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Set Sale - Monster, Monster, Monster

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The following items are part of Neal Bull's collection for sale.

Neal Bull's Records.

Rare Northern Soul Set-Sale.

P+P !st Class UK:

1st record £1.35. add 30p for each extra record.

For recorded delivery Add 65p

For special delivery Add £3.50

Outside UK phone for details.

All cheques/Postal Orders payable to N. Bull.

Send orders to:

N. Bull

43 Crescent Road




Call for information & hear records 10am-10pm (GMT)

Tel: (+44) (0)1733 208211

Mobile: (+44) (0)7944285160









Artist: Scotty Williams

Title: Fear

Label: Mona Lee (W-DJ)

£: 100

Condition: M-

Comments: Still getting big plays, hard to fine classic (60's).


Artist: John Parker

Title: Just a thing called love

Label: Brunswick (Demo)

£: 100

Condition: M-

Comments: Very RARE up-tempo dancer (60's).


Artist: The Vonns

Title: So many days

Label: King (W-DJ)

£: 60

Condition: M-

Comments: Hard to find, white DJ copy. Up-tempo dancer (60's).


Artist: Bobby McClure

Title: Love's coming down on me

Label: Cedric

£: 100

Condition: M-

Comments: Brilliant Chicago double sider (60's).


Artist: Sammy Turner

Title: Our love will grow & grow

Label: Verve (Demo)

£: 100

Condition: M-

Comments: Nice mid-tempo, Rarity - NOT often seen (60's).


Artist: Joe & Mack

Title: Don't you worry

Label: One-derful

£: 100

Condition: M-

Comments: Chicago stomper (60's).


Artist: Nat Hall

Title: Explanation

Label: Top Soul

£: 40

Condition: M-

Comments: Brilliant Chicago mid-tempo (60's).


Artist: The New World Soul Choir

Title: You better be goin'

Label: Uni

£: 60

Condition: M-

Comments: Semi-Known up-tempo dancer (60's).


Artist: Luther Thomas

Title: Who slipped out (When I walk in)

Label: Change

£: 60

Condition: M-

Comments: In demand R&B dancer (60's).


Artist: Buddy Lamp

Title: My tears

Label: Double-L

£: 50

Condition: M-

Comments: Up-tempo dancer (60's).


Artist: The Roe-O-Tation

Title: Special category

Label: Gerim

£: 40

Condition: M-

Comments: Nice mid-tempo Chicago dancer, Excellent B-side as well! (60's).


Artist: Johnny Twist

Title: Nobody knows love but you

Label: Checker (DJ)

£: 75

Condition: M-

Comments: Brilliant up-tempo Chicago from Johnny Williams in his earlier days (60's).


Artist: Charles Drain

Title: She's gone

Label: Checker (Demo-DJ)

£: 50

Condition: M-

Comments: Hard to find Chicago mid-tempo (60's).


Artist: The Wonderettes

Title: I feel strange

Label: Ruby

£: 50

Condition: M-

Comments: Local Detroit Release (60's).


Artist: Emanuel Lasky

Title: Lucky to be loved by you

Label: Wild Deuce

£: 50

Condition: M-

Comments: RARE west-coast copy (60's).


Artist: ?

Title: Forget about me

Label: Phone for details

£: 200

Condition: M-

Comments: Storming up-tempo female R&B artist (60's). Will go big when played!


Artist: ?

Title: Now is the time

Label: Phone for details

£: 200 (Bargain!!)

Condition: VG++

Comments: Excellent mid-tempo cross-over. Watch this one go big! (70's).


Artist: Billy 'Soul' Bonds

Title: Good love going bad

Label: Right Time

£: 75

Condition: M-

Comments: Mid-tempo magic (Modern Soul).


Artist: Cannonball

Title: You keep telling me yes

Label: Blast

£: 150

Condition: M-

Comments: VERY nice mid-tempo Seventies Soul. Robert John 'sound-A-Like'.


Artist: Bill Wright

Title: A man in love

Label: Midtown

£: 150

Condition: M-

Comments: Superb mid-tempo (70's).

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