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Andre Maurice - Be True - Bale Reduced

Andre Maurice - Be True - Bale VG+


Always found this to be a tough record.  Perfect for now. Reminds me a little bit of Lee Brackett.


Lots of small scuffs on this but nothing deep, plays VG+


80.00 UKP REDUCED TO 60.00


edit:  added description from youtube, sums it up perfectly!


Deep production-soul with syncopated rhythm and an excellent oomph for the club system.

"Washington producer/arranger Beau Tibbs and singer Andre Maurice recorded two funky 45s for the local Bale concern which are now very difficult to track down. Both tributes to a special lady, You're The Cream Of The Crop and Be True To You are high quality early '70s grooves with sinewy basslines, tight horns and upright beats."


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