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To reserve/buy/enquire about records: PM, email - soul45collector@ntlworld.com  (anytime)

or phone/text - UK (0)1724-357147Mobile - (0)7941 309 081 (9am to 9pm).

Most major credit/debit cards accepted direct 

also www.paypal.com payments as a 'Friends OR Family' payment or at 4% extra 

UK Postage:-
Recorded Delivery:- 
7" singles; first record - £2.50 for first 3 singles, then 25p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £4.50, then £1.00 each extra item.
Special Delivery:-
£4.75 extra to the above rates. 

Overseas Airmail postage:-
European countries:-
7" singles; first record - £4.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £7.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
All other overseas countries:-
7" singles; first record - £5.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £9.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
Overseas airmail insurance (where available) is £9 extra to the above rates.

Soul 45's wanted
From single items to whole collections

I buy worldwide!

Northern / 60's / R&B Soul
Charles, Ray I don't need no doctor listen_f1.gif M-/Inc Co slv/classic ABC 25
Swann, Bettye The heartache is gone listen_f1.gif M-/Inc Co slv/superb A-bet 15
Phillips, Susan Key in the mailbox listen_f1.gif M-/superb All Platinum 30
Ben E. King The record listen_f1.gif EX+/w/demo/superb mid-tempo Atco 25
Sharp, Dee Dee Bye bye baby listen_f1.gif / My best friend's man listen_f1.gif M-/2 superb sides/Inc Co slv/recommended Atco 15
Greenwood, Johnny I'm crawling back listen_f1.gif M-/Inc Co slv/w/demo/great Atlantic 15
Little Carl Carlton Competition ain't nothin' listen_f1.gif M-/classic Back Beat 25
Lovelites I found me a lover listen_f1.gif / You better stop it listen_f1.gif M-/rarer blue lbl/2 great sides Bandera 20
Attractions That girl is mine listen_f1.gif EX+/superb Bell 30
Inspirations Gotta find a new love listen_f1.gif / I can feel it listen_f1.gif M-/previously unreleased/2 superb sides Benn-x 20
Occasions There's no you listen_f1.gif M-/superb Big Jim 20
Holmes, Sherlock What An Argument listen_f1.gif M-/demo/TOP TIP!!!!!! Brunswick 40
Wilson, Timothy Got to find a new love listen_f1.gif / Baby baby please listen_f1.gif EX+/great/nice flip too Buddah 25
Wilson, Timothy Pigtails listen_f1.gif / Loving you listen_f1.gif M-/2 superb sides Buddah 30
Millionaires Cherry baby listen_f1.gif / I thought about you listen_f1.gif M-/2 superb sides Bunny 25
Washington, Michael Stay mine listen_f1.gif / inst. M-/great Cap City 15
Drew, Patti He's the one listen_f1.gif M-/superb Capitol 25
Sam & The Iridescents Without my sugar listen_f1.gif M-/demo/recommended Capitol 30
Lovettes Little miss soul listen_f1.gif M-/superb Carnival 30
Willie Mae (Big Mama) Thornton Yes I cried listen_f1.gif M-/w/demo/superb R&B Carolyn 30
Gray, Dobie Out on the floor listen_f1.gif EX/sol-flip/classic Charger 30
Corvairs Ain't no sole in these old shoes listen_f1.gif / Get a job listen_f1.gif EX+/w/demo/recommended Columbia 30
Halos Do I? listen_f1.gif M-/classic/rare issue-stock copy Congress 30
Cager, Wille He's a player listen_f1.gif / What can you do listen_f1.gif M-/2 superb sides Contact 40
Big Joe Turner I'm packin up listen_f1.gif M-/y/demo/great Coral 40
Sonny Gordon Five The yea yea song listen_f1.gif / The dance listen_f1.gif M-/Inc Co sleeve/2 great sides Coral 40
Soul, Sharon You found my weak spot (wol) listen_f1.gif EX-/y/demo/classic Coral 50
Tyler, Gladys Hurry on down to my house listen_f1.gif EX/y/demo/great Coral 40
Lindsey, Theresa Gotta find a way listen_f1.gif EX/1st press-Detroit address lbl/classic/great flip too Correc-Tone 25
TNT Band The meditation listen_f1.gif M-/great Cotique 25
Billy Robinson And The Burners Shucks you left the fire burning listen_f1.gif EX/highly recommended Crazy Horse 35
Glories I love you babe but give me my freedom (wol) listen_f1.gif / Security listen_f1.gif M-/Inc Co slv/2 great sides Date 25
Manhattans I can't stand for you to leave me listen_f1.gif M-/recommended DeLuxe 15
Varner, Don More power to ya listen_f1.gif / Handshakin listen_f1.gif M-/Inc Co slv/2 great sides Diamond 25
Winters, Ruby Just Like A Yo Yo listen_f1.gif M-/recommended Diamond 15
Malibus I just can't stand it (3 sm lbl scuffs) listen_f1.gif EX+/THIS NEEDS PLAYING!/superb Duke 25
Barbara & Brenda If I'm hurt you'll feel the pain listen_f1.gif M-/superb Dynamo 40
Inez & Charlie Foxx You fixed my heartache listen_f1.gif EX+/wol//superb Dynamo 25
Beach Girls Skiing in the snow listen_f1.gif VG+/demo/great version Dyno Vox 60
Akens, Jewel A slice of the pie listen_f1.gif M-/demo/great Era 40
Mosley, Tommy Exit loneliness enter love listen_f1.gif M-/recommended Era 25
Jewels My song listen_f1.gif EX+/recommended Federal 15
Butts, Nancy You're gonna need somebody listen_f1.gif M-/great Flaming Arrow 25
Gloria Walker & Chevelles Need of you listen_f1.gif M-/recommended Flaming Arrow 15
Richard Berry And The Pharaohs Have love will travel (2 x's ol) listen_f1.gif EX+/recommended Flip 50
Kennedy, Joyce Paddle my own canoe (sl lbl stain) listen_f1.gif / Could this be love listen_f1.gif EX/w/demo/superb/great flip too Fontana 50
aste Of Grey Just once in my life listen_f1.gif (Joe Renzetti at his best!!) M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/superb Fontana 25
Vaughn, Morris My love keeps growing listen_f1.gif / Make it look good listen_f1.gif M-/Inc Co slv/2 great sides Fontana 35
Hambric, Billy Talk to me baby listen_f1.gif / Human listen_f1.gif EX/2 great sides Fury 30
Precisions Cleopatra listen_f1.gif M-/recommended Golden Crest 40
Green, Sam It's time to move listen_f1.gif M-/highly recommended Goldsmith T.C.B. 50
Good, Tommy Baby I miss you listen_f1.gif VG++/light lbl wear/classic Gordy 40
Martha & The Vandellas My baby loves me (2 x's ol) listen_f1.gif M-/at their best!/superb Gordy 15
Martha & The Vandellas One way out listen_f1.gif M-/Inc Co slv/classic Gordy 15
Starr, Edwin My weakness is you listen_f1.gif EX+/light label ring wear/superb Gordy 25
Temptations Girl why you wannna make me blue listen_f1.gif EX+/classic Gordy 30
Fletcher, Darrow The pain gets a little deeper listen_f1.gif / My judgement day listen_f1.gif EX+/superb/great flip too Groovy 40
Jr. Walker All Stars Good rockin listen_f1.gif EX+/superb R&B Inst. Harvey 40
Bill Black's Combo Little Queenie listen_f1.gif EX+/classic R&B inst Hi 25

Soul 45's wanted
From single items to whole collections

I buy worldwide!

Loads more on the website - www.soul45collector.com
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