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Lots Of 12" Stuff! £3 & £5

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All the following 12" are £3 each!

Band AKA " Joy" epic

Dells " Happy song" 20th cen

Mike T " do it anyway you wanna" blue inc

Dramatics " I can't stand it" Capitol

Detroit spinners "I'll be around Atlantic

Magnum force "Want you so bad" CMC

Jj Barnes " Earl Flynn" Contempo

Major Harris " I believe in love" streetwave

Brothers by choice "young single and free" alm

Tara Vega " get it up for love" Motown

Aquarian dream "you're a star" Elektra

Jackie Moore "this time baby" CBS

Lew Kirton " here's my love" epic

Leo & co "hot dog" gamma ( old Wigan c/u)

Ed Harper " stay with me my love" Alton

Walter Jackson "touching in the dark" bluebird

Family affair "love hustle/call me" pye

Leprechaun " loc it up" ex caliber

William bell "passion" ensemble

Sweethearts " you're wearing me out" streetwave

B t express "uptown express" streetwave

Stratavarious " I got your love" roulette

Maw " backfired" susu 10"

Mystic touch "get yourself together" reflection

Sam Dees "survive" move

Bobby Jonez "special" solv

Mad lads " you blew it" champion

James Cobbin "caught in the middle" love beat

Supremes " love I never knew you could feel so good" Motown demo

Priscilla price"whisper" morning glory

Kenny Burke " you're the best" RCA

Joe Simon " love vibration" polydor

Willie Hutch "in and out" Motown

GQ " disco nights" Arista

Donald Byrd "Dominoes" blue note

Jackie Moore& Wilson Picket " seconds" Catawba

Betty Wright " lovin is really my game" tk disco

Magnetic touch "dance with me" Cheryl

Big foot "I apologise" due

Glen Jones " I am somebody" RCA

GQ " standing ovation" Arista

Robyn Springer " forever & ever" cardiac

Kemistry " I can't win for losing" mainline

Hi tension " there's a reason" Island

Barbara Lynn " you make me so hot" ichiban

Francine Mc Gee " Delerium" RCA

Salsoul orch " salsoul 3001"salsoul

Mfsb " mysteries of the world" stop

Candi Statin " count on me" sugarhill

Esther Phillips "magic in the air/ boy I reall tried one on" kudu

Kenny Burke " let somebody love you" RCA

Oliver Cheatham " bless the ladys" mca

Chuck Jackson "all over the world" nightmare

A way of life "trippin on your live" eternal

Vandross " love don't love you anymore" xpr

Angela Clemmons "give me just a little more time" portrait

Breakwater " say you love me girl" Arista

Bobby Womack "Where do we go from here" Motown w/d

Bobby Womack " tell me why" Motown

Willie Hutch "in and out" Motown test pressing

Josie James "call me/ win your love' tell

Ronnie McNair "experience "ep Capitol

Finish touch "down sound" Motown

This bunch are £5 each!

Storm " rhythm of the cit-ty

Terry Callier "I don't wanna see myself" double pack!

Freda Payne " ill do anything" Capitol promo

Fresh band " come back lover" are n be

Norman Conners " take it to the limit" test pressing

Rashaan Paterson " where you are" R&B version

Manhattens " Crazy" Columbia

Rob Ve "gotta go by what you tell me" hotb

Love committee " cheaters never win" gold mind w/d

Samson & Delilah "I can feel your live slipping away" Saturn

My Colours " tears" polydor

Billy Nichols "diamond ring" west end

Donnie Elbert "are you ready( willing and able)


Blackbyrds " rock creek park" fantasy

Richard Rogers " can't stop loving you" Sam

Whatnauts " help is on the way" HIR

Lamont Dozier " going back to my roots" wb

Buster Jones "just a little misunderstanding" spring w/d

New Jersey connection " love don't come easy". Carnival

Double exposure "ten percent" salsoul

Lj Reynolds " key to the world" Capitol

Four tops " your song" calibre

Native soul "our day will come" Afro art test press

McGee " now that I have you" American dream w/d

Whirlwind "full time thing" roulette

Luther Vandross "I won't let you do that" xpr

Emotions " flowers" CBS

James Bradley " can't get enough of your love" shelly test pressing

Teena Marie "since say one" epic

Johnny Bristol " love no longer has a hold on me" handshake

Leroy Burgess "heavenly" salsoul

Willie Hutch " easy does it" Whitfield

Lanier & co " I don't know" syncopate w/d

Tyrone Burwell "memories" cfm

Willie Clayton

"Dancin" kirstee

Ann Nesby "in the spirit" am pm

Bobby Womack " colour him father" continuum

John Davis " up jumped the devil" polydor promo

Leo's sunshipp "give me the sunshine" grapevine

Driza-bone "real love" 4thbway promo

E smoove "déjà vu" am pm

Tashan " love is forever" Columbia

Bobby Womack " how could you break my heart" Arista

Lenny Williams " gotta lotta luv" crush

Sounds of blackness "I'm going all the way" perspective

Kenny Latimore " days like this" Columbia w/d £15

Brotherly love "whole lot of you in me" skyline £15

Joi Cardwell "let it go" D's orig £15

All records are in nice condition. Any problems, cash back!

Cheers for looking!

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