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To reserve/buy records: email soul45collector@ntlworld.com  
or phone UK (0)1724-357147, Mobile - (0)7941 309 081 (9am to 9pm) or PM me.

Most major credit/debit cards accepted direct
also www.paypal.com payments as a 'Friends OR Family' payment or at 4% extra

UK Postage:-
Recorded Delivery:-
7" singles; first record - £2.50 for first 3 singles, then 25p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £4.50, then £1.00 each extra item.
Special Delivery:-
£4.75 extra to the above rates.
Overseas Airmail postage:-
European countries:-
7" singles; first record - £4.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £7.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
All other overseas countries:-
7" singles; first record - £5.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £9.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
Overseas airmail insurance (where available) is £9 extra to the above rates.

Full list with sound clips here - http://www.soul45col...com/monthly.htm


All records should be in at least excellent condition, unless stated otherwise. Most will be mint-.

Please ask if you need to know the exact condition.

As always your satisfaction is guaranteed.



Northern / R & B / 60's Soul


"Foundations, The" In the bad bad old days / Give me love  Canadian Pye 5
In-Men Ltd Take a look at my baby / The one who really cares  EX/2 great sides Pyramid 125
"Wells, Jean" Sharing your love  great Quaker Town 30
Pinkertones Its not the way you walk  M-/superb Queen-G 250
"C-Quents, The" Easy for you baby  recommended Quest 125
"Fox, Jeanne" Working girl / same demo/nice mid-tempo Rainy Day 8
"M.S.Q., The" Save a place for me  recommended Rainy Day 25
"M.S.Q., The" Save a place for me demo/recommended Rainy Day 30
"Four Tempos, The" Come on home / Got to have you  2 great sides Rampart 15
"Adventures, The" It's alright  great Ran-dee 12
"Dee, Kiki" Love makes the world go round / same M-/w/demo/superb version Rare Earth 15
"Metros, The" Now that you've gone  recommended Ra-sel 12
"Anderegg, Calleen" Fool's paradise  great RBE 50
"Barnes, Betty" Walking down broadway  w/demo.great RCA 25
"Barons, The" Since you're gone  w/demo/superb RCA 40
"Benton, Brook" Where does a man go to cry  great RCA 20
"Benton, Brook" Where does a man go to cry w/demo/great RCA 25
"Cappel, Larry" "Hush, hush " w/demo/superb version RCA 40
"Carter, Kenny" Don't go  w/demo/great RCA 50
"Cavaliers, The" I've got to find her / I really love you  M-/w/demo/2 great sides RCA 60
"Day, Bobby" Pretty little girl next door  VG++/Inc Co slv/highly recommended RCA 100
Derek And Ray Interplay (sm wol)  M-/w/demo/classic inst RCA 40
"Escorts, The" The hurt  great version RCA 30
"March, Peggy" Losin' my touch  M-/w/demo/superb/Inc Co sleeve RCA 30
"Mason, Tony" (We're gonna) bring the country to the city  M-/Inc Co sleeve/recommended RCA 25
"Mateo, Gia" If you can't say anything nice (Inc Co sleeve) M-/w/demo/classic RCA 75
"Miller, Lesley" Bringing out my tears  great RCA 25
"Miller, Lesley" Bringing out my tears w/demo/great RCA 30
"Paris, Freddie" "Face it boy, it's over" w/demo/great RCA 20
"Paris, Freddie" "Face it, boy, it's over " vg++/w/demo RCA 12
"Paris, Freddie" There she goes  y/demo/superb RCA 25
"Prime Ministers, The" I don't know no more  y/demo/great RCA 20
"Reese, Della" Blow out the sun  great RCA 20
"Sedaka, Neil" Too late  M-/w/demo/superb RCA 30
"Sedaka, Neil" Too late M-/superb/rare issue RCA 50
"Stacey, Gwenn" Lonely girl / How many times can one heart break  M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/2 great sides RCA 60
"Wilcox, Nancy" Coming on strong (sm date-wol) / My baby  M-/w/demo/2 great sides RCA 75
"Barry, Jeff" I'll still love you  recommended Red Bird 15
"Barry, Jeff" I'll still love you demo/recommended Red Bird 20
"Poets, The" I'm stuck on you  wol/recommended  Red Bird 20
"Poets, The" I'm stuck on you w/demo/sld/superb Red Bird 30
"Hall, Dora" It's all over  M-/great Reinbeau 8
"Greene, Barbara" Young boy / I should have treated you right  2 great sides Renee 10
"Wilson, Delores" Come on shy guy  M-/great R&B Renee 60
"English, Barbara" Shoo fly  w/demo/great Reprise 15
"English, Barbara" Small town girl  ex-/w/demo/wol/recomd Reprise 20
"Banks, Darrell" Our love (is in the pocket)/Open the door… ex-/2 classics/pink label Revilot 15
"Banks, Darrell" Our love (is in the pocket) / Open the door to your heart  2 classics/pink label Revilot 20
"Barnes, JJ" Now she's gone / Hold on to it  2 great sides Revilot 12
"Parliaments, The" A new day begins  great mid-tempo  Revilot 60
"Parliaments, The" I can feel the ice melting/I wanna testify  recommended Revilot 12
"Parliaments, The" Look at what I almost missed sm wol/recommended Revilot 10
"Parliaments, The" Look at what I almost missed  recommended Revilot 12
"Parliaments, The" The goose (that laid the golden egg)  recommended Revilot 12
3rd Avenue Blues Band Don't make me laugh  great Revue 15
"Sims, Marvin L" Talkin bout love EX-/great Revue 15
"Sims, Marvin L" Talkin' 'bout soul  M-/great Revue 20
"Barnes, JJ" Say it / Deeper in love  2 great sides Ric-Tic 10
"Starr, Edwin" Agent double-O-soul / same-inst. EX-/classic Ric-Tic 10
Total Eclipes You took our heart…... / A love like yours  2 great sides Right-On 10
"Whispers, The" Where have you been  recommended Roker 12
"Isaacs, Esau" Having a ball  ex-/w/demo/great Romur 25
"Carter, Martha" Nobody knows (how I feel about you)  great R&B Ron 15
"Taylor, Ted" Miss you so  great R&B Ronn 25
"Davis, Curtis" Tell me (2 lite x's ol)  M-/mid-tempo magic Ronnie 125
"Caper Brothers, The" Ain't got the nerve  ex-/w/demo/great Roulette 15
"Caper Brothers, The" Ain't got the nerve w/demo/great Roulette 20
"Chosen Few, The" Footsee  M-/w/demo/great Roulette 30
"Daisies, The" I wanna swim with him  great Roulette 10
"Dee, Joey" What kind of love is this  great version Roulette 15
"Dovale, Debbie" Hey lover vsl warp-nap/recmded Roulette 12
"Dovale, Debbie" Hey lover  recommended Roulette 15
"Humes, Anits & The Essex" What did I do  M-/superb Roulette 50
"March, Myrna" I keep forgettin'  ex-/w/demo/great version Roulette 15
"March, Myrna" I keep forgettin' great version Roulette 15
"Three Degrees, The" Find my way  recommended Roulette 15
"Three Degrees, The" There's so much love all around me  recommended Roulette 10
"Three Degrees, The" There's so much love all around me/same w/demo/recommended Roulette 12
"Wood, Chuck" Seven days too long (sm clear tape ol) VG++/Inc Co slv/wol-flip/classic Roulette 40
"Wood, Chuck" Seven days too long  M-classic Roulette 50
"Tindley, George & The Modern Red Caps" Don't you hear them laughing / You can dream  M-/2 great sides Rowax 25
"Party Favors, The" Changed disposition  EX/great RSVP 40
Big Ella The queen  M-/superb Rush 100
Dean and Jean Lovingly yours great Rust 20
Dean and Jean Lovingly yours  w/demo/wol-flip/great Rust 30
"Guess, Lenis" Just ask me / Workin' for my baby  EX+/EX/gold label/classic/great flip S.P.Q.R. 50
Sugar and Sweet You don't have to cry  M-/superb R&B S.S.J. 75
"Thomas, Gene" My baby's in love with another guy  San 15
Bobby & Walter "One, two, three " great Sanns 15
"Harris, Betty" I'm evil tonight  recommended Sansu 15
"Morisette, Johnnie" "Anytime, anyplace, anywhere "  Sar 10
"Bernard, Chuck" Funny changes / Every hurt makes you stronger  2 great sides Satelite 25
Vontastics I'll never say goodbye / Don't mess around  M-/w/demo/sclassic/great flip too Satelite 125
"Adams, Faye" Step up and rescue me  R&B Savoy 20
"Rockafellas, The" Strike it rich  ex-/w/demo/great SCA  20
Big Maybelle "Oh lord, what are you doing to me / Same old story " EX/Inc Co sleeve/2 great sides Scepter 25
"Byers, Billy" Remind my baby of me  w/demo/recommended Scepter 25
Catalinas You haven't the right  M-/w/demo/lookalike re-issue/great Scepter 6
"Miles, Lenny" In between tears  sm wol/superb version Scepter 40
"Scott, Dean" Gotta have losers too  M-/w/demo/great Scepter 25
"Tiffe, Jerry" Hey watcha doin'  M-/recommended Scepter 60
"Tiffe, Jerry" Hey watcha doin' M-/demo/recommended Scepter 60
"Wells, Donnie" You've got my love  w/demo/recommended Scepter 40
"Lee, Buddy" Big boy / Strange as it seems  vg+/great/unknown? Sco-ina 20
"Counts, The" Turn on song  inst/great Sea Crest 15
"Williams, Maurice" Return  M-/great Sea-Horn 60
"Roberts, Tina" Snow / My basket (a tisket-a tasket)  2 great sides Security 15
"Buckman, Joe" Till the end of time / Right now  M-/2 superb sides Sepia 30
"Henson, Anita" Bit by bit / Talk's around  M-/2 great sides Sevens International 15
"Hawkins, Sam" Run to me  great Shell 15
"Larks, The" I can't believe it  great Sheryl 15
"Height, Donald" Talk of the grapevine  M-/superb Northern  Shout 30
Chosen Lot If you want to / Time was  2 good sides Sidra 20
"Fisher, Miss Toni" The big hurt  slrw  Signet 10
"Brantley, Dan" I can't take no more / Please accept my love  2 great sides Sims 20
"Profits, The" Vagabond / Wind  w/demo/2 great sides Sire 15
"Caswell, Johnny" Gotta dance  Smash 10
"Colbert, Phil" That's all it was / Where was I  w/demo/sm wol/recommended Smash 40
"Domino, Renaldo" Don't go away baby / I'm getting nearer to your love  M-/pink demo/2 great sides/rare Smash 30
"Domino, Renaldo" I'm hip to your game / You don't love me no more (sl lbl stain) EX/w/demo/2 great sides/rare Smash 30
"Douglas, Ron" Never you mind / First time around  2 great sides Smash 25
"Douglas, Ron" Never you mind/First time around ex-/w/demo/2 great sides Smash 25
"Douglas, Ron" Never you mind/First time around w/demo/2 great sides Smash 30
"Prophets, The" I got the fever  EX+/sm wol/classic Smash 25
Herbs "Never, never (Will I fall in love) / Question " M-/2 superb sides Smoke 40
"Hadley, Sandy" Since I found a love (tight styrene crack-not through) EX/classic/superb/RARE So-char 200
Sonny & Phyllis "Love,love,love / I've been lost " ex-/recommended Soft 25
Sonny & Phyllis "Love,love,love/I've been lost" recommended Soft 30
"Love, Dave" Colalined baby  M-/recommended Solid Soul 10
"Del Counts, The" With another guy  EX+/superb Northern Soma 75
"Uggams, Leslie" Love is a good foundation  M-/demo/superb Sonday 30
"Taylor, Robert" Good times  recommended Sonic 15
"Sophisticates, The" Back up baby  superb Sonny 60
"Bourne, Joe" The one for me  Sophisticated Soul 15
"Knight, Gladys & Pips, The" Keep an eye  recommended Soul 10
Originals Good night Irene / Need your lovin want you back  EX/2 great sides Soul 30
"Ruffin, Jimmy" I've passed this way before  classic Soul 8
"Walker, Jr & All Stars" Tune up  M-/superb Soul 20
"5th Dimension, The" It'll never be the same again ex- Soul City 10
"5th Dimension, The" It'll never be the same again  recommended Soul City 12
"Fifth Dimension, The" It'll never be the same again sl label wear Soul City 12
"Fifth Dimension, The" It'll never be the same again recommended Soul City 15
"Wilson, Al" "When you love, you're loved too/Who could be lovin' you" EX+/2 great sides Soul City 20
"Wilson, Al" "When you love, you're loved too / Who could be.." demo/2 great sides Soul City 25
"Whispers, The" I can remember / Planets of life  recommended Soul Clock 15
"Whispers, The" Needle in a haystack  superb Soul Clock 10
"Whispers, The" You must be doing all right  recommended Soul Clock 10
"Pitts, Beverly" Up and down  Soul Shot 10
"C.O.D.'s, The" I'm a good guy/Michael re-issue Soultown 5
"Travis, Mckinley" You've got it and I want it ex-/wol/great Soultown 10
"Richardson, Donald Lee" You got me in the palm of your hand / Ive learned my lesson  M-/superb/great flip too Soulville 75
Soulville All-Stars I'm gonna get to you  M-/superb  Soulville 150 
"Corby, Chuck & The Chances" Happy go lucky  ex-/great Sound 25
"Waddy, Sandy" Everything is everything  classic Sound Of Soul 20
"Dynamic 7, The" Squeeze me / part 2 funk Sound Stage 7 15
"Ford, Ted" Pretty girls everywhere  vg+/wol/great Sound Stage 7 10
"Hunter, Ivory Joe" Straighten up baby  w/demo/great Sound Stage 7 15
"Monarchs, The" This old heart  R&B Sound Stage 7 15
"Simon, Joe" Don't let me lose the feeling ex-/great Sound Stage 7 8
"Simon, Joe" Don't let me lose the feeling  great Sound Stage 7 10
"Simon, Joe" No sad songs  ex-/recommended Sound Stage 7 8
"Simon, Joe" When  recommended Sound Stage 7 10
Valentines Gotta get yourself together  EX-/w/demo/superb mid-tempo Sound Stage 7 20
Jo Jo and Outcast Why baby  great soul Sound-O-riffic 10
Appreciations She never really loved me (feint stmol) / There's a place in my heart  EX/w/demo/superb Sport 75
"Daniels, Tony" How lonely / same-inst.  M-/recommended Sport 50
"Richardson, Johnny" Every night the same time  EX+/great R&B Sprout 50
Inner Lite If I only knew  great ssExx 20
"Zen, Vinnie & Rogues" "Bricks, broken bottles and sticks / same" w/demo/great version SSS Int'l 30
Vontastics Never let your love grow cold / You can work it out  VG++/2 superb sides St. Lawrence 35
"Knight, Jean" Anyone can love him   Staff 15
"Martin, Trade" She put the hurt on me  M-/classic/superb Stallion 200
Diadems Why don't you believe me  M-/great group soul Star  30
"Jenning, Lee" Just keep on loving me/same-inst.  M-/superb version Star Track 30
"Charles, Ray" I don't need no doctor (sm xol) / I choose to sing the blues  EX+/French/pic sleeve/woc/classic/great flip too Stateside 25
Blast CL Double up  lbl damage/recommended Stax 10
Blast CL Double up vsld/recommended Stax 12
Blast CL Double up recommended Stax 15
Delaney & Bonnie It's been a long time coming/same w/demo Stax 12
Cordells You do a thing to my mind  great Steel Town Sound  30
"Crayton, Maxine" Don't take your love  superb Steeltown 50
Berkshire Seven Crazy kind of feeling  M-/great Stop 20
Berkshire Seven Stop and start over  EX-/tiny wol/superb Stop 125
"Blake, Cicero" Don't do this to me  recommended Success 15
"Lee, Bobby" I was born a loser  sm scratch at start/great Sue 10
"Lee, Bobby" I was born a loser great Sue 15
Superiors I'd rather die  M-/light label ring wear/superb Sue 15
"Turner, Ike & Tina" I idolize you (sm ink stamp ol) recommended Sue 15
"Turner, Ike & Tina" You should'a treated me right  wol/recommended Sue 15
"Washington, Baby" Either you're with me / You are what you are  ex-/2 great sides Sue 20
"Washington, Baby" Hey lonely  highly recommended Sue 20
"Washington, Justine" I can't wait until I see my baby ex-/great version Sue 20
"Washington, Justine" I can't wait until I see my baby  sm wol/great version Sue 25
"Washington, Justine" I can't wait until I see my baby great version Sue 25
Storm  Sweet happiness / Going going gone  M-/w/demo/2 great sides Sunflower 25
"Williams, Patti" Because I love him  w/demo/recommended Sunflower 25
Marcels No love left  superb/highly recommended Super M 20
Little Oscar I tried / The message  2 great sides Supreme Blues 15
"Haskins, Al & The Mastertones" You got me  M-/demo/superb Sure-Shot 30
"Richards, Lisa" Mean old world  demo/recommended Sure-Shot 25
"Christian, Janice with Johnny & Charmers" Just a bad thing / Promises  M-/w/demo/superb/great flip too Swan 75
Joey & The VIP's Would you believe (xol)  M-/w/demo/superb Swan 50
Sapphires Who do you love  great Swan 10
Showmen Our love will grow / You're everything  EX+/2 superb sides Swan 100
Showmen Take it baby / In paradise  EX+/sm sol/2 superb sides Swan 20
Swans You better be a good girl now  ex-/stmol/great girl group Swan 12
Swans You better be a good girl now sol/great girl group Swan 15
Teddy & Twilights I'm just your clown  ex-/sm wol/great Swan 15
"Valentino, Mark" Walking alone  vg-/lbl tear-flip Swan 10
"Valentino, Mark" Walking alone great Swan 20
"Valentino, Mark" Walking alone/Push and kick vg+/wol-flip/great Swan 15
Corvairs A victim of her charms / Love is such a good thing  w/demo/2 great sides Sylvia 30
"Moody, Joan" We must be doing something right  classic Sylvia 20
"Poets, The" She blew a good thing  M-/classic Symbol 15
Shockettes Hold back the tears / My pen's not filled with ink EX+/w/demo/great Symbol 25
"Vows, The" The things you do to me  great Tamara 30
"Gaye, Marvin" Little darling. I need you  classic Tamla 12
"Gaye, Marvin" Never let you go  w/demo/great Tamla 50
"Gaye, Marvin & Terrell, Tammi" California soul  recommended Tamla 15
"Gaye, Marvin & Terrell, Tammi" If I could build my whole world around you / same M-/w/demo/superb Tamla 20
"Gaye, Marvin & Terrell, Tammi" Two can have a party  superb Tamla 10
Isley Brothers I guess I'll always love you  M-/classic Tamla 12
Miracles If your mother only knew  M-/Inc black Co sleeve/recommended Tamla 35
Miracles I'll try something new sm wol/sm sol/recomnded Tamla 20
Miracles I'll try something new  recommended Tamla 25
Miracles Whole lot of shaking in my heart  EX+/twin globes label/superb Tamla 15
"Wonder, Little Stevie" Contract on love  EX/Inc black Co slv/recommended Tamla 25
Contours Baby hit and run  EX/UK/DEMO/classic/rare demo Tamla Motown 50
"Gaye, Marvin & Weston, Kim" It takes two UK Tamla Motown 3
"Andrews, Dee" Stop! You're hurting my heart  w/demo?/recommended Tangerine 25
"Gunter, Shirley" Stuck up  w/demo/recommended Tangerine 30
"Joy, Bobby" You sweet devil you  M-/highly recommended Tangerine 30
"Turner, Ike & Tina" Dust my broom  orange label-1st iss/superb R&B Tangerine 40
"Joy, Barbara" Do this do that  sl warp-nap  Target 12
Wally & The Knight Hang on little mama  M-/superb R&B Tarx 20
"Reid, Clarence" Along came a woman  M-/great Tay-ster 8
Little Joe & Latinaires Hey pretty baby  vg/wol-flip/recommended/rare Tear Drop 20
Sunny & Sunliners No one else will do  wol/great Tear Drop 20
Fawns Bless you / Girl in trouble  M-/2 great sides TEC 12
Tojo Broken hearted lover  M-/fantastic!!! TEC 40
TKO's Dancing with my baby / Getting into something  EX+/2 great inst's Ten Star 15
"Little John, Johnny" Can't be still  great R&B Terrell 20
Metrix Gonna have to put you down  ex-/great/rare Tiara 35
"Metrix," Gonna have to put you down M-/great/rare Tiara 40
"Bright, Larry" (I'm a) mojo man  R&B Tide 20
"Willis, Nicole & Soul Communicators" If this ain't love (don't know what is) / Inst. Finland/yellow lbl/fantastic Timmion 6
"Willis, Nicole & Soul Communicators" My four leaf clover / Holdin' on  Finland/black lbl/fantastic Timmion 6
"Williams, Clarence" I know about love  R&B Tina 15
Foxes Thrilled  vg+/swol Titanic 20
"Johnson, Syl" I've got to get over / Falling in love again  2 great sides TMP-Ting 15
Shep Fool to fool / I'm sitting in  EX+/w/demo/2 superb sides/rare demo TNT 60
Bull & Matadors I can't forget / Move with the groove  ex-/2 great sides Toddlin' Town 8
"Chandler, Deniece" I don't wanna cry / Good bye cruel world  awesome soul Toddlin' Town 15
"East, Thomas & Fab' Playboys" I get a groove  ex-/funk Toddlin' Town 8


Crossover / 70s / Modern Soul


"Stephens, Chuck" Let's get nasty  M-/classic East Coast 15
Fantastic Four I'm falling in love (I feel good all over)  great x-over Eastbound 15
Fantastic Four I'm falling in love (I feel good all over) w/demo/great x-over Eastbound 25
Conservatives Who understands  recommended Ebonic 15
"Clay, Otis" Victim of circumstance  Echo 6
"Scott, Jimmy" Be careful/Part 2 nice EEE 12
Hustlers What ever's your sign (you got to be mine)/Part 2 funk Effie 15
"Johnson, Jessie" Be your man/same test press/80's modern Electro Sound 15
"Callier, Terry" Sign of the times w/demo/modern dancer Elektra 10
"Collins, Leon" I just wanna say I love you / Knowing I love you  2 great sides Elf 10
"Berdell, Cheryl" Giving it all to you  recommended EM.T 10
"Fox, Tony" Give it all up tonight  demo/recommended Emerald City 15
"DeVaughan, William" I've never found a girl (to love like you do) / Be thankful...(sm wol)  ex-/UK/recommended EMI 12
"Jones, Gloria" I ain't going nowhere  UK/great version EMI 15
"Pickett, Wilson" Live with me  M-/recommended EMI America 15
"Pickett, Wilson" Love of my life / I want you  M-/2 great sides EMI America 10
"Hayes, Isaac" Rolling down a mountainside  recommended Enterprise 15
"Hayes, Isaac" Rolling down a mountainside demo/recommended Enterprise 20
"Lewis, Barbara" That's the way I like it demo Enterprise 8
Brenda & Tabulations One girl too late (Orange label) recommended Epic 10
Brenda & Tabulations One girl too late (Yellow label) recommended Epic 10
Brenda & Tabulations One girl too late/same-mono  M-/w/demo/recommended Epic 12
Essence Lovin' you comes naturally / same demo/recommended Epic 20
Final Touch I'm ready to give up my love / same-mono (Inc Co slv)  M-/w/demo//superb Epic 40
"Freeman, George" I'll be long gone (make my life shine) w/demo Epic 15
"Jeffreys, Garland" What does it take (to win your love) / same M-/w/demo/superb version Epic 20
"Johnson, Alphonso & Diane Reeves" Love's the way I feel 'bout cha/same-mono M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/great Epic 10
Joneses In love again / Rat race  M-/2 great sides Epic 30
Joneses In love again / same w/demo/wol/superb Epic 20
Joneses In love again/same w/demo/superb Epic 25
Joneses Who loves you / Lies  M-/2 superb sides/rare Epic 75
"Labelle, Patti" It's alright with me / same M-/Inc Co sleeve/recommended Epic 15
"Labelle, Patti" It's alright with me/same w/demo/recommended Epic 15
Mothers Finest Love changes (love will make you oh so happy) M-/Inc Co sleeve/great Epic 6
Smoke City I really love you good modern Epic 5
Sons Of Robin Stone Let's do it now / It only happens in the movies  great/rare issue/sweet flip Epic 30
"Strong, Barrett" Stand up and cheer for the preacher/Inst. funk Epic 15
Upp Never gonna turn my back on you / same w/demo/recommended Epic 20
Wild Cherry 1 2 3 kind of love / same-mono demo/recommended Epic 15
"Woods, Belita" I just love you  great x-over Epic 25
"Woods, Belita" I just love you/same w/demo/great x-over Epic 25
"Haywood, Leon" There ain't enough hate around to make me turn around  great Evejim 10
"Godfrey, Ray" Come and get these memories  great Event 10
Mayberry Movement I think I'm in love  EX+/w/demo/superb Event 50
"Douglas, Ron" I'm in love  demo/xol/great Excello 30
"Washington, Jerry" In my life I've loved ex- Excello 5
"Ware, Leon" What's your name  recommended Fabulous 10
"Staton, Candi" Too hurt to cry  M-/demo/superb/rare demo Fame 20
Blackbyrds What's on your mind  dancer/great Fantasy 10
Checkmates Ltd Take all the time you need / same-mono M-/demo/superb Fantasy 30
"McWilliams, Paulette" Don't give your heart away  ex-/recommended Fantasy 12
"Muhammad, Idris" For your love  demo/UK/superb Fantasy 10
"Simmons, David" It's a shame / Will they miss me  UK/demo/superb Fantasy 25
"Simmons, David" Will they miss me/same-mono demo/superb Fantasy 20
Three Pieces I need you girl / same(mono) demo/superb Fantasy 25
Sweet Thunder "Baby, I need your love today" class-mellow Fantasy WMOT 8
Two Tons Never like this  superb/hard to find Fantasy/Honey 20
"Marshall, Faye" Tonight I'm gonna make you a star  recommended Fay-don 20
"Murray, Clarence" Please accept my love Please accept my love  nice mid-tempo Federal 15
Dell-Vikings Finger poppin' woman  M-/highly recommended Fee Bee 40
"Welch, Lenny" I thank you love  recommended Fig 12
"Cole, Freddy" If I had your love nice First Shot 12
"Ross, Jackie" Don't change your mind w/demo/great Fountain 15
"Yuro, Timi" When something is wrong with my baby  M-/great Frequency 25
"Green, Bob" I've never found a girl  pale blue lbl/great version Fretone 12
"Green, Bob" I've never found a girl white lbl/great version Fretone 12
"James, Willie" Sweet lips and sensuous hips / long disco vers. great Friends & Co 8
"Long, Eddie" Mo jo workout funk R&B/sm wol-flip Fun City 10
"Middleton, Gene & The Funk Factory" No one to love me  M-/WOL/superb Funk Factory 60
"Alexander, Margie" Keep on searching  Future Stars 8
"Carter, Clarence" I couldn't refuse your love  great mid-tempo Future Stars 20
"Taylor, Hersey" Ain't gonna share your love  Future Stars 10
Valentino I was born this way / same-mono w/demo/great x-over Gaiee 12
"Williams, Lenny" How can I forget you / Feelin' blue (xol)  M-/DEMO/superb x-over Galaxy 40
"Guthrie, Gwen" Family affair great modern version Garage 12
"Thomas, Vaneese" Heading in the right direction demo Geffen 6
Notations Think before you stop  recommended Gemigo 15
Notations Think before you stop/same demo/recommended Gemigo 15
"Jemison, Mike" Bright light lady funk Geneva 10
Edwards Generation School is in / Someone like you  recommended Ghetto 15
"Bell, Archie & Drells" Ain't nothing for a man in love  recommended Glades 15
"Bell, Archie & Drells" Dancing to your music  recommended Glades 15
True Image It ain't fair/Secret lover  Glades 15
Love Committee Cheaters never win w/demo/recommended Gold Mind 15
Love Committee Cheaters never win / Where will it end  2 great sides Gold Mind 15
"Jones, Chris" Destination unknown / I'm the man  x-over/funk-flip Goodie Train 20
Two Tons Of Love Brown and beautiful (SEE KAPP LABEL) vg++/great/orig. label Gordo 15
Two Tons Of Love Brown and beautiful (SEE KAPP LABEL) wol/lite lbl ring wear//great/orig. label Gordo 20
Two Tons Of Love Brown and beautiful (SEE KAPP LABEL) great/orig. label Gordo 25
21st Creation Tailgate / same w/demo/dancer/great Gordy 10
Eric & Vikings I'm truly yours/same w/demo/great Gordy 20
Eric & Vikings I'm truly yours / Where do you go (baby)  great Gordy 20
"Militello, Bobby & Carn, Jean" Let's stay together  great version Gordy 15
"Militello, Bobby & Carn, Jean" Let's stay together w/demo/great version Gordy 20
"Reeves, Martha & The Vandellas" Love guess who  M-/neat drill hole next to middle hole Gordy 20
"Reeves, Martha & The Vandellas" Love guess who fantastic!!! Gordy 25
Undisputed Truth Save my love for a rainy day  Gordy 6
Undisputed Truth You got the love I need  superb Gordy 15
"Troutman, Tony" I truly love you  stunning mid-tempo Gram-o-phon 15
"Love, Jill Baby" My way or hit the highway great Grand Prix 10
"Starr, Edwin" I'll never forget you  superb x-over Granite 15
"Brown, Sammy" Got to leave this town  recommended Grassroots 15
Great Lakes Orchestra This is the night for loving / Didn't I tell you  M-/feat. Lou Ragland/2 superb sides Great Lakes  85
"Gerrard, Donny" He's always somewhere around  classic Greedy 8
Debra Can you remember  recommended Gree-jack 12
"Beverley's Raw Soul, Frankie" While I'm alone / Tomorrow may not be your day  EX/EX- flip/superb/good flip too/rare Gregar 40
"Williams, Bette" Now that I'm gone demo Gregar 10
"Caine, General" All about you  recommended Groove Time 15
Exceptionals Unlucky girl  ex-/w/demo/great GRT 25
Exceptionals Unlucky girl ex-/xol/great GRT 25
Exceptionals Unlucky girl M-/Inc Co sleeve/great GRT 30
Exceptionals Unlucky girl w/demo/great GRT 30
Liberation Don't spread your love around / same-mono M-/w/demo/superb GSF 40
Liberation Little green piece of paper  M-/recommended GSF 15
"Smith, Barry" That's all that's required  great GSF 20
"Etoria, Tony" I can prove it UK/highly recommended GTO 15
"Etoria, Tony" I can prove it  UK/NOC/highly recommended GTO 12
"Hines, Perry" Stay   Ham-Sem 8
"Pinho, Glenn" Wishbone give me a break  great x-over Hana Boy 25
"Bristol, Johnny" Love no longer has a hold on me  M-/classic Handshake 20
"Shields, Billy" I was a boy (when you needed a man)  superb Harbour 20
"Shields, Billy" I was a boy (when you needed a man)/same demo/sol/wol/superb Harbour 20
"Redding, Gene" This heart  highly recommended Haven 15
Righteous Brothers Hold on (to what you got)(sm wol) / same-mono w/demo/superb Haven 30
Righteous Brothers Hold on (to what you got)/same-mono(wol) w/demo/superb Haven 30
Topics Try a little love/All good things must end M-/great Heavy Duty 20
Topics Try a little love / All good things must end  M-/w/demo/great/rare Heavy Duty 30
Chapter One "Money won't do it, love will / Loan shark " 2 great sides Heritage 15
"McClure, Bobby" Love trap / Was it something I said  demo/highly recmnded Hi 20
"McClure, Bobby" Love trap/Was it something I said highly recmnded Hi 20
Teacher's Edition It helps to make you strong  vg+/demo/nice Hi 12
"Brandon, Cal" I kept on smilin  recommended Hit Man 50
Numonics Forever and a day/Time brings about changes demo/great Hodisk 25
Numonics You lied / Forever and a day  EX+/2 great sides  Hodisk 40
Larry & Accommodations Love is the answer  demo Holiday Inn 15
"Cloud, Michael" Check your direction  recommended HoMark 25
"Adams, Bobby" Is it too late  Home-Town 15
"Moore, Bobby" (Call me your) anything man  great Hot Line 8
Honey Cone If I can't fly / same demo/recommended Hot Wax 25
"Lee, Laura" Wedlock is a padlock  UK/great Hot Wax 8
"Lewis, Jimmy" Help me understand you nice mid-tempo Hotlanta 6
Mandells I'm on my way  EX+/2 great sides Hour Glass 12
"Evans, Margie" It's not my time  dancer/great ICA 8
"Austin, Lee (The Burner)" Missin' you / same w/demo/sl label stain/great I-dentify 8
"Sexton, Ann/& Masters Of Soul" You've been gone too long  M-/2 sm feint x's ol/classic/1st label/rare Impel 300
"Meli, Debbie" Take my love demo In 10
"Hicks, Marva" Looking over my shoulder  M-/UK/superb Infinity 25
Nature's Divine I just can't control myself  recommended Infinity 15
Nature's Divine I just can't control myself/same w/demo Infinity 20
Hands Of Time I'll never forget you  superb x-over Inner City 25
Ron & Candy Lovely weekend  highly recommended Inner City 15
"Hall, Barbara" You brought it on yourself  recommended Innovation II 25
Thunderfunk Symphany Forty days (& forty nights) / Time to discover  w/demo/funk Innovation II 15
"Wallace, Sir Wales" Whatever you want / I wish I could say… recommended Innovation II 12
"Edwards, Tyrone" Can't get enough of you  M-/inc Co sleeve/recommended Invictus 15
Glass House Playing games vg+/wol/highly recomnded Invictus 8
Glass House Playing games  wol/highly recomnded Invictus 12
Glass House Playing games sl warp-nap/highly recmnd Invictus 12
Glass House Playing games highly recommended Invictus 15
Holland-Dozier New breed kinda woman / If you don't want to…  2 great sides Invictus 40
Holland-Dozier New breed kinda woman/If you don't want to… EX/demo/sol/wol-flip/2 great sides Invictus 40
"Hunter, Ty" I don't see me in your eyes / Hey there lonely girl  2 great sides Invictus 30
Chocolate Syrup The goodness of love / Stop your cryin'  vg-/plays well/wol-flip/great IRA 15
Lovemakers When you're next to me / same M-/w/demo/superb Island 30
"Whitehead, Charlie" Love being your fool  great Island 6
"Arnold, Calvin" Satisfy my woman  recommended IX Chains 8
"Arnold, Calvin" Satisfy my woman/same w/demo/recommended IX Chains 10
"Beverly, Charles" Stop and think a minute / same w/demo/awesome soul IX Chains 15
Words Of Wisdom You're a friend of mine / inst highly recommended IX Chains 25
Words Of Wisdom You're a friend of mine/same w/demo/highly recomnded IX Chains 30
Smoke Have I really lost you  classic x-over J.Bridge 15
Nature's Creation Let's fire it up w/demo/disco-funk Jamtu 10
Jobell & The Orchestra De Salsa Never gonna let you go / same-long M-/fantastic/2nd press Jan 15
"Mitchell, Charlie" Love don't come easy (sm sol) / After hours  M-/2 superb sides Janus 30
"Sample, Hank" So in love with you  M-/recommended Jay-Walking 15
"Otis, Johnny Show" Hey boy! I want ya!  labels reversed Jazz World 15
"Otis, Johnny Show" Hey boy! I want ya! highly recommended Jazz World 20
"Jones, Sammy" She didn't know  recommended Jenesis 20
T.H.A.T. "Lady, lady / What goes around comes around " 2 great sides Jeree 20
THAT I've got to have you / All I need  2 great sides Jeree 25
"Brown, Charlie 'Cole Black'" I've got your love  great x-over Jewel 8
"Watts, Wendell" Grooviest thing this side of heaven  recommended Jiminie 30
Blendelles "La la,the magic song"  Jotee 10
Controllers Feeling a feeling  EX+/recommended Juana 12
Livin' Proof You and I superb sweet Ju-par 15
"Dobyne, Robert" I can't get along without you  ex-/demo/superb Kama Sutra 25
"Dobyne, Robert" I can't get along without you wol/superb Kama Sutra 25
"Jocko, J" I'm getting over / same-mono EX+/demo/wol/Inc Co sleeve/superb Kama Sutra 75
"Jones, Albert" Unity  w/demo/superb x-over Kapp 40
"Jones, Albert" Unity ('SAMPLE COPY'-stol) wol//superb x-over Kapp 35
"Overton, Chuck" Is it possible / I'm so thankful  M-/w/demo/2 superb sides Kapp 50
Two Tons Of Love Brown and beautiful  recommended Kapp 12
"Waters, Freddie" It has to be love wol/mid-tempo Kari 12
Facts Of Life Caught in the act (of getting' it on) / same w/demo/recommended Kayvette 15
"Jackson, Walter" Touching in the dark  great Kelli-arts 10
Four Tees One more chance/Funky duck recommended Kent 20
Four Tees One more chance/Funky duck w/demo Kent 25
Four Tees One more chance / I could never love another  recommended Kent 20
"Jones, Jeanette" The thought of you ex-/wol/w/demo Kent 10
"Barnes, Myra" Super good/Part 2 vg/funk King 10
Cherry Blend Warning of danger  funk/w/demo King 20
"Edwards, Gloria" Need nobody to keep up with my man  w/demo/recommended King 25
Blade Family My baby's gone / Sweet dream  2 great sides King James 25
Samson & Delilah Living in a world of trouble  funk King James 20
"Dash, Sarah" (Come and take this) candy from your baby very sl warp-nap Kirshner 8
"Clayton, Willie" Love pain  superb Kirstee 15
"Ingram, Luther" Trying to find my love / Get to me  2 great sides KoKo 15
"Tate, Tommy" I ain't gonna worry/same w/demo? Koko 6
"Tate, Tommy" More power to you/I ain't gonna worry  Koko 10
"Tate, Tommy" More power to you / same w/demo Koko 10
"Tate, Tommy" More power to you/same demo Koko 10
"Tate, Tommy" School of life  superb Koko 10
"Tate, Tommy" School of life/same demo/superb Koko 10
"Phillips, Esther" I've never found a man(to love me like you do)  great version Kudu 15
"Reynolds, LJ " All I need / Cookin with Nixon (Northern inst) 2 great sides Lady 30
"Williams, Willie" The baa-baa song / Psyched out  superb/up-tempo funk flip Lakeside 30
Esquires Ain't gonna give it up  recommended Lamarr 15
Star-tels Falling in love with you girl  wol/recommended Lamarr 22
Star-tels Falling in love with you girl recommended Lamarr 25
Star-tels What more can I ask for  recommended Lamarr 25
"Cutchins, Bobby" I did it again  superb Lasso 10
"Cutchins, Bobby" I did it again with pic. slv/superb  Lasso 12
"Hebb, Bobby" True I love you  recommended Laurie 20
Beck Family Falling in love again / Can you feel it  2 great sides Lejoint 10
Beck Family Falling in love again/same w/demo/recommended Lejoint 8
"Laws, Ronnie" Stay awake great Liberty 8
Brewster Crew I'm one who know  M-/superb Lifeline 75
"Allen, Vee" Love is all around me/Don't go to strangers  M-/great x-over Lion 30
"Allen, Vee" Love is all around me/Trying to forget  vg++/great x-over Lion 15
"Allen, Vee" Love is all around me / Trying to forget EX+/w/demo/great x-over Lion 30
We The People Making my daydream real  M-/wol/sl lbl dmge around centre hole / Lion 50
We The People You made me / Right now  2 great sides Lion 15
Family Feeling what you wanna feel / Trump tight  w/demo/x-over/funk flip Little City 15
Family My song to you/Music great slowy/funk flip Little City 8
"Washington, Harold" I want you back  recommended Little House 30
"Dyer, Louis" I wanna make love to you / Lonely drifter  2 superb sides Little Star 10
O'Jays Just to be with you/Now he's home VG++/2 superb sides Little Star 20
O'Jays Just to be with you / Now he's home  M-/2 superb sides Little Star 30
"Humphrey, Paul/Cool Aid Chemists" Cool aid  great funk instrumental Lizard 6
"Hardie, Celeste" Thank you love / inst.  Loadstone 8
"Chandler, Deniece " "Mama, I wish I stayed at home " M-/w/demo/superb Lock 75
Marvellos Something's burnin'  M-/superb Loma 75
"Elbert, Donnie" Where did our love go  UK/Inc Co sleeve/great London 5
"Sease, Marvin" I belong to you  nice mid-tempo London 6
"Price, Lloyd" Feelin' good / Cupid's bandwagon (2 x's ol)  2 great sides Ludix 20
"Jackson, JJ" Let me try again  highly recommended Magna Glide 10
"Brown, J.T." Like taking candy from a baby/same EX+/w/demo/superb  Mahogany 40
"Brown, J.T." Like taking candy from a baby  M-/superb Mahogany 30
"Huff, Terry" Just not enough love  recommended Mainstream 12
"Huff, Terry" Where there's a will (there's a way)  Mainstream 8
"Vaughan, Sarah" I need you more (than ever now)  superb Mainstream 40

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