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60's For A Friday

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All in excellent shape unless specified - paypal welcome. Postage £2.50 to the U.K. (recorded), £3.50 to Europe, £4.50 to anywhere else, regardless of the size of package. (Your second and third record etc incurs NO postage charge!!!!!) Apologies in advance for the quality of the soundclips - I'm not very technically minded!!!!! If you have any reservations about the playing quality of any record, please get in touch and also don't forget that I offer a full money back guarantee (including postage) if not happy for ANY reason


Jelly Beans - Baby Be Mine - Red Bird £7

NR stamp on label, otherwise nice copy of this cute bit of 60's!


Baby Be Mine.MP3


Sonny Stitt - Double 0 Soul Of - Wingate £5



The Double 0 Soul Of.MP3


Ollie & Nightingales - Mellow Way To Treat Your Man - Stax £10

Apart from a drill hole, a lovely copy of this great dancer, with a slightly funky edge!!


Mellow Way.MP3


Candy & Kisses - Chains Of Love/Someone Out There - Decca £30 SOLD

Apart from teo drill holes, a gorgeous copy of this gorgeous double sider!!


Ronnie Walker - Nothing's Gonna Change/Now There Is You - Impact £10

Previously unissued double sider, the sleeve signed by the Man himself - I have 2 copies left in this batch

, not available anywhere else in this country yet!!


Nothings Gonna Change.MP3


Now There Is You.MP3


Reflections - You're My Baby - Golden World £4

Great tune at a great price!!!


Youre My Baby.MP3


Tranells - Blessed With A Love - Flo Jo £7

Legal reissue of Monster tune!!!


Blessed With A Love.MP3


Jimmy Jones - Don't You Just Know It - Parkway £15

Great version!!!


Dont You Just Know It.MP3


Violet Rivers - Hey Lover Boy - Decca (PROMO) £30

STORMING "Under the radar" Northern!!!


Hey Lover Boy.MP3


Joe Turner - Two Loves Have I - Philips (FRENCH - PIC SLEEVE) £10

A couple of light inaudible scuffs and a bit of writing at the top of the sleeve, but a more than acceptable copy of this great tune at an acceptable price!!!


Two Loves Have I.MP3


Marvin Gaye - Oh Baby I Love You - Tamla £6



Oh Baby Baby I Love You.MP3


Poets - She Blew A Good Thing - Old Soul £6

OLD reissue of this classic tune!!!


She Blew A Good Thing.MP3


THESE STILL AVAILABLE........................................


Dells - Wear It On Our Face - Cadet £6

Classic that still sounds the business!!!!!


music.gif  Wear It On Our Face.MP3   1.47MB   17 downloads


Johnnie Taylor & Carla Thomas - Just Keep On Loving Me - Stax £10

Groovesville music - You KNOW it's gonna be good!!!!


music.gif  Just Keep On Loving Me.MP3   1.7MB   19 downloads


Gladys Tyler - Mr Green, Mrs Green - Decca £45

A couple of light, inaudible scuffs, but a stupidly low price on this!!!


music.gif  Mr Green Mrs Green.MP3   1.83MB   22 downloads


Prince Harold - Born To Please - Verve £7

Slight staining to label and light inaudible scuffs, but a superb underplayed Northern stormer at a great price!!!


music.gif  Born To Lose.MP3   1.7MB   9 downloads


Joe Simon - No Sad Songs - Sound Stage 7 £6

Lovely clean copy - BARGAIN!!!!!!


music.gif  No Sad Songs.MP3   1.53MB   8 downloads


Chuck Jackson - Are You Lonely For Me - Motown £10



music.gif  Are You Lonely For Me.MP3   1.7MB   6 downloads


Maskman & Agents - Wigs - Mask £5

Low price on this obscure & oddball mover!!


music.gif  Wigs.MP3   1.23MB   4 downloads


Round Robin - There's A Thrill On The Hill - H.A.T. £10

Worth a listen - Good underplayed Northern!!


music.gif  Theres A Thrill On The Hill.MP3   1.46MB   7 downloads


Jennie Rae - To Love - MGM (PROMO) £17 SOLD

Lovely, paced Northern - Recommended!!!


Tina Britt - The Real Thing - Eastern £6



music.gif  The Real Thing.MP3   1.62MB   8 downloads


Colette Kelly - City Of Fools - £35

Tiniest of edge warps, almost unnoticeable and a couple of tiny, inaudible scuffs on an otherwise stunning copy of this quirky, Soulful, unforgettable gem!!


music.gif  City Of Fools.MP3   1.95MB   12 downloads


William Bell & Mavis Staples - Love's Sweet Sensation - Stax £10

Stax sounding more like Motown here - FANTASTIC!!!


music.gif  Loves Sweet Sensation.MP3   2.1MB   14 downloads


Mad Lads - Make Room - Volt £12 SOLD

Not had this before - FANTASTIC!!!!!


Five Keys - Hey Girl - Inferno £20

Fabulous, paced group SOUL!!!!!!!


music.gif  Hey Girl.MP3   2.3MB   19 downloads


Fran Oliver - You Won't Get Away - BBS

Light wear to label & vinyl, but lovely Chicago mid tempo!!


music.gif  You Wont Get Away.MP3   1.71MB   12 downloads


Joe Simon - When - Sound Stage 7 £7

Love this!!!!!


music.gif  When.MP3   1.56MB   8 downloads


Edwin Starr - Headline News/Harlem - Ric Tic £5

Bargain price for this CLASSIC double sider - Check out the flip!!


music.gif  Headline News.MP3   1.23MB   5 downloads


music.gif  Harlem.MP3   1.7MB   11 downloads


Chestnut Tree - Super Lovin - Melba £9

Light wear to label & vinyl, with some black marker on the flip (phew!!!) Great, underplayed Northern!!!


music.gif  Super Lovin.MP3   1.78MB   16 downloads


Sandra Wright - Unbelievable - Coral £12

Absolutely STUNNING SOUL!!!!!!!!


music.gif  Unbelievable.MP3   1.94MB   34 downloads


Billy Harner - She's Almost You - Open £4

Great Philly Northern dancer!!!


music.gif  Shes Almost You.MP3   1.52MB   7 downloads


Delcords - I'm So Sorry/Dogs - Soul Step - Treasure (PIC SLEEVE) £7

Previously unissued vocal to "Soul Step" which coincidently is on the other side


music.gif  Im So Sorry.MP3   1.13MB   5 downloads


music.gif  Soul Step.MP3   838KB   6 downloads


Tommy Butler - Right On Up To The Weekend - Chattahoochie £50

Forget the title - Lovely bit of Northern!!!!


music.gif  Right On Up To The Weekend.MP3   2.09MB   20 downloads


Reflections - Comin' At You - Golden World £5



music.gif  Comin At You.MP3   1.43MB   15 downloads


Thanks For lOoking And listening



Edited by SOUL.INC

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