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Just a little reminder that I am still selling on Discogs as ‘44faye44’ with currently 7100+ 45’s, LP’s, 12”s & CD’s in my inventory. This is backed up with 7200+ 100% positive feedback and 10000+ sales in under 5 years.

You can order in confidence as 100% of my stock is available and is ONLY listed in Discogs. Please check my feedback to see the quality of services you can expect regarding pricing, condition, packing, speed of delivery etc

You can visit my Discogs store by clicking HERE  

You will see that this is ordered with the highest price first but it's easy to use the dropdown menu to order the stock into latest additions first etc. It is also possible to search for anything else you are looking for by typing in the 'Search 44faye44's store' box in the top right hand side. Here you can search for Artists (e.g. Bobby Womack, Marvin Gaye etc) Labels (e.g. Ric Tic, TMG, Grapevine etc) Song/LP Titles (e.g. 'Tried and Convicted', 'Let's Get It On' etc) Genres (e.g. Northern Soul, Modern Soul, Crossover, Group Soul, Sweet Soul, Deep Soul, Funk, Boogie, Jazz-Funk, Disco etc)

I also offer specific searches to help you filter the 7100+ items even further so you can find exactly what you are looking for? The searches are listed under my postage charges on EVERY item I have for sale. Simply click on anything in my inventory and you will see hyperlinks for the following-

'original 60's Northern Soul 45's'
'original 70's Soul 45's'
'UK Northern Soul 45's'
'Reissue Northern Soul 45's'
'Crossover Soul 45's'
'Modern Soul 45's'
'Group Soul 45's'
'Deep Soul 45's'
'Funk 45's'
'Motown 45's'
'12"s Highest price first'
'12"s Latest additions'
'LP's Highest price first'
'LP's Latest additions'
'All Compilation LP's'
'CD's Highest price first'
'CD's Latest additions'
'All Compilation CD's'

I usually add Soul & Funk records into my Discogs store EVERY DAY so it is worth saving my page in your favourites and checking back regularly as you never know what you'll find? I also service wants list plus I'm not averse to haggling as I'm always looking to trade or to buy new stock.


Steve Plumb

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Click HERE to view todays offerings...………………….

Some nice original 70's Soul LP's, a few 60's Northern bits, some nice 70's Modern dancers and just working thru a pile with a couple of nice Funky Disco bits in too


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Click HERE to view todays additions

Mainly recent 45's added today from the in-demand Aretha 'One Step' remix to a couple of nice Test Pressings from Sandra Wright & Rhetta Hughes and a few bits from some of the great recent record labels Timmion, Big Crown, Super Disco Edits etc


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soul source url

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