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Soul interview with Eloise Laws - October 2018


Eloise Laws who is also known as “El” is an inspiring artist, Broadway actress, author, songwriter, and a singer who has managed to mesmerize the music world of today with her resonating voice and vibrant personality. Eloise Laws holds more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry and has been widely acclaimed for her harmonious Jazz, soul, and Rhythm & Blues music.

A household name in the soul world through the success of Love Factory, and the long and impressive career in music that followed, Eloise is still writing and recording and the new singles of Eloise Laws “Can’t Let Myself, Hurt Myself” and “Don’t Move, Don’t Blink” have attracted wide acclamations and positive reviews. In the first of the two singles, Eloise majorly emphasizes upon the spirit of women and the song is a demonstration of power and independence that the women spirit holds within. The latter is a powerful composition which is filled with an inspirational aura that shows the advocacy of love and romance and delivers a message of self-belief.

You can hear our chat here:


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