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R & B For A Monday

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All in excellent shape unless specified - paypal welcome. Postage £2.50 to the U.K. (recorded), £3.50 to Europe, £4.50 to anywhere else, regardless of the size of package. (Your second and third record etc incurs NO postage charge!!!!!) Apologies in advance for the quality of the soundclips - I'm not very technically minded!!!!! If you have any reservations about the playing quality of any record, please get in touch and also don't forget that I offer a full money back guarantee (including postage) if not happy for ANY reason




Ray Charles - I Don't Need No Doctor - ABC £16

Nice original of this thumping R & B/Northern classic!!!


I Dont Need No Doctor RC.MP3


Sonny Knight - If You Want This Love - Aura £4

Some almost unnoticeable pencil and a small bit of black marker to dark blue label, otherwise nice copy of this paced bit of R & B/popcorn


If You Want This Love.MP3


Cookie Jackson - Do You Still Love Me - Progress £120 SOLD

Scuffed vinyl, loads of gloss - Plays fine, looks ok - CLASSIC R & B!!!


Chessmen - Mr Cupid - Don De £4

Light wear to label and vinyl - Obscure early group mover!!


Mr Cupid.MP3


Gino Parks - For this I Thank You - Tamla £30 SOLD

Canadian Tamla - Wear to vinyl and label and tiny bit of writing on label, plays fine, especially out loud - GREAT!!


Jimmy Gilmer - Thunder & Lightning - Dot £20



Thunder Lightning.MP3


Mighty Sam - Fannie Mae - Andee £8

Rocking R & B mover!!!


Fannie Mae MS.MP3


Little Milton - Just A Little Bit - Checker £6

Great version!!!


Just A Little Bit LM.MP3


Willie Dixon - When Will It End - Toddlin' Town £4

Well worth a listen!!


When Will It End.MP3


Little Johnny Taylor - Somewhere Down The Line - Galaxy (WHITE PROMO) £14

Acouple of inaudible marks on vinyl, and a couple of label tears on the flip side (phew!!!) but otherwise a nice copy of this Classic!!


Somewhere Down The Line LJT.MP3


Danny Bowens - Tossin' & Turnin' - Oneida £4

Red staining on label (not too horrific) Raw version of classic tune!!


Tossin And Turnin.MP3


Eloise - You Shoulda Treated Me Right - Wand £12

Apart from a black marker "S" on the label, an ice copy of this gritty R & B mover!!


You Shoulda Treated Me Right E.MP3


THESE STILL AVAILABLE...........................................


Tommy Louis & Rhythm Rockers - I Love You So - Muriel £40

Light wear to label and vinyl with the odd light, inaudible scuff, plays and looks fine - Cracking bit of R & B!!!


music.gif  I Love You So JL.MP3   1.54MB   45 downloads


Freddy King - Monkey Donkey/Surf Donkey - Federal £5

Forget the titles - Both sides GREAT!!!!!!!!!!


music.gif  Monkey Donkey.MP3   1.94MB   8 downloads


music.gif  Surf Donkey.MP3   1.91MB   6 downloads


Jimmy Soul - My Wife, She Sure Can Cook - S.P.Q.R. £8

Very light wear to label - Strange tune, but likeable in an odd way?


music.gif  My Wife Sure Can Cook JS.MP3   1.71MB   22 downloads


Sierras - I Won't Believe Till I See It - Goldisc £5

A couple of light, superficial, inaudible scuffs, but a great tune at a great price!!


music.gif  I Wont Believe It Till I See It.MP3   1.67MB   10 downloads


Ko Ko Taylor - Fire - Checker £20

"Drill Hole", otherwise lovely copy - FANTASTIC!!!!!!


music.gif  Fire KT.MP3   1.54MB   16 downloads


Ted "Soul" Hawkins - Whole Lot Of Women - Money £8

Light wear to vinyl - Nice little mover!!!


music.gif  Whole Lot Of Women.MP3   1.22MB   15 downloads


Kent & Candidates - I Gotta Feelin - Leisa £85



music.gif  I Gotta Feelin KAC.MP3   1.91MB   37 downloads


Linda Lane - Lonely Teardrops - Cub (PROMO) £12

Light wear to label and vinyl. This is "Linda Jones" with a nice version of the Jackie Wilson tune!


music.gif  Lonely Teardrops.MP3   2.01MB   10 downloads


Merle Spear & Treats - I Want To Know - Atlantic £12

Tiny edge crack that doesn't reach as far as the playing grooves, blink and you'd miss it - but it's there!!! scuffed vinyl, but with plenty of gloss and a black line through the title, as on many Atlantic

records. Plays fine, great tune at a great price!


music.gif  I Want To Know MS.MP3   1.68MB   16 downloads


Herbert Hunter - Dr. Feel Good - Spar £12

Very light wear to vinyl and label - Nice little mover!!


music.gif  Dr Feel Good HH.MP3   1.44MB   18 downloads


Jackie Wilson & Lavern Baker - Think Twice - Brunswick £8

Nice copy!!


music.gif  Think Twice.MP3   1.92MB   3 downloads


Jackie Weaver - The Tingle - Chess £120

Light wear to label and vinyl - looks and plays great, a couple of light, superficial, inaudible marks...TOP TUNE!!!!


music.gif  The Tingle JW.MP3   1.18MB   28 downloads


Clyde McPhatter - I'll Love You Till The Cows Come Home - Mercury (WHITE PROMO) £20

Some very ligh, inaudible scuffs, but overall a nice copy of this big voiced, laid back gem!!


music.gif  Ill Love You Till The Cows Come Home.MP3   2MB   4 downloads


Willie Gee - You Left Me Standing - Authentic £20



music.gif  You Left Me Standing.MP3   1.72MB   11 downloads


Fiestas - I Feel Good All Over - Old Town £5

Some wear to label and vinyl, looks and plays ok - Nice price!!


music.gif  I Feel Good All Over.MP3   1.91MB   6 downloads


Little Johnny Taylor - What You Need Is A Ball - Galaxy £10

Forget the title - Great little mover!!


music.gif  What You Need Is A Ball LJT.MP3   1.75MB   7 downloads


Jackie Wilson - 3 Days 1 Hour 30 Minutes - Brunswick £8

Well worth a listen!!


music.gif  3 Days 1 Hour 30 Minutes JW.MP3   1.1MB   7 downloads


Ray Charles - You're Just About To Lose Your Clown - ABC Paramount £8



music.gif  Youre Just About To Lose Your Clown.MP3   1.42MB   3 downloads


Phil Flowers - You Little Devil - Josie £20

A few very light inaudible scuffs, but a strong R & B tune - well worth a listen!!


music.gif  You Little Devil.MP3   1.82MB   6 downloads


Johnny Flamingo - This Was Really Love - Whirlybird £40

Books high - Catchy & good!!!!


music.gif  This Was Really Love.MP3   1.52MB   17 downloads


Thanks for looking and listening



Edited by SOUL INC

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