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Some real nice dancers ready to go !


DESIDEROS - Flat Foot Charlie (Renee)

Obscure but quality early sixties R&B Soul outta Chicago that's extremely hard to pick up in any condition.

Awesome New Breed R&B spin

Extremely hard to pick up in any condition !

Condition: nice and solid VG   

Price: $220 

Listen the actual sound clip below:





Killer female R&B indemander !

Mrs Lyons on her teen years and on her best as well backed by the always great Tommy Dodson

Top quality R&B spin & dancer that doesn't show up oftern for sale especially like this promo one with clean labels

Condition: VG+, clean labels  

Price: SOLD 

Listen the actual sound clip below:




HELEN TROY – I Think I Love You  (KAPP)

Original US promo copy

AWESOME Northern R&B Mod Soul floorpacker !

Always in demand 

Condition: VG+, nice & light ring wear with clean labels

Price: $350 

Listen the actual sound clip below:




TRACI - Little Εvil (Instant)

One of the rarest NOLA records ever, and what a tune!!! 

KILLER New Breed R&B Mod gem from New Orleans ! 

Seriously OBSCURE one, that very very rarely offered for sale in any condition

One of the very best spin for any Mod dancefloor according my taste

Condition: VG+   

Price: $440 

Listen the actual sound clip below:





CHICO LAMAR - Big Deal (Chess)

Monster R&B Soul floorpacker !

Top quality grooovy R&B Mod spin that always packs the dancefloor.

So groooovy, so goooood one!

Rarely turns up for sale.

In perfect shape here

Condition: M-, clean labels

Price: SOLD  

Listen the actual sound clip below:






PM if you're interested

Thanks for looking !



Edited by Costas

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