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mixed bag for sale northern and rnb Friday

Kev Connellan

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chuck edwards - downtown soulville [punch] vg £45
solomon burke - cry to me [atlantic] vg+ £30
lloyd price - every night [double LL] ex £30
e j and the echoes - treat me right [diamond jim] vg+ £75
lucy campo - evil eye [rca victor] vg+ £50
big maybelle - thats a pretty good love [savoy] vg £30
sleepy king - lovin time [joy demo] vg+ £60
nappy brown - coal miner [savoy] vg+ £50 SOLD
grover mitchell - thats a good idea [vee jay] labels bubbling vg £30
del vikings - bring back your heart [abc para] g+ plays great £25
joe L - worried [clissac] ex £20
chuck wright - love wont be a fool no more [ember] g+ £30
wanderers - you cant run away from me [united artists] g+ £25
bobby starr - hey cinderella [one-derful] ex £40
5 royales - take me with you baby [home of the blues] vg+ £70
mary johnson - these tears [foxy] g beat up plays through £30
joannie sommers - why dont you do right [warner bros] ex £50
ike and tina turner - cant chance a break up [sue] vg+ £35
ike and tina turner - dust my broom [tangerine] vg+ £30
dian james - high blood pressure [groove demo] vg+ £50
hank ballard - do it zulu style [king] vg+ £40
aretha franklin - rough lover [columbia demo] vg+ £40
jack harris - dog wild [cortland] ex £50
virgie till - i didnt steal your dog [glover demo] vg+ £65
sherli allen - think it over [x-tra] vg+ £50 SOLD
bobby simms and the simmers - big mama [wm&rc] vg+ £70 SOLD
erma franklin - i dont want no mama's boy [epic] vg+ £40 SOLD

newports - dixie women [kent] ex £300 SOLD
king coleman - down in the basement/crazy feelin [togo] ex £100 SOLD
ivory joe hunter - shooty booty [atlantic demo] vg £30  SOLD
dick jordan - i want her back [jamie demo] vg £80 SOLD
ray agee - the wobble-oo [tridelt demo] vg+ water damage to label £50
jimmy mccracklin - thats the way it goes [imperial] ex £40 SOLD
nicky james - my colour is blue [pye demo] ex £150
emeralds - baby you've got me [king] ex £65
moss tolbert - money in my pocket [veejay] ex £40 SOLD
jamie coe - cleopatra [bigtop demo] vg+ £150
freddie houston - soft walkin [toto] vg+ £65
wilson pickett - let me be your boy [verve] vg+ £55 SOLD
jeannie barnes - can't get you off my mind [aladdin] vg+ £75 SOLD
gino - its only a paper moon [golden crest demo] ex £100 SOLD
little jewel - i want to [tayster] ex £175 SOLD
billy bass - i'm coming to [pama] vg+ £50
lee rogers - troubles [mahs] vg £40
richard berry - have love will travel [flip] ex £50
bobby adams - you got next to me baby [pilma] ex £60 SOLD
drivers - mr astronaut [king] vg+ vinyl copy £300 SOLD
lula reed - puddentane [federal] vg £75 SOLD
joe simon - just like yesterday [irral] ex £70 SOLD
tommy jay - tender love [hi] vg+ label tear £100
del victors - oh lover [hi-q] ex £150
betty james - i'm a little mixed up chess] vg+ £50 SOLD
billy bland - all i wanna do is cry [old town] ex £35
danny denver - baby one more chance [deville demo] vg+ £50
big bd dolly - big bad dolly [select demo] ex £75
bull moose jackson - aw shucks baby [7 arts] (same as tiny topsy) ex £40
knockouts - fever [mgm] ex £60
elmore morris - before i turned my back on you [crackerjack] vg £40
barbara english - fever [roulette demo] ex £50
four tops - could it be you/kiss me baby [chess] fair condition lots of marks £30
little willie john - katanga [king] vg+ £20
devotions - same old sweet lovin [tri-sound] rarer gold label vg+ £40
douglas jocko henderson - blast off to love [wand] vg+ £50
oberia martinez - gotta think it over [keith demo] ex £50 SOLD
paul beattie - i'm coming home [parlophone] vg+ £75 SOLD
margie hendrix - i call you lover... [mercury] vg+ £30
linda hopkins - shiver and shake [atco] vg+ £40
lorne lesley - i dont know [parlophone] ex £40 SOLD
salena jones - i've got the blues [uk decca demo] ex £40 SOLD
jerry williams - philly duck [calla] vg+ £30
wayne handy - seminole rock n roll [trend demo] vg- £30
chino feather - say you'll [chex] the best version ex £40
marlena shaw - wade in the water [cadet orange label] ex £75
johnny white - hunting pretty girls [debonair] vg+ £60
admirations - hey mamma [brunswick demo] vg- £50 SOLD
eddie griffin - miss pretty [san-ray] great funky rnb ex £80 SOLD
george kirby - no more [argo demo] storming dancer vg+ £40
curtis knight - little doe doe [shell] vg+ £50 SOLD
marv johnson - with all thats in me [united artists] ex £50 SOLD
al brown - sweet little love [amy demo] vg+ £60 SOLD
johnny nash - world of tears/some of your lovin [abc para] ex £35
earl lewis - she blew my mind [rare bird] ex £50
teddy randazzo - u.s. mail [sparton demo] ex £60
eunice and eddie - tell me to my face/daddy please come home [star-a-fire] vg+ £50
bill robinson - take me back baby/the cow [american] ex £30
alex hassilev - young man [rca victor] vg+ £40
jimmy mccracklin - the wobble [mercury] vg+ £35
wanda jackson - funnel of love [capitol] vg £15
sam anderson - standing at the edge of the sea/back on the block [king] vg £35
bobbie smith - wanted/ mr fine [bigtop demo] ex £35
tim rose - i got a loneliness [uk cbs] ex £75
big maybelle - 96 tears [rojac] label bubbling vg+ £30
eddie king + mae b may - please mr dj [conduc] vg+ £100
jimmy lipscomb - pow pow pow [monique demo] ex £50 SOLD
ed townsend - cherrigale [warner bros] vg+ £65
johnny wells - lonely moon [astor]vg+ £40
milt grayson - your old standby / wayfarin stranger [derby demo] ex £100
ted taylor - miss you so [ronn] ex £25
junior wells - stomache ache / shake it abby [vanguard] 2 Xs on label ex £65
otis rush - homework [duke] edge warp vg+ £75 SOLD
annie laurie - nobodys gonna hurt you [deluxe demo] vg+ £50
clyde mcphatter - love you till the cows come home [mercury] vg+ £30
sinner strong - dont knock it [serock] dj stamp on label vg+ £50 SOLD
jimmy merritt - i'll forget about you [crackerjack] vg £75
l b wilson - dont [vivid] vg £35
levon and the hawks - he dont love you [atco] vg+ £55 SOLD
knight bros - love (cant you hear me) [checker demo] ex £60
little gigi - take the biter with the sweet [select] vg+ £70
sandra kay tucker - have it your way [peacock demo] ex £60
delores gibson - i got a feeling [ultrasound yellow/gold vinyl] ex £50
big maybelle - i cant wait any longer [rojac] ex £50 SOLD
don hollinger - where the young folks go [jato] ex £150 SOLD
sonny dave daye - merry go round [ring-o] ex £100
freddie houston - chills and fever [regency] vg £50
jimmy steward jr - convince me [coral demo] vg+ £75 SOLD
titus turner - sportin tom [bell demo] vg+ £60
showmen - the wrong girl [minit demo] ex £120
johnny hunter - if the things in my room [liberty demo] ex £125
big ella - the queen [rush] £150 SOLD
ike n tina turner - somebody somewhere needs you [UK warner brothers] no centre vg+ £70
dejah ahres - let me be your girl / real jive guy [verve demo] rarer vocal version ex £75 SOLD
h b barnum - it hurts too much to cry [rca victor] vg(+) £90 SOLD
delcos - just ask [sound stage 7 demo] ex £100
louise murray - the love i give [verve demo] ex £75
rufus lumley - minneap'lis minnesota [afford] ex £175
danny white - keep my woman home [UK sue] vg+ £100 SOLD
susan rewis - they say you found a new baby [columbia demo] ex £100 SOLD
anita humes - what did i do [roulette] vg+ £50
marie knight - to be loved by you [addit] vg+ £50 SOLD
dean jones - women ska-de-la-de-da (valiant) vg+ £150
billy and moonlighters - little indian girl (crystal ball) ex £150 SOLD
lacharles mccoy - lets talk it over (AMC) ex £100  SOLD
billy eckstine - i wonder why (motown) ex £100
sherri taylor singing sammy ward - lover (motown pink striped) vg+ £75
jo ann campbell - i changed my mind jack (HMV) ex £250
ray scott - right now (decca) ex £200 SOLD
johnny nash - love ain't nothing (argo demo) vg+ £50
joe tex - i wanna be free (dial) ex £150 SOLD
baby jean - dance if you wanna (**United Artists Canadian**) ex £150
in-betweens - she's walkin down the street (blue onion demo) small edge crack ex £150 [books at 300]
big mama thornton - wade in the water [arhoolie] ex £100
jo stafford - what a feeling (columbia) ex £50
diane maxwell - love charms (challenge) ex £40
do do greene - hold on (time) ex £50
larry darnell - who showed me to love my baby (savoy) vg+ £40
merle spears - i want to know (atlantic demo) ex £80
charles spurling - she cried just a minute (king demo) ex £125  SOLD
marty balin - i specialize in love (challenge demo) ex £75
kitty white - im gonna be a fool next monday (mercury) vg+ £100 SOLD
barbara russell - like the honey for the bee (united artists demo) ex £80
sonny til - hey little woman (cp records) vg- £75
grandisons - all right (UKRCA Victor green demo) M £75
shirley n jessie - you cant fight love (wand)vg+ £45
lillian offitt - my man is a lover (chief) vg- £60 SOLD
jimmy hughes - it aint what you've got (atlantic) vg+ £30
marty hill - mr oracle of love (columbia) ex £80
ann leonardo - travelling stranger (capitol demo) vg+ £80
wendy hill - come on-a my house (era demo) vg- £50
drivers - dangerous lips (deluxe demo) vg- £100
bobby hamilton - how come (apt)vg+ £60
paula grimes - you move me so / its happening baby (turf demo) vg+ £80
lulu reed - say hey pretty baby (federal demo) vg £45 SOLD
tony clarke - love must be taboo (fascination) vg+ wol £100 SOLD
bobby scott - moanin (mercury) ex £50
jimmy witherspoon - hey mrs jones (reprise demo) ex £70
randy hobbs - waiting n watching (ember)ex £80
bobby bland - honey child (vocalion) ex £50 SOLD
trade martin - work song (rca victor demo) ex £100
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