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Huge Saleslist - Northern, Modern, Funk, R&b, Sweet

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To order: PM me . Records will be reserved on a strict first come, first served basis.

Postage to Europe is Euro 4,50 for the first record, add 0,50 Euro for each additional 45
Worldwide Postage is Euro 6.- for the first record, add 1.- Euro for each additional 45

I recomend registration for more expensive orders!

Trade offers and wants lists are always welcome

MARIE FRANKLIN: Being In Love Ain't Easy * CASTLE, VG+, mild storage warp, that does not affect play, 150.- Euro sold
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/mariefranklinbeinginlove_1.mp3


JIM SPENCER & SON RIZE: The Blues Are Out To Get Me * ARMADA, M-, x on label, 125.- Euro
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jimspencertheblues_1.mp3


DWIGHT FRANKLIN: Foxy Lila * FRANKLIN, M-, waterdamaged labels, 125.- Euro on hold
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/dwightfranklinfoxy_1.mp3


KENNY BALLARD & THE FABULOUS SOUL BROTHERS: Down To my Last Heartbreak / There Will Never Be Another You * DYNAMO strong VG near VG+, plays ex, ringwear and minor writings on label, 125.- Euro, sold
Soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/kennyballardimdown_1.mp3
Soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/kennyballardtherwill_1.mp3


WILLIE & ANTHONY: Selfish Lover / I Can't Leave Your Love Alone * BLUE CANDLE, VG++, almost M-, 60.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/willie_anthonyself_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/willie_anthonyicant_1.mp3


THE MASTERPLAN: Destruction / Hey Girl You've Won My Heart * FOS-GLO, VG-, wol, 60.- Euros
Vinyl has lots of surface scratches and ticks mildly during the opening bars.
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/masterplandestruction_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/masterplanheygirl_1.mp3



MARC LaROI CUMMINGS: Lots Of Love / Struggling Together * SETTING SUN, Mint, 50.- Euros"¨

Completely under the radar Detroit Modern Soul winner with some Ronnie McNeir involvement. Two great sides!

"¨Soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/marclaroilotsof_1.mp3

"¨Soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/Marclaroistruggling_1.mp3


LENOX AVENUE: Sunshine * CHESS 2101, M-, 50.- Euro
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/lenoxavenuesunshine_1.mp3


CALIFORNIA ROCK CHOIR: Whoever You Are * CYCLONE, promo, VG, 40.- Euros
if you are not too fuzzy about condition, you get a nice playing copy for less then half of the going rate here.
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/californiarockchoir_1.mp3


NAT HALL: I'm Lost Without You / Watch Yourself * SOUL BOSS, VG+, vinyl has light waterstains on vinyl, 50.- Euro, on hold
Soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/nathallimlostwithout_1.mp3
Soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/nathallwatchyour_1.mp3


WHEELER FIVE-O: I'll Never Say Goodbye / Back To Miss * WHEELER. VG++, 50.- Euro
Soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/wheelerfiveillnever_1.mp3
Soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/wheelerfivebackto_1.mp3


KENNY BALLARD: Mr. Magic * KAPP, promo, M- 35.- Euro
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/kennyballardmrmagic_1.mp3


PAM COLQUITT: I Done Got Over Losing You / It's Gotta Be Love * JACKLYN, M- 35.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/pamcolquittdonegot_2_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/pamcoluittitsgotta_2.mp3


KELLY EVANS & DON ALBERT: Theme Song From Crack Steppin / Hold On To Your Dreams * GET DOWN, M- 35.- Euro
Leftfield Detroit disco funk from 1981
Soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/kellieevansthemesong_1.mp3
Soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/castofholdonto_1.mp3


JOE QUARTERMAN & FREE SOUL: Get Down Baby * MERCURY, M-, 30.- Euro
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/joequartermangetdown_1.mp3


LIBERATION: Little Green Piece Of paper * GSF, promo, VG++, 30.- Euro
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/liberationlittlegreen_1.mp3


JACKIE SHANE: Sticks And Stones / Any Other Way * SUE, VG+, 25- Euro
Soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jackieshanesticksand_3.mp3
Soudnfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jackieshaneanyother_3.mp3


LINDEL HILL: Crush On You / Ain't Got Time * BRIGHT STAR, M- 30.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/linelhillcrushon_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/linelhillaintgottime_1.mp3


Z.Z. HILL: Don't Make Promises (You Can't Keep) / Set Your Sights Higher * KENT, M- 30.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/zzhilldontmake_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/zzhillsetyoursights_1.mp3


TYRONE "WONDER BOY": If You Don't Need Me / Good Company * 4 BROTHERS, M-, labels glued on slightly off-centre, 35.- Euro on hold
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/tyronewonderboyifyou_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/tyronewonderboygood_1.mp3


TYRONE (THE WONDER BOY): Please Consider Me / You Make Me Suffer * FOUR BROTHERS, M-, promo stamp on label, label tear, 35.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/tyronepleaseconsiderme_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/tyronesuffer_2_1.mp3


AFRICAN MUSIC MACHINE: Mr. Brown / Camel Time * SOUL POWER, VG++, 25.- Euro
Soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/africanmusicmrbrown_1.mp3
Soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/africanmusiccamel_1.mp3


BLOOD HOLLINS: Don't Give It Up * STRANGE FRUIT, M-, has a hairline crack, not affecting play. 25.- Euros on hold
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bloodhollinsdontgive_1.mp3


JAMO THOMAS: I Spy (For The FBI) / Snake Hi Mama * THOMAS, VG (flipside is VG-), plays nicely, Euro 15.-
Soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jamothomasispy_1.mp3
Soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jamothomassnake_1.mp3


JAMO THOMAS: Arrest Me / Jamo's Soul * THOMAS, VG++, 20.- Euro, sold
Soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jamothomasarrest_1.mp3
Soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jamothomasjamos_1.mp3


LITTLE MILTON: Grits Ain't Groceries * CHECKER, M-, 15.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/littlemiltongritsaint_1.mp3


KITTY CLARK: Big Wheel / Funny You Should Ask * HOUSE OF ORANGE, M-, 15.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/kittyclarkbigwheel_1.mp3
soudnfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/kittyclarkfunny_1.mp3


BETTYE SWANN: Fall In Love With Me * MONEY, M-, 15.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bettyeswannfall_1.mp3


STACY JOHNSON: I Stand Alone / Don't Try To Fool Me * M-PAC, M-, drill hole in lbl, 25.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/stacyjohnsonistand_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/stacyjohnsondonttry_1.mp3


BOBBY BLAND: Honey Child * DUKE, M-, mild ringwear on lbl, 20.- Euros
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bobbyblandhoneychild_1.mp3


BOBBY BLAND: Good Time Charlie * DUKE, M-, 15.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bobbyblandgoodtime_2_1.mp3


BOBBY BLAND: Gotta Get To Know You / Baby, I'm On My Way * DUKE, VG+, ballad flip is VG++, 15.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bobbyblandgottaget_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bobbyblandbabyimon_1.mp3


ROY MILTON: Change Your Ways * SPACE, M-, 30.- Euro
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/roymiltonchange_1.mp3


ELSIE STRONG: Just Ask Me * FINALLY!, M-, but warped (plays with no problems on my Technic MK2), small label tear on each label side, 25.- Euros,sold
soubdfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/elsiestrongjustask_1.mp3


JOE TEX: Looking For My Pig / Say Thank You * PARROT, M-, 20.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/joetexlookingfor_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/joetexsaythankyou_1.mp3


GARLAND GREEN: Angel Baby * UNI, VG+, 15.- Euro sold
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/garlandgreenangel_1.mp3


N.F. PORTER: Keep On Keeping On * LIZARD, VG plays great! 15.- Euro sold
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/nfporterkeepon_1.mp3


LITTLE DOOLEY: It's Got To Be Now Or Never * NORTH BAY, VG to VG+, 20.- Euro
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/littledooleyitsgottobe_1.mp3


ANN SEXTON: Sugar Daddy / I Want To Be Loved * MONUMENT, M- 25.- Euros
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/annsextonsugar_2.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/annsextoniwant_2.mp3


ANN SEXTON: It's All Over But The Shouting * SEVENTY-SEVEN, VG++, 15.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/annsextonitsallover_1.mp3


JEAN WELLS: What Have I Got To Lose * CALLA, shiny VG, wol and ringwear on lbl, 30.- Euros, sold
Really strong playing VG copy of this magnificient slice of crossover soul
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jeanwellswhathaveigot_1.mp3


HELENA HOLLINS: Baby You're Right * STONEGOOD, strong VG, wol, 35.- Euro
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/helenahollinsbabyyou_1.mp3


MARIE LOU GAUTHIER: In The Summertime * POLYDOR, promo, M- 20.- Euro on hold
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/mariuelousummertime_1.mp3


THE VIBRATIONS: Ain't No Greens In harlem / Wind Up Toy * MANDALA, VG++, 15.- Euro
Soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/vibrationsaintno_1.mp3
Soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/vibrationswindup_1.mp3


PUBLIC SCHOOL 13: Help (Kick The Habit) / Recess * JUGGERNAUT, M- 20.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/publicscholl13help_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/lostweekendbridge_2.mp3


LEE FIELDS: Everybody Gonna Give Their Thing Away to Somebody (Sometime) / East Coats Rapper * SOUND PLUS, M-, 15.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/leefieldseverybody_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/leefieldseastcoast_1.mp3


SMOKEY JOHNSON: It Ain't My Fault * NOLA; M- 20.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/smokeyjohnsonitaint_1.mp3


SMOKEY JOHNSON: I Can't Help It * NOLA; M-, 15.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/smokeyjohnsonicant_1.mp3


JACKIE ROSS: A One Woman Man / Take The Weight Of Me * SEDRICK, M-, 15.- Euros
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jackierossawomans_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jackierosstakethe_1.mp3



JUICE: Catch A Groove * GREEDY RECORDS LTD. M-, 20.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/juicecatcha_1.mp3


PRISCILLA ROLLINS: Obeah Woman * ROULETTE, M-, 15.- Euros
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/priscillarollinsobeah_1.mp3


THE LIVE EXPERIENCE: Disco Joint Part 1 * E&B, M- 30.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/liveexp_2.mp3


NOTATIONS: Superpeople * GEMIGO, M- 20.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/notationssuper_1.mp3


GUYS & DOLLS: Ain't It A Shame * ASTROPHE, M-, 15.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/guysanddollsaintit_1.mp3


ESTHER PHILIPS: All The Way Down * KUDO, Promo, M-, 15.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/estherphilpsalltheway_1.mp3


THE DEACONS: Sock It To Me * SHAMA, promo VG++, 12.- Euro
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/deaconssockit_1.mp3


LEROY HUTSON: All Because Of You * CURTOM, M-, 20.- Euros
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/leroyhudsonall_1.mp3



INNER SPACE: Break The Chains / Make It Hard On Him * SWEET FORTUNE, M-, 20.- Euros on hold
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/innerspacebreakthe_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/innerspacemakeit_2.mp3


THE INDIVIDUALS: Never Too Late / Together * P.I.P., M- 20.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/individualsnever_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/individualstogether_1.mp3


LITTLE MILTON: Survivors Of Love * MIER 2507, M-, 15.- Euro
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/littlemiltonsurvivors_1.mp3


DONNY GERARD: He's Always Somewhere Around * GREEDY RECORDS LTD:, M- 10.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/donnygerardhesalways_2.mp3


SAMMY BROWN: Got To Leave This Town * GRASSROOTS, M- 10.- Euro
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/sammybrowngotto_1.mp3


THE DRAMATICS: And I Panicked * VOLT, M-, 15.- Euro
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/dramamticsipanicked_1.mp3


THE MOB: I'd Like To See More Of You * COLOSSUS, M- / M-, 10.- Euro on hold
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/mobidlike_1.mp3


THE CLASSIC SULLIVANS: Paint Yourself In The Corner * KWANZA, Promo, M- 20.- Euro
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/clasicsullivanspaint_1.mp3


HOT BUSH: Tell Me That You Will * APA, M-, 20.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/hotbushtellme_1.mp3


THE IMPRESSIONS: Sooner Or Later * CURTOM promo, VG++, mono side has a visable scratch, stereo side is M-, 10.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/impressionssooner_2_1.mp3


THE IMPRESSIONS: I'll Always Be Here * CURTOM, M-, 10.- Euro
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/impressionsillalways_1.mp3

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