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70's Recommendations Part 2 with sound clips


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To reserve/buy/enquire about records: PM, email - soul45collector@ntlworld.com  (anytime)

or phone/text - UK (0)1724-357147Mobile - (0)7941 309 081 (9am to 9pm).

Most major credit/debit cards accepted direct 

also www.paypal.com payments as a 'Friends or Family' payment or at 4% extra 

UK Postage:-
Recorded Delivery:- 
7" singles; first record - £2.50 for first 3 singles, then 25p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £4.50, then £1.00 each extra item.
Special Delivery:-
£4.75 extra to the above rates. 

Overseas Airmail postage:-
European countries:-
7" singles; first record - £4.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £7.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
All other overseas countries:-
7" singles; first record - £5.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £9.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
Overseas airmail insurance (where available) is £9 extra to the above rates.

Soul 45's wanted
From single items to whole collections

I buy worldwide!

Crossover / 70's / Modern Soul
Frankie Maze + Beverly While I'm alone listen_f1.gif EX+/best version Capitol 15
Hightower, Willie Nobody but you listen_f1.gif M-/y/demo/recommended Capitol 12
Wilson, Nancy Ocean of love listen_f1.gif M-/recommended Capitol 15
Four Mints You Want To Come Back listen_f1.gif M-/recommended Capsoul 20
Jackson, Deon You gotta love listen_f1.gif / You'll wake up wiser listen_f1.gif M-/2 great sides Carla 20
Reynolds, Jeannie Hit and run listen_f1.gif M-/recommended Casablanca 10
Reynolds, Jeannie Unwanted Company listen_f1.gif M-/great Casablanca 10
Robert Winters & Fall Do it any way you want listen_f1.gif / Lock me up listen_f1.gif M-/2 great sides Casablanca 15
Santos, Larry Can't get you off my mind listen_f1.gif M-/superb Casablanca 15
Topics Women's liberation listen_f1.gif M-/great Castle 15
George & Gwen McCrae Winners together or losers apart listen_f1.gif / Homesick, lovesick listen_f1.gif M-/superb/great flip too Cat 15
Little Beaver Little girl blue listen_f1.gif / Ain't no time listen_f1.gif M-/2 great sides Cat 12
Dyson, Ronnie We can make it last forever (short-2.22) listen_f1.gif / Same (long-3.02) M-/w/demo//UK/sm wol/superb short version on UK dj only CBS 25
Lucas, Matt You gotta love listen_f1.gif M-/demo/recommended Celebration 10
Little Milton Campbell Somebody's changin' my sweet baby's mind listen_f1.gif EX+/recommended Checker 12
American Gypsy 10,000 miles listen_f1.gif / Angel eyes listen_f1.gif M-/superb Chess 10
Burke, Solomon I'm leaving on that late,late train listen_f1.gif M-/recommended Chess 8
Free Spirit Love you just as long as I can listen_f1.gif M-/recommended Chess 15
Chandler, Gene Make the living worthwhile listen_f1.gif / Time is a thief listen_f1.gif M-/2 great sides Chi-Sound 8
Jackson, Walter If I had my way listen_f1.gif / same M-/demo/what a voice ! Chi-Sound 10
Baker, Johnny Operator,operator listen_f1.gif M-/great Cisco 12
Gee, Frankie Date with the rain listen_f1.gif M-/w/demo/great version Claridge 15
Valentinos I can understand it (part I) listen_f1.gif / Same (part II) M-/recommended Clean 25
Festivals Take your time listen_f1.gif M-/superb Colossus 15
I.A.P. Co Check yourself listen_f1.gif EX+/superb version Colossus 20
Mob I'd like to see more of you listen_f1.gif M-/Inc Co slv/great Colossus 10
Mary Love Comer Come out of the sandbox listen_f1.gif M-/superb CoLove 20
8th Avenue Band The whole thing listen_f1.gif EX/orange lbl/great/rare issue Columbia 20
Moore, Jackie This time baby listen_f1.gif / Same M-/w/demo/recommended Columbia 10
Pockets Come go with me listen_f1.gif EX+/recommended Columbia 8
Pockets Happy for love listen_f1.gif / same M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/recommended Columbia 8
Tower of Power You ought to be havin' fun listen_f1.gif / same M-/w/demo/A TIP!!! Columbia 15
Womack, Bobby Trust your heart listen_f1.gif /same M-/w/demo/recommended Columbia 15
Nat Cole Jr & Teri Carter You listen_f1.gif M-/superb Comptons Staff 30
Montclairs Hung up on your love listen_f1.gif / I need you more than ever listen_f1.gif M-/UK/Inc Co slv-woc-front/classic/great flip too Contempo 35
Hatcher, Willie Have a heart, girl (ink stamp ol) listen_f1.gif / You got quality listen_f1.gif EX/Inc Co slv/superb x-over/rare issue Cotillion 30
Tony & Tandy Two can make it together listen_f1.gif / Bitter with the sweet listen_f1.gif M-/Inc Co slv/2 great sides Cotillion 20
Butler, Billy She's got me singing listen_f1.gif /same M-/demo/great Curtom 15
Impressions I'll always be here listen_f1.gif M-/recommended Curtom 15
Eddie Giles & The Numbers Sexy lady listen_f1.gif M-/superb Custom Sound 25
Lady Margo Simply got to make it listen_f1.gif M-/recommended Cynthia 20
Sidney Joe Qualls Run to me listen_f1.gif / Same-mono M-/w/demo/superb Dakar 40
Wallace, Wales Forever and a day listen_f1.gif / same-mono EX+/w/demo/superb Dakar 40
Rumpus My love's gonna getcha listen_f1.gif  M-/sm wol//Inc Co slv/superb Dash 40
Electras Another man's woman listen_f1.gif M-/recommended De-Lite 15
Truth Coming home listen_f1.gif / Touch me listen_f1.gif M-/2 great sides Devaki 12
Easton, Billy I was a fool listen_f1.gif M-/great x-over Dispo 25
Chymes My baby's gone away listen_f1.gif M-/great x-over Down To Earth 20
Jimmy Beaumont And The Skyliners Our day is here listen_f1.gif EX-/wol/superb version Drive 30
Fantastic Four I'm falling in love (I feel good all over) listen_f1.gif M-/great x-over Eastbound 15
Berdell, Cheryl Giving it all to you listen_f1.gif M-/recommended Em.t 12
Fox, Tony Give it all up tonight listen_f1.gif M-/demo/recommended Emerald City 15
Brenda & Tabulations One girl too late listen_f1.gif (Orange label) M-/Inc Co slv/recommended Epic 15
Duke, George I want you for myself listen_f1.gif M-/Inc Co slv/recommended Epic 15
Essence Lovin' you comes naturally listen_f1.gif / same M-/demo/recommended Epic 30
Final Touch I'm ready to give up my love listen_f1.gif / same-mono M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/superb Epic 40
Jeffreys, Garland What does it take (to win your love) listen_f1.gif / same EX+/w/demo/Inc Co slv/superb version Epic 20
Joneses In love again listen_f1.gif / Rat race listen_f1.gif M-/2 great sides Epic 30
Labelle, Patti It's alright with me listen_f1.gif / same M-/Inc Co sleeve/recommended Epic 15
Powerful People Little girl say yes (sl lbl stain) listen_f1.gif / Same-mono M-/demo/Inc Co slv/highly recommended Epic 25
Rawls, Lou Now is the time for love listen_f1.gif M-/wol/recommewnded Epic 8
Wild Cherry 1 2 3 kind of love listen_f1.gif / same-mono M-/demo/recommended Epic 15
Haywood, Leon There ain't enough hate around to make me turn around listen_f1.gif M-/great Evejim 10

Soul 45's wanted
From single items to whole collections
I buy worldwide!

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