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Sunday Night mixed list .

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Rare Pleasure ... Let Me Down Easy/Let Me Down Easy Long Version DJM EX/Ex a few minor marks nap £60 SOLD

Bo Kirkland/Ruth Davis your Gonna Get Next To Me EMI NM in nice company Sleeve £5 

The Kelly Brothers Crystal Blue Persuasion. Excello Ex .. small white sticker on label £45 

Frederick..Real Love/I Can’t Help But Love you IZIPHO..SS (number 1 in the uk soul chart) £13.50 

Jason Anthony Wright Reset To Zero  IZIPHO (white vinyl £20 black £15) Mint unplayed 

Kenny Thomas Crazy World Susu “12” Mint £13.50 

al the above post included PayPal as gift preferred but not fussed pm if interested in any thanks for looking Stu

soul 32B058A6 9B10 4A39 AC05 7C389BB88C69

soul 79E1F8DD 1579 41B2 9F7E 160F44D69A75

soul 730B151A 2C61 493D 9A4C 34B916B7DB69

soul B67CF583 61C2 42A7 BE5E 38BAC1E0B219

soul CA44EAA4 861E 4A84 B816 34AAC6DDACAA

soul 626D9A56 28BC 4550 A105 895B63B971B7

soul AE5666E5 483D 4036 AD86 53346DD54D22

soul FE7C619D 96C6 44DE B820 F0A945992859

soul 3708B17D EC04 47DB 9039 A7F048251E85

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