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(Nm Copy) Second Re$Surrection "you Done Let Daylight Catch You" Stanson


Second Re$surrection "You Done Let Daylight Catch You" / "Smoke In The Disco" Stanson Records.

Vinyl = NM/M-... Label= one side has discoloration as seen in pic.

Found this in an old store stock in So. Cal. Only one copy. Probably only ever played once or twice.

$2,000 USD (Paypal as gift if you are in USA)

Registered Shipping Anywhere in the world: Included

if interested please contact me via email (not PM)

replay365 (at)

Picture attached.

I never post on this forum so you may not know me, my name is Josh Goldman. I've been dealing records (mostly disco) for over 15 years. I can provide some references if anyone wants.


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1100 GBP (1750 USD)

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