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  1. SO SOULFUL 70's - Eddy Edmondson & Steve Plumb

    Looking forward to another great night at SO SOULFUL 70's at The RAF Club in Leyland tomorrow (Sat 19th Aug) We have a spare room at the local Prem Inn (about a mile away) available for just £30. It's Eddy's room and as you may know, he cannot make it as he's just had his knee done. He will donate the cash to Cancer Research. Please PM me or Eddy direct. Standing in for him on the night (literally) we have Andy Balmforth AND Dave Griffiths, joining myself plus our two main guests on the night Nick McKinnon and Mike Taylor. Plenty of DJ's, lots of great records guaranteed - Hope to see a few of you down here
  2. SO SOULFUL 70's - Eddy Edmondson & Steve Plumb

    SO SOULFUL 70's - RAF CLUB, Leyland We are back THIS Saturday 19th August with GUEST DJ's Nick McKinnon & Mike Taylor. Late 60's to Early 80's Modern Soul & Crossover Pay on the door - Superb free CD for first 50 thru the door Hope to see you there Steve
  3. Proper original HERE Cheers Steve
  4. Hokis Pokis - Nowhere

    Got one HERE Phil Cheers Steve
  5. Lowton Civic Closing ?

    Sorry to hear this Barry :-( Had some amazing nights there over the years literally from the very beginning and it's such a shame to see it end like this All the very best on the 11th August mate 21 years - I reckon you could say it has been a ...
  6. Summer In The Park

    See you later Mr Lyster Ready for your set in the 70's room x
  7. Summer In The Park

    Always a brilliant day - Can't wait Cheers Steve
  8. 70s Soul Eddy Edmonson & Steve Plumb

    Superb night last night - So Soulful 70's on the road :-) Was a great night with a super atmosphere and a crowd that were up for it all night! Thanks for the invite Barry and really enjoyed the tunes you and Andy played too Cheers Steve
  9. 70s Soul Eddy Edmonson & Steve Plumb

    Really looking forward to playing a few tunes tonight along with Eddy Edmondson Hope to see some of you there Cheers Steve
  10. The Stax Academy UK Tour

    Nice one Chalky, the Manchester event was fabulous wasn't it? I went with my wife and kids and we all loved it I never stopped smiling the whole way through, it was absolutely great Go see at all costs is my advice :-) Cheers Steve
  11. SO SOULFUL 70's - SOUL SAM, Eddy Edmondson, Steve Plumb, Kev J

    Spoke to Soul Sam in the week and he is raring to go for THIS Saturday at SO SOULFUL 70'S at The RAF Club, Leyland, Lancs. He's looking forward to doing another early set as well as his peak time set. Gives him chance to try out a few newer bits and some great mid-tempo things from the back of the box. I love the early sets by our guests and tomorrow will be no exception as both Kev Jones & Sam will no doubt prove - Hope to see a few of you down/up there :-)
  12. Jim smirk

    Totally shocked A lovely man who loved his Soul Music RIP Jim x Steve
  13. Arthur K Adams 'Let Me Love You Tonight'

    Oops might have the wrong Dave? Thought you was Dave Harrison? Ignore the bit about not remembering it but the rest is still correct ;-) Steve
  14. Arthur K Adams 'Let Me Love You Tonight'

    Hiya Dave We played it occasionally at The Orwell (when we could get Barry to add the CD player LOL) so surprised you don't remember it? Killer tune and one i'm surprised hasn't yet appeared on those 45 Motown box sets? Cheers Steve
  15. Lillian Hale - Boot or Not?

    I've sold loads and loads of this great 45 over the years The Blue or pale Green issues are pukka - never been booted as far as I know? Used to sell 'Boom' to the Funk scene and 'Signs' to the 70's/Crossover scene back in the day. Now both sides are...