drew: He's the One (weak VG that plays okay with light noise at the into, $12) http://www.divshare....ad/16136640-a2e

Paul Mitchell Trio: Straight Ahead and Don't Look Back (VG++, $20) http://www.divshare....ad/16136799-7d8

Public Enemy: Fight the Power (from 'Do the Right Thing') / Fight the Power (w/Spike Lee) (VG++ with inaudible marks from storage, $10)http://www.divshare....ad/16297006-2b8

Radiohead: Fake Plastic Trees (stock, $8) http://www.divshare....ad/16136832-ae2

Ray Charles: I Don't Need No Doctor (VG+ vinyl copy that plays well, $20) http://www.divshare....ad/16136874-e92

RB Hudmon: Ain't No Need of Crying When It's Raining (VG++ with inaudible storage scuffs, $10) http://www.divshare....ad/16297031-bb2

Recurring Love Habit: A Day In the Life / Faiola Brothers (NM- stock copy, $20) http://www.divshare....ad/16297043-246

Richard Starr: Groovy Thing / Love Is Not a Game (VG++/VG+, $40)

Groovy Thing: http://www.divshare....ad/16136942-32b

Love Is Not a Game: http://www.divshare....ad/16136972-0ce

Ronnie Foster: Summer Song (stock, $10) http://www.divshare....ad/16136990-be9

Sam Dees: I'm So Very Glad / Just Out of My Reach (VG- copy that plays okay for the grade, $5) http://www.divshare....ad/16297068-c4f

Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin: Jane B (stock, $5) http://www.divshare....ad/16137016-2cb

Sharon Revoal: Reaching For the Stars (stock, $30) http://www.divshare....ad/16305430-cf3

Soloman Burke: Cry to Me (VG- that plays with light noise throughout, $10) http://www.divshare....ad/16137023-57a

Spidells: Hmmm, With Feeling Darling (VG++, $8) http://www.divshare....ad/16137030-c62

the Spinners: I Just Want to Fall In Love stereo / mono (stock promo copy, $40) http://www.divshare....ad/16137041-a78

Susan King: Drum Rhythm / You Got Me In a Fix (stock NM- copy with a couple inaudible marks, $45) http://www.divshare....ad/16297092-005

Sun Ra w/Nu Sounds: Spaceship Lullabye / Chicago USA (limited stock copy pressed by Stop Smiling Magazine, sleeve is VG+, $30)http://www.divshare....ad/16297074-0d3

Syl Johnson: Different Strokes (solid VG vinyl copy that plays VG+, $14) http://www.divshare....ad/16297216-105

Tavares: Too Late (2 VG++ copies, $10 each) http://www.divshare....ad/16297258-02f

Temptations: Girl, Why You Wanna Make Me Blue (2 VG copies on the OG label, $10 each) http://www.divshare....ad/16297274-933

Timmy Thomas: Sexy Woman (2 VG+ copies, $12 each) http://www.divshare....ad/16297298-d05

Tom Blair: West Coast / With My Hand On My Heart (VG+ with inaudible marks, $10)

West Coast is the second track on this audio clip: http://www.divshare....ad/16297309-6f7

Tyrannosaurus Rex: Ride a White Swan (VG+ vinyl copy on Blue Thumb, $10) Haven't recorded yet, will do so upon request

Tyrone Ashley: Love Sweet Love / Sing Your Song Sister (VG vinyl copy that plays VG+, $18) http://www.divshare....ad/16297334-93e

Tyrone Davis: Just My Luck (VG+ copy for $20, VG copy for $10)

VG+ copy: http://www.divshare....ad/16297345-8b3

VG copy: http://www.divshare....ad/16297351-6cd

Universal Mind: For You Girl / Something Fishy Going On (stock, $10) http://www.divshare....ad/16297358-d54

Unlimited Four: I Want to Be Happy (stock, $15) http://www.divshare....ad/16297376-ad9

Vicky Anderson: If You Don't Give Me What I Want... / Tears of Joy (solid VG, $6) http://www.divshare....ad/16297392-660

the Whispers: In Love Forever (2 stock NM- copies, $30 each) http://www.divshare....ad/16297399-dac

William Bell: I Forgot to Be Your Lover (1 VG+ red label copy, $10)


William DeVaughn: Be Thankful For What You Got (outta control version on TEC, vinyl promo copy, $15 each) http://www.divshare....ad/16297424-a7f

William DeVaughn: Blood Is Thicker Than Water mono / stereo (VG++ with a hint of cueburn on each side, $5) http://www.divshare....ad/16297414-592

Winstons: Amen Brother (3 VG+ copies for $15 each, 2 VG copies for $10 each)

VG+ copies: http://www.divshare....ad/16137051-b2b

VG copies: http://www.divshare....ad/16297448-d4a

LPs and 12's

Rufus Thomas: Do the Funky Chicken LP (VG+ vinyl and cover, 20)

Breakwater: Self Titled LP (VG++ vinyl and a VG+ cover, $20)

SSO Band: Tonight's the Night LP (stock NM- vinyl and a VG+ cover, $20)

Santiago: Nice and Slow 12" (VG++ vinyl and cover, $12)

Fonda Rae: Over Like a Fat Rat (stock NM- vinyl and cover, $20)

Vikky Barbour: Ship of Love 12" (2 sealed copies, $25 each)

Alien: Changing Times 12" (VG+ vinyl and cover, $75)

Queen: We Are the Champions / We Will Rock You 12" (VG+ vinyl, $100)

Sun Ra: the Magic City (Red label El Saturn OG press) (VG+ vinyl and cover, $100)

Lalo Schiffrin: Bullitt OST (VG+ vinyl and cover, $30)

Miles Davis: Kind of Blue (6-eye OG stereo press) (VG+ vinyl & cover, $35)

VA: Intimate Disco volume 1 (stock copy still in shrink, $30)

VA: Intimate Disco volume 3 (stock copy still in shrink, $30)

Edited by Big Jim Slade

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