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To reserve/buy records: email soul45collector@ntlworld.com  
or phone UK (0)1724-357147, Mobile - (0)7941 309 081 (9am to 9pm) or PM me.

Most major credit/debit cards accepted direct
also www.paypal.com payments as a 'Friends OR Family' payment or at 4% extra

UK Postage:-
Recorded Delivery:-
7" singles; first record - £2.50 for first 3 singles, then 25p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £4.50, then £1.00 each extra item.
Special Delivery:-
£4.75 extra to the above rates.
Overseas Airmail postage:-
European countries:-
7" singles; first record - £4.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £7.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
All other overseas countries:-
7" singles; first record - £5.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £9.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
Overseas airmail insurance (where available) is £9 extra to the above rates.

Full list with sound clips here - http://www.soul45col...com/monthly.htm


All records should be in at least excellent condition, unless stated otherwise. Most will be mint-.

Please ask if you need to know the exact condition.

As always your satisfaction is guaranteed.



Northern / R & B / 60's Soul



Johnson, Lou--- If I never get to love you listen_f1.gif w/demo/great Big Top 25


Johnson, Lou--- Reach out for me listen_f1.gif w/demo/superb Big Top 25


Sterling, Spencer--- Jilted listen_f1.gif M-/lite xol/Inc Co sleeve/recommended Big Top 40


Brothers Of Love, The--- Check my love listen_f1.gif EX/superb Blue Rock 40


Lamont, Reggie--- How lonely (can one man be) listen_f1.gif M-/recommended Blue Rock 30


Leavill, Otis--- It's the same old me listen_f1.gif / Let me live listen_f1.gif EX+/2 great sides Blue Rock 25


Moore, Johnny--- Lonely heart in the city listen_f1.gif / That's what you said listen_f1.gif M-/Inc Co sleeve/2 superb sides Blue Rock 25


Turner, Ike & Tina--- Crazy 'bout you baby listen_f1.gif M-/great R&B Blue Thumb 15


Turner, Big Joe--- Two loves have I listen_f1.gif superb Bluestime 60


Variations, The--- Yesterday is gone listen_f1.gif superb/original label Bob-Joy 40


Velvets, The & Louis Prejean--- Estelle Parker listen_f1.gif ex- flip/recommended Bofuz 65


Lovells, The--- Here come the heartaches listen_f1.gif / My time to cry listen_f1.gif vg++/w/demo/superb/great flip too Brent 40


Moovers, The--- One little dance listen_f1.gif EX+/w/demo/lite wol/great mid-tempo group Brent 40


Phillips, Sandra--- You succeeded listen_f1.gif M-/gold label/classic/superb Broadway 50


Holmes, Sherlock--- What an argument listen_f1.gif demo/TOP TIP!!!!!! Brunswick 40


Ross, Jackie--- Keep your chin up listen_f1.gif recommended Brunswick 30


Barbara & Believers--- What can happen to me now listen_f1.gif M-/demo/superb Capitol 30


Drew, Patti--- He's the one listen_f1.gif superb Capitol 25


Kelly, Gail--- Who do you think youre fooling listen_f1.gif / Every time I see you again listen_f1.gif M-/Inc Co sleeve/great Capitol 30


Magnificent Men--- I've got news for you listen_f1.gif ex-/superb Capitol 40


Mason, Tina--- Finders keepers listen_f1.gif ex-/great Capitol 35


Lovettes, The--- I need a guy listen_f1.gif wol-flip/superb Carnival 75


Lovettes, The--- Little miss soul listen_f1.gif (STAMPED ORIGINAL) w/demo/superb/rare demo Carnival 40


Millionaires, The--- You've got to love your baby listen_f1.gif M-/superb/classic Castle 150


Fuller, Jerry--- I get carried away listen_f1.gif M-/classic Challenge 60


Thomas, Luther--- Upset the town listen_f1.gif / Who slipped out listen_f1.gif M-/2 superb R&B sides Change 75


Gray, Dobie--- Out on the floor listen_f1.gif original/MINT-/classic Charger 25


Lovejoy, Joy--- In orbit listen_f1.gif M-/Inc Co sleeve/classic Checker 60


Timiko--- Is it a sin listen_f1.gif w/demo/great Checker 50


La Salle, Denise--- Count down and fly me to the moon listen_f1.gif M-/DEMO/superb Chess 50


Hughes, Rhetta--- One in a million listen_f1.gif M-/w/demo/superb vers/Inc Co slv Columbia 30


Lee, Donna--- Clown town listen_f1.gif M-/superb Columbia 30


Lonas, Kenny--- Would you believe listen_f1.gif M-/w/demo/lite stmol/superb Columbia 40


Lundy, Pat--- The thrill is gone listen_f1.gif w/demo/recommended Columbia 30


Austin, Patti--- Only all the time listen_f1.gif M-/demo/superb Coral 40


Gordon Five, Sonny--- The yea yea song listen_f1.gif / The dance listen_f1.gif M-/Inc Co sleeve/2 great sides Coral 40


Heatherton, Joey--- Hullabaloo listen_f1.gif / My blood runs cold listen_f1.gif M-/Canadian/highly recommended Coral 75


Impacts, The--- Jerkin' in your seat listen_f1.gif M-/superb Counsel 125


Til, Sonny & The Orioles--- Hey! Little woman listen_f1.gif EX-/superb/rare black issue CP Parker 125


Rice, Robin--- I've had it listen_f1.gif EX/w/demo/superb Crackerjack 40


Andrews & The Hearts, Lee--- I've had it listen_f1.gif VG/light lbl stain/VG- flip/w/demo/classic Crimson 75


Scott, Ray & The Scottsmen--- Love piled on top of love listen_f1.gif M-/demo/xol-flip/Inc Co slv/superb Decca 100


Eyes Of Blue--- Heart trouble listen_f1.gif EX-/demo/Inc Co sleeve/superb version Deram 40

/ / / /  Crossover / 70's / Modern Soul BELOW  / / / /

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Crossover / 70's / Modern Soul


Washington, John--- Daddy teddybear listen_f1.gif / Burn the calendar listen_f1.gif M-/2 great sides Sandwash 40


Dukes, Bobby--- Just to be with you listen_f1.gif / same-inst. EX+/superb Saru 50


Corby, Chuck & Quiet Storm--- See you when I get there listen_f1.gif superb version Sceptre 15


Foster, Bobby--- Where do you go listen_f1.gif M-/v sl edge warp-nap/superb x-over Select-O-Hits 25


Hard Cover--- Do you care (like you say you do) listen_f1.gif demo/recommended Shanty Town 125


Naturals, The--- Color him father listen_f1.gif / Crystal blue persuasion listen_f1.gif 2 great versions Shout 15


Invitations--- They say the girl's crazy listen_f1.gif recommended Silver Blue 25


Murphy, Merv--- It's growing listen_f1.gif M-/superb Simmons 200


Shock--- Footsteps across your mind listen_f1.gif M-/classic x-over Sirocco 25


Rock Gazers, The feat.Gordon Grody--- I believe in love listen_f1.gif/ same-mono demo/superb Sixth Avenue 25


Ragland, Lou--- What should I do listen_f1.gif EX+/lite label stain/awesome x-over SMH 50


Frank & James--- How long is forever listen_f1.gif M-/superb Smooth City 60


Lackey, Richard--- Love shopping listen_f1.gif / The greatest gift (sl lbl wear) listen_f1.gif vg+/superb/rare Solid Foundation 125


Hilton, Jerry & Gentle Rain--- Complete opposites listen_f1.gif great version Sonic 30


Neal, CC--- All I want from you is your love listen_f1.gif recommended Soul Craft 30


Whispers--- In love forever listen_f1.gif superb Soultrain 20


Greene, Laura--- Manhattan listen_f1.gif / Let me blow your whistle listen_f1.gif M-/2 great sides Sound Trek 15


Tams--- This precious moment listen_f1.gif M-/superb/yellow label Sounds South 60


Melvin, Harold & Blue Notes--- Prayin' listen_f1.gif / Inst. M-/classic Source 15


Joneses--- Love contest listen_f1.gif / Baby (there's nothing you can do) listen_f1.gif (Inc. Co. Slv) M-/superb/sweet ballad-flip Spring 50


Street People--- I wanna get over listen_f1.gif/ same M-/w/demo/recommended Spring 30


Butler, Sam--- I can't get over (loving you) listen_f1.gif/ same (xol) ex-/w/demo/fantastic SRi 175


Hollins, Blood--- Don't give it up listen_f1.gif / Inst. recommended Strange Fruit 30


Scott-Heron, Gil--- The bottle listen_f1.gif (ORIGINAL) M-/French/colour pic slv/classic Strata-East 30


Sue, Carletta--- You keep holding back on love listen_f1.gif superb x-over String 20


Sands, Pat and The Pebbles--- Loving him listen_f1.gif M-/demo/superb Sussex 40


Henry, Virgil--- You aint sayin nothin new listen_f1.gif / I can't believe youre really leaving me listen_f1.gif EX+/Inc Co slv/superb/great flip too Tamla 100


Starr, Edwin--- Don't tell me I'm crazy listen_f1.gif German/pic slv-woc/superb Tamla Motown 25


Relf, Bob--- Blowing my mind to pieces listen_f1.gif / Girl, you're my kind of wonderful listen_f1.gif M-/orange label/2 classics Trans-American 100


Mann, Donny--- This love is real listen_f1.gif / The girl next door listen_f1.gif M-/demo/2 great sides Uni 30


Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose--- Big time lover listen_f1.gif / same-mono EX/w/demo/superb United Artists 25


York, Patti--- He's coming in the morning listen_f1.gif EX+/demo/superb x-over United Artists 40


Blandon, Curtis--- In the long run listen_f1.gif / Push come to shove listen_f1.gif M-/2 superb sides Wand 100


Wood, Brenton--- Better believe it listen_f1.gif EX/demo/highly recommended Warner Bros 25


Newsome, Frankie--- We're on our way (part I) listen_f1.gif/ same-mono M-/demo/superb Warner Bros. 25


Olympics--- Girl, you're my kind of people listen_f1.gif (Inc Co sleeve) M-/w/demo/2 x's ol/superb Warner Bros. 30


Ruffin, David--- I wanna be with you listen_f1.gif/ same M-/demo/superb/rare Warner Bros. 30

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