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Setting the Record Straight - Richard Searling

Setting the Record Straight. Music and Memories from Wigan Casino 1973-1981 - a book by Richard Searling.


Richard Searling is known as one of the original DJs at the famed Wigan Casino Soul Club, joining the line-up in 1973. Staying with the club for almost its entire eight year history, he earned a reputation as one of country's foremost northern and modern soul DJs. Richard takes us on a journey through his tenure at Wigan Casino and other venues. He also reflects on his wider 40-plus years in the music industry as warehouse man for Global Records, promo man for RCA, co-founder of Grapevine Records and Expansion Records, national radio DJ and soul related events promoter. An honest, informative and impressively illustrated presentation  from one of northern soul's most familiar names, which will invoke fond memories for readers who were part of the soul scene at that time, and provide an intriguing insight for more recent entrants (paperback, gloss colour illustrations, 288 pages).

ORDER VIA LINK https://a-nickel-and-a-nail.myshopify.com/collections/books/products/setting-the-record-straight-music-and-memories-of-wigan-casino-1973-1981-richard-searling


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