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Sunday 8

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P. and P. extra.

Spyder Turner - I can't take it anymore - MGM  M-  15 pounds.

4 Hi's - Pretty little face - Verve  M-  25 pounds.

Milton Harris - Stop hurting me - Mutt  Ex  35 pounds.

Machine - My baby loves me - Jarrett  M-  22 pounds

Willie Hightower - Because I love you - Capitol  M- 75 pounds.

And the Echoes - Why wonder / Instr. - Pulse  Ex (slight ringwear on label)  80 pounds.

Kirk Taylor - I'm the one that needs you - K.T.(demo)  M- (slight ringwear on label)  80 pounds.

Major Harris - Loving you more - Okeh(demo)  Ex (small label stain)  25 pounds.


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