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Andre Williams - Do It - Wingate

Can anybody confirm that this Is WDJ only (according to Discogs).  I could swear I saw a stock copy for sale last year but didn't buy as it was  only VG-.



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I'm sure I've seen a stock copy of it many years ago.  But that DOESN'T mean it had a regular commercial press run.  That copy was Ron Murphy's.  And he got a LOT of press run test records directly from the Detroit pressing plants (that they had kept for many years).  Those were usually 2 copies kept by the pressing plant, while the 4 other copies were sent to the record companies.  That's how Ron got all those called-back Motown records (including Frank Wilson on Soul).  So, there may have been only 6 stockers pressed.  But, it seems to me that I've seen multiple stock copies of each of those rare Wingates.  So, I'm guessing that all of them were pressed on store stock, with, at least a small press run, locally, in Detroit.

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