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Monday Stuff


All in excellent shape unless specified - paypal welcome. Postage £2.00 to the U.K. (recorded), £3.00 to Europe, £4.00 to anywhere else, regardless of the size of package. (Your second and third record etc incurs NO postage charge!!!!!)


Nate Holmes - You're Still On My Mind - ABC £20

Great uptempo Funky edged soul!!! Recommended!!


Still On My Mind.MP3


Rudy Mockabee - Sweet Thing - Atco £75



Sweet Thing.MP3


Art Freeman - A Piece Of My Heart - Fame £20

Great little underplayed gem!!!!


A Piece Of My Heart.MP3


Harold Burrage - Master Key - M Pac £15

Paced Chicago Soul!!!!


Master Key.MP3


Jelly Beans - You Don't Mean Me No Good/I'm Hip To You - Eskee £85

Slight blemish to one bit of label, otherwise nice copy at a great price!!!!


You Dont Mean Me No Good.MP3


Im Hip To You.MP3


Intrigues - In A Moment - Bullet £10

Label fine, vinyl scuffed, but plays fine -still a very good price


In A Moment.MP3


Soul Three - Temptation Walk - Omen (WHITE PROMO) £15

GREAT underplayed Northern


Temptation Walk.MP3


Spyder Turner - I Can't Make It Anymore/Don't Hold Back - MGM £9

"Must Have" for any Northern collection!!!


I Cant Make It Anymore.MP3


Dont Hold Back.MP3


Nino Tempo - Sister James - A & M £8

A few light inaudible scuffs, but a nice item at a nice price!!


Sister James.MP3


Lolita & Exotics - Put A Lotta Lovin To It/Too Good To Be True - Libra £15

Nice underplayed double sider!!!


Put A Lot Of Lovin To It.MP3


Too Good To Be True.MP3


These Still Available AND Reduced!!!!!.....................................................


Selvin Johannes - In The Days Of Plenty - Decca (PROMO) £20

Tiny bit of biro on label, and a few light scuffs, but a great semi known piece of Northern!!!


music.gif In The Days Of Plenty.MP3 1.54MB 16 downloads


Bold Breed - Give Life A Try - Bold Breed £40

Some light scuffs.....but obscure, and pretty good!!!!!!


music.gif Give Life A Try.MP3 1.75MB 7 downloads


Bruce Arlington - How Could You Know - King £10



music.gif How Could You Know.MP3 1.23MB 5 downloads


Peter Hamilton - Hey Girl - Jamie (WHITE PROMO) £70 SOLD

Bargain price for the old "Doni Burdick - Clouds" Wigan cover up!!


Bunny Sigler - Follow Your Heart - Cameo Parkway (PROMO) £20

Tiny bit of biro on label, otherwise nice copyof this CLASSIC!!!


music.gif Follow Your Heart.MP3 1.74MB 5 downloads


Ronnie Walker - On & On - Impact £20

Very, very limited issue of this previously unissued, brilliant track!!!!


music.gif On And On.MP3 1.12MB 6 downloads


Anita Henson - Talks Around/Bit By Bit - Sevens International £12

Cheap price for this paced double sider!!!


music.gif Talks Around.MP3 1.48MB 3 downloads


music.gif Bit By Bit.MP3 1.48MB 2 downloads


Ruby & Romantics - Much Better Off - Kapp (WHITE PROMO) £12

Lovely, lovely, catchy Northern!!!!


music.gif Much Better Off.MP3 1.91MB 3 downloads


Lee Dorsey - Vista Vista - Amy (PROMO) £15

GREAT Northern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


music.gif Vista Vista.MP3 1.96MB 12 downloads


Valentines - Hey Ruby - King £15

Catchy, underplayed gem!!!!!!!


music.gif Hey Ruby.MP3 1.35MB 9 downloads


Emil O'Connor - Some of Your Lovin - Columbia £20

Nice ISSUE!!!


music.gif Some Of Your Lovin.MP3 1.75MB 7 downloads


Tony Middleton - Drifting - U.A. £20

Not strictly speaking "Northern", but great 60's Soul AND a super clean copy!!!


music.gif Drifting.MP3 2.2MB 8 downloads


Valentines - I Have Two Loves - King £15

Great underplayed 60's at a Great price!!!


music.gif I Have Two Loves.MP3 1.3MB 10 downloads


Dells - Its All Up To You - Cadet £15

Fabulous Northern from a fabulous group!!!!


music.gif Its All Up To You.MP3 2.13MB 7 downloads


Denise Lasalle - Right Track/Too Late To Check Your Trap - Parka £20

2 superb slabs of Northern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


music.gif The Right Track.MP3 2MB 10 downloads


music.gif Too Late To Check Your Trap.MP3 1.11MB 6 downloads


Louie Palmer - Don't Leave Me - Boot Heel £15



music.gif Don't Leave Me.MP3 1.47MB 15 downloads


Sammy Taylor - Don't Lie - Enjoy £15

Nice underplayed, paced Northern Soul!!!


music.gif Dont Lie.MP3 1.97MB 10 downloads


Short Kuts - Your Eyes May Shine - Pepper £15



music.gif Your Eyes May Shine.MP3 2.23MB 7 downloads


Celestrals - Checkerboard Lover - Don El £25

Great price for this lovely piece of Philly Northern!!!!


music.gif Checkerboard Lover.MP3 1.53MB 26 downloads


Ben E. King - What Can A Man Do - Atco £15

One of his best - GREAT Northern!!!!!


music.gif What Can A Man Do.MP3 1.19MB 19 downloads


Maxine Davis - Before I Leave You - Guyden £15

Bargain price for this gem!!!!!!!


music.gif Before I Leave You.MP3 1.37MB 18 downloads


Mary Ann Fisher - Forever More - Seg Way £10

Great record, great price!!!!!!!!!


music.gif Forever More.MP3 1.05MB 9 downloads


Chris Bartley - I'll Take The Blame - Buddah £12

Super, classy, paced Northern!!!


music.gif Ill Take The Blame.MP3 1.5MB 13 downloads


Joe Haywood - I Cross My Heart - Front Page £15

How good is this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


music.gif Cross My Heart.MP3 1.97MB 12 downloads


Rose Batiste - Sweetheart Darling/That's What He Told Me - Golden World (WHITE PROMO) £10

Bargain price for this gorgeous Promo!!!


music.gif Sweetheart Darling.MP3 1.84MB 9 downloads


music.gif Thats What He Told Me.MP3 1.15MB 4 downloads


B.J. Thomas - I Don't Have A Mind Of My Own - Pacemaker £12

The way to own this CLASSIC, that still sounds "the business"


music.gif I Dont Have A Mind Of My Own.MP3 1.87MB 0 downloads


Obrey Wilson - Love Will Be Right Here - Epic £12

Nice, paced Northern with superb vocals!!


music.gif Love Will Be Right There.MP3 1.47MB 6 downloads


St. George & Tana - Without Your Heart - Kapp (WHITE PROMO) £20

Lovely clean Promo of this underplayed gem!!!!!


music.gif Without Your Heart.MP3 1.68MB 5 downloads


Mark IV's - The Tide Has Turned/Whoe Baby - Barry (WHITE PROMO) £40

A few light scuffs, but this "books" HIGH! Absolute BARGAIN!!!!


music.gif The Tide Has Turned.MP3 2.05MB 11 downloads


music.gif Whoa Baby - Thats All.MP3 2.02MB 5 downloads


Joey Roberts - La La La La La La - Cameo £12

Great "Northern" version of the current spin!!!!


music.gif La La La La La.MP3 1.32MB 4 downloads


V.I.P.'s - Strange Little Girl - Congress (WHITE PROMO) £40

Light visual scuffs, and label a bit grubby - plays fine - Lovely tune!!!


music.gif Strange Little Girl.MP3 2.03MB 6 downloads



Thanks for looking and listening



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