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Reduced Brief Encounter, Sebastian Williams, Oscar Weathers And More

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Alex Taylor - Slowly turning to love/Early morning dream - Best $40 VG++ xol flip

Sebastian Williams - Get your point over/I don't care what mama said - Ovide $65 NM-

Oscar Weathers - Just to prove I love you/You fool still loves you - Top and Bottom $25 VG+ vol, slw, scuffy, vinyl copy!!

Brief Encounter - Get a good feeling/In a very special way - Capitol $75 NM- slw on flip

Mark Seven Unltd. - Touch of goodbye/I'm in love - Abbott $40 VG xol

Valerie & Nick - I'll find you/Lonely town - Glover $25 VG++ sol, slw

Tommie Young - That's all a part of loving him/She don't have to see you - Soul Power $20 NM- dj

Shipping costs:

Europe: 1-5 45s: $7

6+ 45s: $14

World: 1-5 45s: $9

6+ 45s: $18

Grading scale:

All records are play-graded, visual defects will be added as additional information.

NM- well cared for record that plays without any issues

VG++ a great copy that will not have much audible issues, maybe some low background noise in intro/outro or other parts of a song that is very quiet, but not overpowering the music. not far from NM-

VG+ very enjoyable copy with minor background noise in parts, in rare cases low clicks might be heard

VG background noise not overpowering the music can occur, some clicks and pops can be heard

I do not use M or NM, and my highest grade is NM- just to keep things simple. A new record will be NM- in my lists. Also I do not use EX


slw - slight label wear

sol - sticker on label

xol - x on label

dj - promo copy

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