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Guest jinx74

Emulations, Jgd & The New Breed, Black Conspirators And More

Guest jinx74


Breaking down my 17yr collection. The majority of these were found here in the Bay Area either from stores, peoples homes, or directly from the artist. Here are a few of the artists i have up right now:

Emulations (Northern)

JGD & the New Breed (Black Psych / Funk)

Fire "Flight to Cuba/Soul on Ice" (Funk / Soul)

Mary Love "Born to Live with Heartache" (Funk / Soul)

Coming of Man (Funk)

Apollos Show Band (Funk / Soul)

Wilson Love (Northern)

Natural Four "Hanging on to A Lie" (Northern / Ballad)

Rhon Silva (Funk)

Chateau (Modern Soul)

West Coast Distributors on Jam-Cha (Soul)

Dem III on Jam-Cha (Soul)

and some non-Bay Area pieces:

Majestics "Key to Love" (Soul)

Black Conspirators (Funk / Soul -- Signed by the artist)

Apple & the 3 Oranges (Funk / Soul)

Unkown Funky Jazz Acetate from Arizona

and a WHOLE lot more...

thanks for looking!

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Guest jinx74


Two days to go...

All records (most anyway) have soundclips. Tons of great deals at $9.99.


The Debonaires (truly good vocal stylings over a funky beat)

Big Barney (funky!)

Loading Zone

Lee Dorsey (get out my life woman, breaks)

Hosie Bee (signed by artist)

Marvin Holmes (funky Soul)

4th Generation (Funk with a Soul Ballad flip)

Sweet Soul:

Johnny Soul

George Kerr

Hosie Bee (signed by artist)

Modern Soul:

Raymar (bay area artist released on OR label)


CP Salt

Mark Taylor

Jules Broussard


Betty Green on Clara (Eugene Blacknell related)

Lee Walker

Lord Luther

Sonny Rhodes (more Funk than R&B)

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Guest jinx74

not that anyone HERE is looking at these auctions but in case you were... they begin to end in 3hrs.

thanks for looking and bidding!

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