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Sold 5 Oldies for Sale with scans

All play loud and clear PayPal only family and friends 1E03C4B2-8022-4ABB-9814-EA093B2ECD0A.thumb.jpeg.c0375d5d62b66be2cd9edfc5ea6c6aab.jpeg

Frank Beverly  SOLD!


Invitations ..Sold


Lou Lawton ...Sold


“5” Royales  SOLD!


Johnny Bartel ..SOLD


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As per Soul Source guidelines prices should remain on the tread as per Posting Guidelines para 6:

Members are asked to refrain from removing any details from the Sales posts after selling [or obtaining a want]. You can use the 'show 'SOLD' feature but please leave the post intact, as the information therein contributes to a ever evolving database that all can refer to when looking up current prices, availability etc.
Plus ... if there are any later issues/disputes or such regarding the sales process it will be hard to deal with if there is no record of the sale details.

Can you please amend your thread and put the prices back on Thanks.


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