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Northern / R & B / 60's Soul

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To reserve/buy records: email
or phone UK (0)1724-357147, Mobile - (0)7941 309 081 (9am to 9pm) or PM me.

Most major credit/debit cards accepted directly,
also www.paypal.com payments as a 'Friends & Family' payment or at 4% extra

UK Postage:-
Recorded Delivery:-
7" singles; first record - £2.50 for first 3 singles, then 25p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £4.50, then £1.00 each extra item.
Special Delivery:-
£4.75 extra to the above rates.
Overseas Airmail postage:-
European countries:-
7" singles; first record - £4.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £7.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
All other overseas countries:-
7" singles; first record - £5.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £9.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
Overseas airmail insurance (where available) is £9 extra to the above rates.

Full list with sound clips here - http://www.soul45col...com/monthly.htm 



All records should be in at least excellent condition, unless stated otherwise. Most will be mint-.

Please ask if you need to know the exact condition.

As always your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Northern / R & B / 60's Soul


Rotations Don't ever hurt me girl / If I could be like Columbus  EX+/highly recommended/great sweet flip Law-ton 40
"Relations, The" Puddin-n-tang (is my name)  unknown?/ignore title/great Lebby 15
"Relations, The" Puddin-n-tang (is my name)  w/demo/unknown? Lebby 20
"Relations, The" Puddin-n-tang (is my name) (ignore title-great) unknown?/sl. warp-nap Lebby 10
"Guess, Lenis" In my room  vg++/audible scratch at end/great Legrand 15
"Owens, Garland" I want to know if you love me  great LeMonde 20
"Clark, Dee" 24 hours of loneliness  demo/wol Liberty 15
"Davis, Brendetta" I can't make it without him  M-/demo/Inc Co sleeve/recommended Liberty 60
"Jhamels, The" A road to nowhere  demo/recommended Liberty 25
"Madison, Rosalind" Neighborhood girl / No other love  M-/Inc Co sleeve/recommended Liberty 50
"McDaniels, Gene" It's a lonely town  w/demo/wol/superb Liberty 15
"Sheen, Bobby" How many nights  ex-/demo/great Liberty 15
"Sheen, Bobby" How many nights EX+/great Liberty 15
"Van, Ila" It must be love  ex-/recommended Liberty 15
"Wilson, Obrey" That's where lonesome lives  demo/wol/recommended Liberty 25
"Wilson, Obrey" That's where lonesome lives demo/recommended Liberty 30
"Leavill, Otis" I'm amazed  EX+/w/demo/xol/superb Limelight 40
Phil & Del My girl Jean  recommended Linda 25
O'Jays How does it feel  ruined label/clean vinyl & flip lbl Little Star 5
"Parker, Gloria" Why can't we get together  good version LLP 10
"Chandler, Denise" I'm walking away  recommended Lock 15
"Aiken, Ben" You were meant to be my baby  EX/recommeded Loma 15
"Enchanters, The" We got love  w/demo Loma 15
"Lewis, Artie" Ain't no good / Falling (in love with you)  w/demo/2 great sides Loma 25
"Curry And The Heart Stoppers, Geraldine" You're so wonderful / No matters how hard I try (flip-Joyce Curry)  M-/sm wol/2 great sides London House 75
Lemon Tree A tender affair / Glory glory (VIRTUALLY UNKNOWN) M-/demo/TOP TIP!!!-be quick! Lucky Eleven 30
"King, Anna" The big change  EX+/great Ludix 75
"Brown, Otis" I'am ready for love / Will you wait  M-/yellow label/2 great sides Lujuna 20
"Upfronts, The" "Baby, for you love " recommended Lummtone 40
"Washington, Albert" Loosen these pains and let me go  R&B/recommended M. In The Street 15
"Huey, Claude (Baby)" Keep it to myself  EX-/demo/wol/superb M.I.O.B. 85
"West, Norm" Baby please  demo/recommended M.O.C. 20
"Furys, The" Never more  w/demo/recommended Mack IV 20
"Bailey, JR" Too late / Hold back the dawn  demo/great Mala 15
"Bishop, Bobby" That's where I belong vg+/demo/label wear Mala 6
"Fugitives, The" Your girl's a woman  wol/demo Mala 15
"Van Dykes, The" What will I do if I lose you  sol/vslw Mala 15
Mighty Sam Never too busy  M-/great R&B Malaco 15
"King, Anna" In between tears  wol/recommended  Malibu 40
"Jogettes, The" Johnny's comin' home R&B/great Mar 12
"Du-ettes, The" Every beat of my heart  M-/classic Mar-V-lus 12
Miss Madeline Lonely girl / Behave yourself  recommended Mar-V-lus 12
"Hamilton, Edward & Arabians" Thank you mother  recommended Mary Jane 15
"Classic Sullivans, The" "Shame, shame, shame " M-/superb  Master Key 100
"Fidels, The" I want to thank you / Boys will be boys  M-/2 superb sides Maverick 50
"Fascinations, The" Girls are out to get you  ex-/sm stol/classic Mayfield 12
"Wesley, John & The Four Tees" You still need me / It's the talk of the town  M-/2 great sides Melic 125
Guys & Dolls Looking for a lover  great Mellow 10
"Burnette, Dorsey" Little acorn  wol Mel-o-dy 10
"Bowen, Jeffrey" II'll get by (all by myself) (Inc Co sleeve) w/demo/superb/great flip too Mercury 75
Brothers Grimm Looky looky  EX/w/demo/wol-flip/classic Mercury 40
Brothers Grimm Looky looky M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/classic Mercury 50
"Bryant, Arnold" House in order  M-/superb/2nd issue Mercury 10
"Bryant, Arnold" House in order M-/w/demo/superb/rare demo Mercury 30
"Butler, Jerry" What's the use of breaking up  great Mercury 8
"Charades, The" You're with me all the way  w/demo/wol-flip/superb Mercury 60
Del Royals Some kind of wonderful / same EX+/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/superb Mercury 40
"Dreamlovers, The" Bless your soul / The bad times make the good times  2 great sides Mercury 30
"Dunn, Joyce" A New change of address / same-mono (Inc Co sleeve) M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/great Mercury 30
Fads Just like a woman / The problem is  M-/w/demo/feint wol/Inc Co slv/great Mercury 100
"Lewis, Herman" Think before you walk away / same (Inc Co sleeve) M-/w/demo/superb Mercury 25
"Long, Lynn" Do I baby  great Mercury 20
"Long, Lynn" Do I baby demo/great Mercury 25
"McPhatter, Clyde" Crying won't help you now (Inc Co sleeve) w/demo/great mid-tempo Mercury 25
"Moore, Melba" Patience is rewarded  M-/w/demo/recommended Mercury 15
"Scott, Bobby" It's real  demo/nice mid-tempo Mercury 15
"Taylor, Gloria" Total disaster / Don' want to be a girl that cries  recommended Mercury 40
"Warwick, Dee Dee" Foolish fool  v sl lbl ring wear Mercury 8
"Warwick, Dee Dee" We've got everything going for us / Don't you ever give up on me  M-/Inc Co sleeve/2 great sides Mercury 25
"Warwick, Dee Dee" When love slips away / House of gold  2 superb sides Mercury 15
"Yuro, Timi" (I'm afraid) the masquerade is over  Mercury 15
"Yuro, Timi" (I'm afraid) the masquerade is over  w/demo Mercury 20
"Burns, Jackie & The Bo-Bells" I do the best I can  ex-/great/rarer issue M-G-M 45
"Cambridge, Dottie" He's about a mover  M-/recommended M-G-M 30
"Camp, Joani" I'm gonna try  demo/lbl dmge-worse on flip M-G-M 8
"Gaynor, Gloria" "Searchin' / Reach out, I'll be there " recommended M-G-M 12
"Grapevine, The" I can't get enough of you  ex-/demo/great M-G-M 12
"Impact, The" My world fell down  demo/v sl warp-nap/great M-G-M 12
"Impact, The" My world fell down M-/demo/great M-G-M 15
"Invitations, The" The skate / Girl I'm leavin' you  recommended M-G-M 20
"Jarrett, Peter & Fifth Circle, The" "Run run, baby run " demo/great M-G-M 15
"Mars, Marlina" Put your love on strike / Give your love to me  EX+/demo/Inc Co sleeve/superb/great flip too M-G-M 60
"Nash, Johnny" Im so glad youre my baby/Stormy M-/Inc Co sleeve/2 great sides M-G-M 40
"Nash, Johnny" You never know / Good goodness  M-/demo/sol/2 great sides M-G-M 40
"Nash, Johnny" You never know/Good goodness M-/Inc Co sleeve/2 great sides M-G-M 40
"Payne, Freda" Sad sad September  demo/superb M-G-M 20
"Payne, Freda" Sad sad September EX/superb M-G-M 20
"Perry, Charles" How can I  EX/y/demo/Inc Co sleeve/great M-G-M 30
"Quinn, Carole" Good boy gone bad  demo/recommended M-G-M 12
"Quinn, Carole" Good boy gone bad recommended M-G-M 12
"Quinn, Carole" I'll do it for you / Do those little things  great M-G-M 20
"Royalettes, The" Never again  wol/up-tempo version M-G-M 12
"Royalettes, The" Never again up-tempo version M-G-M 15
"Stevens, April" Wanting you M-/Inc Co sleeve/classic M-G-M 40
"Tulips, The" You better stay away from my baby  demo/2x'sol  M-G-M 15
"Turner, Spyder" I can't make it any more  classic/Doesn't get any better! M-G-M 15
"Willows, The" Outside the city  demo/wol/great M-G-M 15
"Wilson, Norris" Where the action is  M-/great mid-tempo M-G-M 20
"Roberts, Lou" My love is stronger than my mind  w/demo M-G-M SOM 15
"Douglass, Gwenn" The picture / Pretender  EX+/superb/nice flip too Michelle 100
"Barnes, Orthea" Your picture on the wall / Same as before  M-/2 great sides/1st label/RARE Mickay's 75
"Hollingsworth, James" Running back to you  great Mikalin 12
"St. Clair, Kelly" Don't look over your shoulder  nice/with pic. sleeve Millage 30
"Banks, Homer" 60 minutes of your love  M-/DEMO/Inc Co sleeve/classic Minit 30
"HItson, Herman" Yes you did  M-/demo/red & black label/superb Minit 150
"Spellman, Benny" Every now and then  demo/great Minit 15
Young Hearts I've got love for my baby / Taking care of business  demo/wol/great Minit 20
"Memphis Men, The" Oh what a night / Act natuarlly  M-/w/demo/recommended Miramar 30
Bob & Earl Baby your time is my time  great mid-tempo  Mirwood 8
"Lee, Jackie" The duck / Let your conscience be your guide  2 great sides Mirwood 10
Olympics We go together / Secret agents  EX/2 great sides Mirwood 12
"Olympics, The" "Baby, do the Philly dog " great Mirwood 10
"Day, Jackie" Oh ! What heartaches  classic Modern 20
"Three Of Us, The" I'm gonna love you baby  M-/great Molly 30
"Swann, Bettye" I think I'm falling in love / Don't take my mind  great Money 15
"Swann, Bettye" Make me yours  great Money 15
"Contrasts, The" What a day  recommended Monument 12
"Jefferies, Fran" Gone now  EX+/w/demo/superb  Monument 75
"White, Tony Joe" Polk salad Annie  R&B Monument 15
"Vontastics, The" Lady love  EX-/recommended Moon Shot 20
"Vontastics, The" Lady love  M-/recommended Moon Shot 25
"Mac, Bobby" Keep on  vg+/great Moonglow 6
Four Tops The key  recommended Motown 10
"Holland, Eddie" Jamie  classic Motown 25
"Holland, Eddie" Jamie (2.15 version) classic Motown 30
"Martin, Tony" The two of us  ex- Motown 10
"McNair, Barbara" You're gonna love my baby  M-/Inc Co sleeve/fantastic Motown 100
"Ross, Diana & Supremes" Time changes things  recommended Motown 10
"Ross, Diana & Supremes" Will this be the day recommended Motown 10
"Ruffin, David" I pray everyday you won't regret loving   Motown 8
"Ruffin, Jimmy" What becomes of the broken hearted / same w/demo/'74 re-iss/classic Motown 6
"Spinners, The" Truly yours  great Motown 15
"Supremes, The" Time changes things  2nd/great Motown 10
"Supremes, The" Time changes things ex-/great Motown 12
"Wells, Mary" Two lovers / Operator  great Motown 10
"Wonder, Stevie" Nothing's too good for my baby sm wol/great Motown Yesteryear 5
"Burrage, Harold" Master key ex-/wol/recommended M-pac 15
"Burrage, Harold" Master key  recommended M-pac 20
"Simpson, Big Daddy" Give me back my ring  R&B M-pac 12
"Earls, The" Papa / If I could do it over again  sm wol/2 great sides Mr. G 30
"Curry, Louis" I'll try again tomorrow / A toast to you (xol)  VG++/2 great sides M-S 15
"Williams, Arlene" Duck all over town (xol)  EX+/great R&B Musette 40
"Scott, Walter" Silly girl / Just you wait  2 great sides Musicland USA 20
"Crossen Jr, Ray" Try some soul  M-/Inc Co sleeve/superb Musicor 20
"Jive Five, The" You'l fall in love / Crying like a baby  2 great sides Musicor 15
"Perkins, Joe" Runaway slave  ex-/w/demo/recomndd Musicor 75
"Powell, Marilyn" Please go away  vg++/Inc Co sleeve/great Musicor 50
"Radcliffe, Jimmy" Moment of weakness  vg++/great Musicor 12
"Toys, The" You got it baby / You've got to give her love  w/demo/2 great sides Musicor 20
"Harris, Milton" You should have told me / She's hurting me  superb mid-tempo Mutt 30
Sunlover's You'll never make the grade  M-/classic Mutt & Jeff 75
"Dockett, Jimmy" Take a chance  M-/fantastic! Mystic 4 40
"Washington, Baby" Why did my baby put me down vg+/slw Neptune 12
"Washington, Baby" Work out  great Neptune 15
Metrojean "Mama, let me do it my way " beat ballad New Sound 20
"Ryder And The Detroit Wheels, Mitch" Too many fish in the sea (sol)  EX+/great New Voice 5
"Ryder, Mitch" Sock it to me-baby  with color pic. sleeve New Voice 15
"Sands, George 'N Sonny" Down by the ocean  EX/demo/recommended New Voice 30
"Kittens Three, The" Baby (I need you) / I'm coming apart at the seams  M-/multi coloured label/2 great sides Newark 40
"La Belle, Patti" Love me just a little / The jokes on you  2 great sides Newtime 15
Gladys Love  recommended O-Gee 30
"Belgianetts, The" The train  recommended Okeh 25
"Black Vellvet, The" Just came back / Come on heart  w/demo/sm wol/2 nice sides Okeh 10
"Butler, Billy & Chanters" I can't work no longer ex-/classic Okeh 15
"Butler, Billy & Chanters" I can't work no longer  small lbl tear/classic Okeh 15
"Butler, Billy & Chanters" I can't work no longer classic Okeh 20
"Butler, Billy & Chanters" I can't work no longer w/demo/classic Okeh 30
"Butler, Billy & Enchanters" Gotta get away / I'm just a man  superb/great flip too Okeh 25
Carstairs He who picks a rose  M-/superb Okeh 50
"Church, Jimmy" The hurt  M-/w/demo/slight warp-nap/xol-flip//Inc co sleeve Okeh 50
"Jackson, Walter" One heart lonely vg+/wol/great Okeh 10
"Jackson, Walter" One heart lonely ex-/great Okeh 12
"Jackson, Walter" They don't give medals wol/great Okeh 8
Little Richard Well / Poor dog   Okeh 15
"Taylor, Ted" Need you home   Okeh 15
"Variations, The" Yesterday is gone  w/demo/wol/superb Okeh 30
Vibrations End up crying / Ain't love that way  VG++/2 great sides Okeh 25
Vibrations Keep on keeping on  w/demo/recommended Okeh 30
Vibrations Pick me / You better beware  EX/EX- flip/w/demo/2 great sides Okeh 25
"Williams, Larry/Johnny Watson" A quitter never wins  EX+/classic/sleeve Okeh 40
Fiestas I gotta have your lovin'  w/demo?/recommended Old Town 15
Fiestas Think smart  M-/w/demo/sm wol/classic Old Town 300
Solitaires Lonesome lover / Pretty thing  2 great sides Old Town 25
"Calello, Pat" The things I need  M-/w/demo/highly recommended Oliver 60
"Williams, Sandy" California w/demo/great Oliver 15
Admirations Don't leave me  fantastic One-derful 15
Admirations Wait til I get to know you / inst. fantastic One-derful 15
"Clay, Otis" A lasting love / Got to find a way  great m-tempo/up-tempo One-derful 12
"Clay, Otis" Show place  wol-flip/recommended One-derful 12
"Clay, Otis" Show place recommended One-derful 15
"Everett, Betty" I'll be there  recommended One-derful 25
"Mitchell, McKinley" A bit of soul  great One-derful 25
Rockmasters A wonderful thing  demo/great One-derful 30
Sharpees I've got a secret  recommended One-derful 20
Sharpees My girl Jean  recommended One-derful 20
"Day, Eddie" For my girl / Summers gone  2 great sides Onyx 30
"Harner, Billy" She's almost you/Fool me  classic/superb m-t flip Open 8
"Harner, Billy" She's almost you /Fool me (superb m-tempo flip) w/demo/classic Open 12
"Helms, Jimmy" My little devil  recommended Oracle 30
"Smith & The Laughing Kind, Tommy" I'm going to save you / I'm gonna put some hurt on you  M-/2 great sides Orbit 20
Hollywood Persuaders Drums a-go-go  superb inst/DRUMS!!! Original Sound 12
"Mac, Bobby" Keep on / Walkin' together  M-/Inc Co sleeve/2 great sides Original Sound 10
Eighteenth Edition When you love someone  great Panther 30
De Vonns Freddie  M-/w/demo/recommended Parkway 25
Four Exceptions A sad goodbye / You got the power (wol/stmol)  ex-/w/demo/rare west coast press Parkway 60
Four Exceptions A sad goodbye / You got the power (xol)  M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve Parkway 75
"Grant, Janie" "My heart, your heart (west coast release)" EX-/w/demo/classic Parkway 60
"Holman, Eddie" A free country  xol-flip/great Parkway 10
"Sigler, Bunny" Girl don't make me wait  EX/classic Parkway 40
"Campbell, Vi" Seven doors  EX/demo/great R&B Peacock 40
"Verdell, Jackie" Come let me love you  vg++/wol/demo Peacock 25
Classmen The yang yang (The heart string)  ex-/great dancer Pearce 25
Impossibles Well it's alright   Pellegrino 15
"Barrett, Susan" No one but you  ex-/w/demo/great Philips 25
"Brown, Ruth" Mama  EX/w/demo/wol/R&B/great Philips 25
"Brown, Ruth" Mama  w/demo/R&B/great Philips 30
Flamingos She shook my world  M-/superb Philips 20
"Hebb, Bobby" Crazy baby / Love me  2 great sides Philips 8
"Intentions, The" Don't forget that I love you / The night rider  M-/w/demo/superb/great Inst-flip Philips 60
"Kelly, Paul" Sweet sweet lovin'  great Philips 15
"Lewis, Bobby" Give me your yesterdays / Soul seekin'  demo/2x'sol/v sl lbl wear Philips 30
"Millionaires, The" A rather hip shing / I'd rather do it myself  EX-/2 great sides Philips 20
"Millionaires, The" A rather hip shing/I'd rather do it myself EX+/Inc Co sleeve/2 great sides Philips 25
"Peoples Choice, The" Lost and found / Keep on holdin' on  M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/superb/great flip Philips 40
"Results, The" Need your love/Funky (female group) ex-/w/demo/2 great sides Philips 12
"Results, The" Need your love / Funky (female group) w/demo/2 great sides Philips 15
"Springfield, Dusty" All cried out / I wish I'd never loved you  great version/superb flip Philips 15
"Toys, The" Ciao baby  recommended Philips 15
"Toys, The" Ciao baby w/demo/recommended Philips 20
"Tyrell, Steve" A boy without a girl  great Philips 20
"Tyrell, Steve" A boy without a girl w/demo/great Philips 25
"Williams, Tony" Second best  recommended Philips 30
"Wilson, Obrey" You don't love me  great Philips 15
"Jones, Buster" Down silent streets  w/demo/superb Phil-L.A. Of Soul 60
"Sigler, Benny" I can give you love  re-issue/great Phil-L.A. Of Soul 8
"Stuart, Jeb" In love again  R&B  Phillips 15
Modernistics Down at the go-go  great Pioneer 15
Fabulous Downbeats Life goes on  M-/superb Poison Ring 50
"Starr, Brenda" "Satan, let me sleep tonight" w/demo/fantastic Polydor 125
"Starr, Brenda" "Satan, let me sleep tonight (sl lbl wear flip)" ex-/w/demo/fantastic Polydor 100
"Allison, Leevert" I want to give my heart to you  highly recommended Poncello 40
"Sparkels, The" Where there's a will  ex-/w/demo/great Poplar 30
"Webs, The" Tomorrow (v sl lbl ting wear) / This thing called love  M-/2 great sides Popside 20
"Nelson, Nate" Once again  great Prigan 30
"Black, Marion" I'm gonna get loaded  great Prix 15
Joseph Like a fool  w/demo/recommended Project 3 20
Bobbi & Terri You killed the thrill in my heart  w/demo/great Providence 50
"Fulsom, Lowell" Stop and think  R&B/great Prowlin' 25
"Foreman, Linda" Let's get it together  great Public 20
Admirals Sawmill  M-/superb R&B Pulse 40


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