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To reserve/buy records: email info@soul45collector.com

or phone UK (0)1724-357147, Mobile - (0)7941 309 081 (9am to 9pm) or PM me.

Most major credit/debit cards accepted

also www.paypal.com payments as a gift payment or at 4% extra

UK Postage:-

Recorded Delivery:-

7" singles; first record - £2.30 for first 3 singles, then 25p each extra single.

L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £4.00, then £1.00 each extra item.

Special Delivery:-

£4.25 extra to the above rates.

Overseas Airmail postage:-

European countries:-

7" singles; first record - £3.50, then 50p each extra single.

L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £5.00, then £1.00 each extra item.

All other overseas countries:-

7" singles; first record - £4.50, then 50p each extra single.

L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £8.00, then £1.00 each extra item.

Overseas airmail insurance (where available) is £8 extra to the above rates.

As always your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Full list with sound clips here - http://www.soul45col...com/monthly.htm

All records should be in at least excellent condition, unless stated otherwise. Most will be mint-.

Please ask if you need to know the exact condition.

Northern / R&B / 60's Soul

"Everett, Betty" Unlucky girl recommended Uni 15

"Everett, Betty" Unlucky girl demo/recommended Uni 25

"Smith, Roy" I can remember demo/recommended United Artists 30

"St. John, Rose" Mend my broken heart / And if I had my way (wol) ex-/w/demo/2 great sides United Artists 100

"Thomas, Gene" I'd rather not talk about it w/demo/superb United Artists 60

"Insights, The" Love is a game MINT-/superb/RARE United Audio 200

"Lorri, Mary Ann" I wanna thank you w/demo/recommended United International 40

"Lopez, Trini" Sinner not a saint / If MINT-/2 superb sides United Modern 75

"Eruptions, The" Whispers getting louder / Price of love 2 great versions Val 30

"Watson, Johnny" It's better to cry (RED LABEL-1st) awesome m-tempo vers. Valise 30

"Chandler, Gene" Check yourself recommended Vee-Jay 20

"Everett, Betty" Trouble over the weekend / The shoe won't fit 2 great sides Vee-Jay 10

"Everett, Betty" Trouble over the weekend/The shoe won't fit w/demo/2 great sides Vee-Jay 15

"Thompson, Cheryle" Don't walk away w/demo/great Vee-Jay 50

"Velasco, Vi" I don't want to go on w/demo/great Vee-Jay 50

"Lashons, The" Little sister beware ex-/demo/rare/great Vended 60

"Porgy & Monarchs, The" Love chain demo/recommended Verve 15

"Superiors, The" What would I do ex-/classic Verve 25

"Bossmen, The" Take it easy w/demo/recommended Vim 75

"Dean, Debbie" Why am I lovin' you / same (rare issue/stock labelled DEMO) MINT-/demo/classic/superb VIP 75

Dino & Doc A woman can't do (what a man do) recommended Volt 25

"Dodds, Nella" Maybe baby w/demo/superb Wand 30

"Moore, Johnny" Haven't I been good to you (sm wol) / A dollar ninety eight demo/2 superb sides Wand 25

"Robinson, Rosco" That's enough classic Wand 20

"Shaw, Timmy" I'm a lonely guy MINT-/Inc Co slv/superb Wand 15

"Tindley, George" So help me woman ex-/demo/superb/rare Wand 40

"Dickens, Charles" IIn the city /That's the way love goes MINT-/w/demo/2 great sides Warner Bros. 30

"Invincibles, The" Woman is the soul of a man NEAR MINT/w/demo/superb Warner Bros. 35

"Wade, Adam" Old devil moon w/demo/great Warner Bros. 25

"Baby Little & Playboys, The" Big time playboy R&B/great Watts Way 30

Verna & Rob I'm in love with you/More soul(2 x's ol) M-/superb/great flip too/rare Way Out 50

Verna & Rob I'm in love with you / More soul (2 x's ol) ex-/superb/great flip too/rare Way Out 45

"Debanairs, The" Feel all right / Everything I need superb/great flip too W-BS 20

"Hughes, Freddie" Send my baby back / Where's my baby first label/great Wee 20

"Forevers, The" What goes around (comes around) w/demo/recommended Weis 20

"Lamp, Buddy" I wanna go home / You've got the loving touch ex-/2 great sides Wheelsville 35

"Lamp, Buddy" I wanna go home/You've got the loving touch 2 great sides Wheelsville 40

Lil' Soul Brothers I've got heartaches (sm lbl tear) / What can it be MINT-/2 great sides Wheelsville 45

"Vanguards, The" I can't use you girl superb Whiz 15

"Soul, Sharon" How can I get to you? / Don't say goodbye love ex-/blue lbl/2 great sides Wild Deuce 35

"Soul, Sharon" How can I get to you?/Don't say goodbye love blue lbl/2 great sides Wild Deuce 40

"Latham, Geraldine" Lazy lover w/demo/2 x'sol/recommneded Winner 7 11 20

"Four Thoughts, The" Kisses & roses / When I'm with you M-/superb/great ballad flip too Womar 200

"Quaite, Christine" In the middle of the floor recommended World Artists 15

"Church, Eugene" Dollar bill demo/great World Pacific 25

"Dean, Gary" You can say M-/classic Young 250

Mr. Tears (Paris) Don't lead me on ex-/great 4J 35

Mr. Tears (Paris) Don't lead me on great 4J 40

"John, Robert" "Raindrops, love and sunshine / When the party is over " classic/great flip too A&M 50

"Dotson, Jimmy" "Gone, gone, gone / To be your lover " 2 great sides Aar O Dot 15

"Brown, Maxine" Am I falling in love paint spot ol/great ABC 45

"Charles, Ray" Something inside me recommended ABC 15

"Earls, The" It's been a long time coming / My lonely lonely room superb ABC 20

"Earls, The" It's been a long time coming/My lonely lonely room w/demo/wol/superb ABC 30

"Impressions, The" You've been cheatin' classic ABC 20

"Middleton, Tony" You spoiled my reputation (2 x's ol) (Inc Co slv) NEAR MINT/w/demo/superb m-tempo ABC 75

"White, Danny" One little lie M-/w/demo/xol-flip/great ABC 30

"Wiggins, Percy" That's loving you classic A-bet 75

"Moore, Danny" Somebody new original/superb Allrite 60

"Holmes, Eldridge" Emperor Jones / A time for everything w/demo/2 great sides/rare Alon 75

"St Clair, Kelly" Hear that beat / This magic moment MINT-/w/demo/2 x's ol/superb AMM 175

"Clark, Delores" Livin' to please recommended Antares 60

"Florence, Tina" "Too much for me, baby " great Apt 40

"Mason, Barbara" Bobby is my baby sm lbl stain/stol-flip/fantastic Arctic 30

"Mason, Barbara" Half a love fantastic Arctic 20

"Mason, Barbara" Half a love w/demo/fantastic Arctic 30

"Melvin, Harold & Bluenotes" What can a man do M-/w/demo/superb Arctic 60

"James, Etta" Seven day fool superb R&B Argo 35

"Wells, Johnny" Lonely moon MINT-/recommended Astor 40

"Sharp, Dee Dee" Bye bye baby / My best friend's man 2 superb sides/recomnded Atco 15

"Greenwood, Johnny" I'm crawling back w/demo/great Atlantic 15

"Jackson, Deon" Nursery rhymes (sm wol) / Come back home MINT-/great Atlantic 25

"Jackson, Deon" You said you love me ex-/w/demo/great Atlantic 35

"Jackson, Deon" You said you love me great Atlantic 30

"Matthews, Shirley" (You can) count on that / Big-town boy 2 great sides Atlantic 15

"Newbag, Johnny" Got to get you back w/demo/sm wol/superb Atlantic 50

"Washington, Ella" "Bye, bye baby " w/demo/recommended Atlantic 30

"Incredibles, The" Without a word / Standing here crying M-/w/demo/great Audio Arts 20

"Radcliffe, Jimmy" My ship is coming in EX+/sl label ring/superb Aurora 30

"Garrett, Kelly" This heart is haunted (with original sleeve) w/demo/recommended Ava 30

"Carlton, Little Carl" Competition ain't nothin' ex-/classic Back Beat 15

"Commands, The" No time for you / Hey it's love 2 superb sides Back Beat 50

"Lovelites, The" I found me a lover / You better stop it 2 great sides Bandera 15

"Preston, Nancy" I got a right w/demo/great Banward 40

"Attractions, The" That girl is mine superb Bell 30

"Dearborn, Billie" You need me to love you M-/recommended/rare issue Bell 60

"Dearborn, Billie" You need me to love you ('S' ol) M-/demo/recommended Bell 50

Crossover / 70s / Modern Soul

"Five Keys Ft West, Rudy" Stop - what your doing to me recommended Ram Landmark 15

"Watson, Richard Carl" Are you going to be there / Inst. ex-/superb/rare Rays 125

"Brothers, The" Are you ready for this massive inst. RCA 20

"Brothers, The" Are you ready for this UK/massive inst. RCA 20

"Brothers, The" Are you ready for this (full colour pic sleeve) Italian/massive inst. RCA 30

"Edwards, Dee" All we need is a miracle demo/great RCA 15

"Freeman, Judy & Blackrock" Hold on y/demo/Inc Co sleeve/superb RCA 250

"Green, Garland" Don't let love walk out on us demo/superb RCA 75

"Hit Parade, The" Kisses never die demo RCA 15

"Hit Parade, The" Stand by me baby demo/superb RCA 25

"Hit Parade, The" Stand by me baby superb RCA 25

"Hollins, Everett 'Blood'" Heaven must have known recommended RCA 20

"Hollins, Everett 'Blood'" Heaven must have known/same demo/recommended RCA 20

Hudson County Heaven's here on earth recommended RCA 15

"I.G.'s, The" Show and tell UK/superb version RCA 25

"Inception, The" Everybody loves a winner / same-long version demo/recommended RCA 15

"Main Ingredient, The" Looks like rain superb RCA 15

"Marcel, Vic" Won't you come and fly with me fantastic x-over RCA 15

"Ruffin, David & Kendrick, Eddie" I couldn't believe it recommended RCA 20

"Ruffin, David & Kendrick, Eddie" I couldn't believe it/same demo/recommended RCA 20

"Walsh Gypsy Band, The" Cuz it's you girl / same-mono demo/superb RCA 75

"Wycoff, Michael" Looking up to you /same(mono) M-/demo-/superb RCA 75

Rare Gems Odyssey It don't take much ex-/recommended Renfro 25

"Woods, Len" I'm in love / Do it funky vg++/demo/superb/funk flip Revue 40

"Allen, Na" Everytime it rains recommended Ronn 25

"Ecstasy, Passion & Pain" Ask me demo/recommended Roulette 12

Four Below Zero My baby's got E.S.P. / same demo/classic/superb Roulette 75

Gentlemen & Their Lady Like her / Inst. demo/superb Roulette 15

Ghetto Children It's not easy to say goodbye / Don't take your sweet lovin away M-/demo/2 superb sides Roulette 100

"Hill, Roni" I wouldn't give you up wol/recommended Roulette 20

"Hill, Roni" I wouldn't give you up recommended Roulette 25

"Perkins, George" I'm so glad you're mine sm xol/classic x-over/superb Royal Shield 50

"Moore, Bernie" Oh no ex-/superb mid-tempo S.S.I. 25

"Moore, Bernie" Oh no superb mid-tempo S.S.I. 30

"White, Hi-Fi" Need somebody / Inst. sm wol/superb mid-tempo Sandman 40

"Corby, Chuck & Quiet Storm" See you when I get there superb version Sceptre 15

"Mahan, Benny" She knows how great x-over/recommended Scratch 30

Hard Cover Do you care (like you say you do) demo/recommended Shanty Town 125

"Overton, CB" Superstar lady recommended Shock 12

"Jackson, Deon" I'll always love you NEAR MINT/w/demo/superb/rare Shout 30

Bingo We can't get enough / same (xol) demo/recommended Silver Blue 40

"Invitations, The" They say the girl's crazy recommended Silver Blue 25

"Invitations, The" They say the girl's crazy/same w/demo/wol/recommended Silver Blue 25

Shock Footsteps across your ming vg++/classic x-over Sirocco 20

Shock Footsteps across your ming M-/classic x-over Sirocco 25

"Rock Gazers, The feat.Gordon Grody" I believe in love / same-mono demo/superb Sixth Avenue 25

State Department I'm counting on you / long version demo/great Sixth Avenue 12

Frank & James How long is forever superb Smooth City 75

9th Street Exit Let's make sweet harmony (promo stol) / continued MINT-/superb Solid Foundation 30

"Lackey, Richard" Love shopping / The greatest gift (sl lbl wear) vg+/2 superb sides/rare Solid Foundation 125

"Lackey, Richard" Love shopping / The greatest gift ex-/vg++/2 superb sides/rare Solid Foundation 175

"Clay, Sonji" I can't wait (until I see my baby's face) fantastic version Songee 60

"Sheppard, Rick" I fall deeper in love / Just you and me 2 great sides Sonia 25

"Hilton, Jerry & Gentle Rain, The" Complete opposites great version Sonic 30

"Maddox, Walt" I've got my own thing going recommended Sonnet 25

"Soop & Co. feat. Moncell, Patrice" Just because you're a lover / Take me to the…. 2 great sides Soops 30

"Neal, CC" All I want from you is your love recommended Soul Craft 30

"Will, David" Loneliness great Soul Craft 15

"Williams, Otis" I got to have you / Take me back UK/fantastic/prev unreleased Soul Intention 10

"King, Ramona" I choose you ex-/xol/recommended Soul Set 20

"King, Ramona" I choose you recommended Soul Set 25

"Pickett, Willie " On the stage of life / Inst. M-/fantastic x-over Soul Spot 300

Premium Isn't life so wonderful superb Soulin 25

"Whispers, The" In love forever recommended Soultrain 20

"Jordan, Vivilore" Put my loving on you / Pickin' up where she left off 2 great sides Sound Gems 30

"Melvin, Harold & Blue Notes" Prayin' / Inst. classic Source 15

"Melvin, Harold & Blue Notes" Prayin'/Same M-/w/demo/classic Source 25

"Grier, Sonja" "Right here, right now " fantastic modern Spirit 6

"Green, Garland" Just loving you highly recommended Spring 30

"Jackson, Millie" A house for sale UK/noc/classic Spring 20

"Jackson, Millie" A house for sale UK/classic Spring 25

"Joneses, The" Love contest / Baby (there's nothing you can do) (Inc. Co. Slv) superb/sweet ballad-flip Spring 50

"Joneses, The" Love contest/same (Inc. Co. Sleeve) w/demo/superb Spring 50

"Martin, Daltry" Everybody dance / Stay with me recommended Spring 20

"Parker, Winfield" I'm on my way / S.O.S. (stop her on sight) w/demo/2 great sides Spring 20

Street People I wanna get over / same w/demo/ highly recommended Spring 30

"Butler, Sam" I can't get over (loving you) / same (xol) ex-/w/demo/fantastic SRi 200

King Arthur Wherever you are superb x-over/rare St George Intnl 50

"Greene, Mark" I'm so lost without you / My confession of love so soulful/sweet flip Stang 20

"Jones, Linda & Whatnauts" I'm so glad I found you MINT-/superb Stang 30

Moments Nine times classic Stang 10

Moments Rain in my backyard at their best Stang 15

Brighter Side Of Darkness Oh baby recommended Star-vue 30

"Johnson, Johnny & Bandwagon" I don't know why / Honey bee (dancer flip) UK/superb x-over Stateside 20

"Crutchers, Bettye" Sugar daddy UK/great Stax (Pye) 25

"Entertains, The" Love will turn it around superb Steel Town 20

"Gaye, Erroll & The Imaginations" Love and affection superb Steel Town 20

"Lou, Bubba & Highballs, The" Over you / Love all over the place demo/UK/2 great sides Stiff 15

"Hollins, Blood " Don't give it up / Inst. recommended Strange Fruit 30

"Scott-Heron, Gil" The bottle (ORIGINAL) MINT-/French/pic slv/classic Strata-East 30

"Sue, Carletta" You keep holding back on love superb x-over String 20

"Hazelhurst, James" I won't die rev. labels/superb Swar 15

"Hazelhurst, James" I won't die superb Swar 20

"Ridley, Sharon" Changin' M-/superb Tabu 25

"Courtship, The" It's the same old love recommended Tamla 25

"Courtship, The" It's the same old love/same w/demo/recommended Tamla 20

"Henry, Virgil" I can't believe you're really leaving me / same w/demo/recommended Tamla 20

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