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Massive Lp List...updated...updated

Chris Anderton

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**** This list has now been updated..and prices reduced but I am accepting offers on whats left..so come on, give me an offer, bundle them together...insult me, i may accept.....loads of great stuff left......just email or PM me....Dont be shy!!*****

Welcome along to a special one-off extra list of LPs only. I have been toying with the idea of doing this for some time now as i dont always have room on my regular list for too many Lps. I hope that these items are priced to sell...i need to shift them out due to storage issues, so if you want to put a deal together with multiple items i will be glad to cut a deal with you. I have sent out some sales Cds too, if you want a copy please email me.

For the purpose of this list i have graded the LP cover first, then the vinyl. Most have come from the same source and are in magnificent condition although i have`nt listed cutouts etc. All are 100% US with some UK originals...as usual, 100% refund if you are not delighted.

Please order ALL RECORDS by email, first come, first served. P&P £2.80 per LP, obviously cheaper if you buy more than one item. Please pay by cheque, cash, IMO or by using your credit card through www.paypal.com. Please send all paypal payments to chris.soul@btinternet.com. Please make all cheques out to C.Anderton and send to; C.Anderton, 1 Jackson Av, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 6LL.

1.Bobby Story-The story teller-Proud M- M- 80 sold

(Inc.Lets do something different)

2.The live band-A chance for hope-TSOB E+ M- 50

(Inc. A chance for hope)

3.Tower of power-Urban renewal- WB E+ E+ 20 sold

4.Jerry Butler and Brenda Lee Eager-The love we had-Mercury M- M- 15 sold

(Inc I like your loving)

5.Milt Matthews-Same-H&L M- M 20 sold

6.Milton Wright-Friends and Buddies-Alston E+ E+ 85

(Inc. Keep it up)

7.100% aged in soul-Somebodys been sleeping in my bed-Hot wax M- M- 45

8.Leon Ware-Inside is love-fabulous M M- 20

(Inc. Whats her name)

9.Milt Matthews-Milt Matthews inc -UR M- M- 20 sold

10.Khemistry-Same-Columbia E+ E+ 50 sold

(Inc. Can you feel my love)

11.David Ruffin-Same-Motown E+ E+ 10

12.Leroy Hutson-feel the spirit-Curtom M- E+ 15

13.Love Committee-Law and order-Gold mind E+ E+ sold

(Inc. put it in the back of your mind)

14.Idris Muhammed-Peace and Rhythm- prestige M- M- 40sold

(Inc. I`m a believer)

15.Ellerine Harding-Same-Mainstream M- M- 30sold

(Inc. I aint got much but its yours)

16.Clarence Mann-same- Spirit M- E+ 25sold

(A different kind of love)

17. Eleanore Mills-This is....- Astroscope E+ E+ 90

18. The Impressions-this is my country-Curtom M- M- 25 sold

(Classic soul lp..one of their best)

19.The Dramatics- Dramatically yours-Volt M- M- 10

20.The Imperials-who`s gonna love me-power exchange M- M- 8

21. Johnny Sayles-Man on the inside-Brunswick E+ M- 50 sold

(Solid Chicago soul lp)

22. Mel and Tim-Starting all over again-Stax M- M- 20

(Inc. I may not be what you want)

23. The lost generation-the sly, slick and the wicked- Brunswick M M- 20

24.Bettye Crutcher-Long as you love me-Stax M- M- 30 sold

(Inc. Up for a let down)

25.Ed Townsend-Now-Curtom M- M- 25sold

26.Charles drain-Dependable-RCA M- M- 20sold

(Inc. i`m gonna stay)

27.Otis Clay-Watch me now-Waylo E- E+ 10

28.Donald Byrd-Places and spaces-Blue note E+ E+ 20

29.O. T Sykes- First love-Fun city M- E+ 100 sold

30. Creative source-Same-Sussex M- M- 15

31.5 Stairsteps- loves happening-Curtom M- M- 20

32. Act 1- Same-Spring M- M- 25 sold

33.The Dynamic superiors- pure pleasure-Motown E+ E+ 15 sold

34. The Enchantment- Same-UA M- M- 20 sold

35.Johnnie Taylor-Ever ready- Columbia M- M- 8

36.Three Ounces of love-Motown M- M- 20

37.Freddie North-Cuss the wind-Mankind E E+ 20

38. Four Tops-Keeper of the castle-Motown M- M- 10

39.Esther Phillips- From a whisper to a scream-Kudo E+ M- 18

40. David Ruffin-Feekin good-Motown E+ E+ 10 sold

(bit of writing on cover)

41.The Masqueraders-Everybody wanna live on-ABC E E+ 8

(Inc. Sweet Sweetning)

42.Ashford and Simpson-Send it-WB E+ E+ 15 sold

(Inc. Top of the stairs)

43.Gladys Knight-Same-CBS E+ M- 10 sold

(Inc. If you ever need somebody)

44.Eugene Record-Trying to get to you-WB E+ M- 15

(Great title track)

45.The fifth Dimension-Loves lines angles and rhymes-E+ M- 15 sold

(Great version pf "What does it take")

46.Carla Thomas-Memphis queen-Stax E+ E+ 20

(Inc. I play for keeps)

47.The O`Jays-Soul sounds-Minit E+ E+ 50sold

(Inc. I`ll never forget you)

48.Melvin Sparks-Same-Westbound M- M- 35

49.Marlena Shaw- Sweet beginnings-Columbia E+ E+ 10

(Inc.Look at me)

50.Junior Walker-A Gasssssss- Soul E E+ 10

51.Esther Phillips-Alone again naturally- Kudo M- E+ 15

52.Wilson Pickett-Chocolate mountain-WR M- M- 10

(Inc. How will i ever know)

53.The Dramatics-A dramatic experience-Stax M- M- 10

(Inc. Hey you get off my mountain)

54.G.C Cameron- You`re whats missing in my life- E E+ 10 sold

(Great title track)

55.The Tymes-Turning point-RCA E+ E+ 15 sold

(Inc. All you ever wanted to know about love)

56.Anthony White-Could it be magic-PIR E E+ 30

(Inc. Stop and think it over)

57. The Originals-Portrait of -Soul E+ M- 20

(Inc. Dont stop now)

58.7th Wonder-Thunder- Casablanca M- M- 20 sold

(Inc. Missin out)

59.Classic Example-Same- GSF M- E+ 70

(Inc. Punish me/ Hey there little girl)

60.Jackie Moore-make me feel like a woman-Kayvette M- M- 10

(Inc. Heart be still)

61.Strutt-Time moves on-Brunswick uk M- E+ 25

(Inc. Said you didnt love him)

62.Harold Melvin-The Blue album- Source E+ M- 12

(Inc. Praying/ If you`re looking for somebody to love (Sharon page))

63.Kiki Dee-Patterns-Liberty M- M- 25

(Inc. I dig you baby)

64.David Simmons-Hear me out-WMOT E+ E+ 20 sold

(Inc. Taxi (Greayhound station)

65.The Mad Lads-A new beginning-Volt M- E+ 18

(Inc. I`ll still be loving you)

66. The Four tops-Meeting of the minds-Probe E+ E+ 8

(Inc. Tell me you love me)

67.Walter Heath-You know you`re wrong-Buddah M- E+ 15

(Inc. Put your love in my hands)

68.Ronnie Dyson-Love in all flavours-CBS E+ M- 15

(Inc. I want to be where you are)

69.Chuck Cissell-Just for you-Arista E+ E+ 12

(Inc. Dont tell me you`re sorry)

70.Delegation-Same-Mercury E E+ 20

(Inc. One more step to take)

71.Willie Tee-Anticipation-UA E+ E+ 15

(Inc. I can feel it)

72.Weapons of peace-Peace is our weapon-Playboy E+ M- 12

(Inc. This life is bout to get me down)

73.George McCrae-Same-TK E+ M- 12

(Inc. Never never girl)

74.Barbara Blake- Same-20th Cent M- M- 20

(Inc. Superman)

75.The Modulations-Its rough out Here- Buddah E+ E+ 30

(Inc. I`m hopelessley in love)

76.George and Gwen McCrae-Together-Cat M- M- 15

(Inc. Winners together loosers apart)

77.The Dells-No way back-Mercury E+ M- 20

(Inc. Life is the time)

78.Randy Brown-Welcome to my room-Parachute E+ E+ 20

(Inc. Always in the mood)

79.Clarence Carter-The best of-Ichiban M- M- 8

(Inc. Messing with my mind)

80.Jerry Butler-The best loveR M- M- 10 sold

(Great title track)

81.Nolan- Same-ABC E E+ 20

(Inc. If i could only be sure)

82.Mrgie Joseph-Sweet Surrender-Atlantic E E+ 8

(Inc. Riding high)

83.Jackie Wilson-This love is real-Brunswick E+ E+ 20 sold

(Inc. I can feel those vibrations)

84.Don Thomas-You`re the one-Myrrh E+ M- 25

(Inc. Where are you going)

85.The Spinners-Love trippin-Atlantic E+ M- 8

(Inc. I just want to fall in love)

86.Smokey Robinson-Flying high together-tamla E+ E+ 12

(Inc. Flying high together)

87.Luther Ingram- Do you love somebody-Koko M- E+ 25 sold

(Inc. Do you think theres a chance)

88. The Dells-I touched a dream -Mercury E+ E+ 10 sold

(Inc. Your song)

89.Les McCann-Plays the hits- E+ E+ 25

(Inc. Sad little girl, still sealed)

90.Jackie Wilson-Nobody but you-Brunswick E+ M- 20 sold

(Inc. You`re the song/ It only happens when i look at you)

91.Willie Hutch-Ode to my lady-French Tamla Motown E E+ 8

(Inc. Just another day)

92.Jackie Wilson-Its all a part of love-Brunswick E+ M- 15 sold

(Inc. For once in my life)

93.Freda Payne-Reaching out-Invictus E+ E+ 25 sold

(Inc. We`ve got to find a way back to love)

94.Johnnie Taylor-Just aint good enough-Beverly Glen M- M- 10

(Inc. Extended version of "What about my love")

95.Jimmy Ruffin-I`ve passed this way before-Super sounds uk E+ E+ 8

(Inc. I will never let you get away)

96.Gladys Knight-Standing ovation-Soul M- M- 15

(Inc. No one could love me more)

97.Curtis mayfield-Got to find a way-Curtom M- E+ 12

(Inc. Cannot find a way)

98.Tata Vega-Givin all my love-Tamla E+ M- 12

(Inc. I`ve got my second wind)

99.Melba Moore-A portrait of-Buddah E+ E+ 8

(Inc. Standing right here)

100.The Soul Children-Friction-M- E+ 25 sold

(Inc. We`re gettin too close)

101. Best of both worlds-I want the world to know-Calla E+ M- 35 sold

(Inc. Lost in a shuffle of love)

102.Bobby Thurston-Sweetest piece of the pie-Expansion (UK reissue)E+ E+ 10

(Inc. Just ask me/ Trat me the same way etc)

103.The Main Ingredient-Afrodisiac E+ M- 12

(Inc. Work to do)

104.Sidney Joe Qualls-I enjoy loving you-Dakar M- M- 35

(Inc. The next time i fall in love)

105.Martha Reeves-Black Magic E+ E+ 15

(Inc. No-one there)

106.Ace Spectrum-Inner spectrum- Atlantic M- M- 15 sold

(Inc. Dont send nobody else)

107.The Gene Chandler situation-Same- Mercury E+ E+ 8

(Inc. Groovy situation)

108.George Benson-The best-A&M E+ E+ 12

(Inc. My woman is good to me)

109.Natural Four-Same-Curtum M- M- 25

(Inc. You cant keep running away)

110.Natural Four-Heaven right here on earth-Curtom M- M- 20

(Inc. Loves so wonderful)

111.Terry Callier-What color is love-Cadet M- E+ 90

(Inc. Just as long as we`re in love)

112.Jae mason-Crossroads-Buddah-E+ E+ 10

(Inc. Little girl)

113.Mighty Joe Hicks-same-Enterprise E E+ 10

114.Clarence Carter-A Heart full of song-ABC M- M- 10

115.Patrick Gammon-Dont touch me-Motown M- M- 10

116.Aretha Franklin-Jump to it-Arista M- M- 8

117.Gene Chandler-`80- 20th Cent M- M- 8

118.Albert Jones-Same-candy apple E+ E+ 35

(Inc. You and your love)

119.Ceasar Frazier-Another life-Westbound E+ M- 15

(Inc. I got to have your love)

120.Street People-Same-Vigor E+ E+ 10

(Inc. Never get enough of your love)

121.Odyssey 5-First time around-BRC E+ 50sold

(Inc. Peace of mind, more ways than one)

122.The Futures-Past present and the futures-PIR Demo E+ 20

(Inc. Party time man)

123.Gil Scott Heron-Pieces of a man-Flying dutchman E+ E+ 20

124.Millie Jackson- Free and in love-Spring E+ 15

(The only way to get "House for sale" on original release)

125.Supremes and 4 tops-Double dynamite-Motown E+ 15

(Inc. Dont you miss me a little bit honey)

126.Jean Terrell-I had to fall in love-A&M E+ 20

(Inc. No limit)

127.The Persuaders-Best thing that ever happened to me-Atco M- M- 15

128.Gladys Knight-A little Knight music-Soul E+ 10

(Inc. No one could love you more)

129. Spyder Turner-Stand by me-MGM E+ 20

(Inc. I`m alive with a loving feeling)

130.Jerry Butler-Ice on ice-Mercury E E+ 15 sold

(Inc. Moody woman)

131.Clay Hammond-Streets will love you-Evejim M- 15

(Inc. The dont makeum no more)

132.Peabo Bryson-Turn the hands of time-Capitol E+ 15

(Inc.Why dont you make up your mind)

133.Garland Green-Love is what we came here for-RCA E+ 30sold

(Inc. I quit running the streets)

134.Eddie Kendricks-People hold on-Tamla E+ 20

(Inc. Date with the rain)

135.Various-Motown from the vaults-Tamla E+ 20

(Spinners-What more can a boy ask for...Original issue)

136. Chuck Bridges-L.A Happening-Vault M- 50sold

(Inc. Head over heels)

137. Marcia Hines-Marcia Shines-Wizzard E+ 20

(Inc. Gotta let go)

138.The Younghearts-A taste of-20th cent E+ 20

(Inc. You`re not here with me)

139.Ron Matlock-Love city-Cotillion E+ 20

(Inc. I cant forget about you, you got the best of me)

140.Solid Solution-Loving you-Silverspoon- E+ 50 sold

(Inc. Think about it girl...going massive)

141.John Gary Williams-Same-Stax M- 25

(Inc. The whole damn worl is going crazy)

143.Zulema- RSVP- RCA M- M- 12

144.Townsend, Townsend and Rogers- Same -RCA M- M- 20

145.Jerry Butler-You and me-Mercury E+ 15 sold

(Inc. Ordanary Joe)

146.Willie Hutch-Havin a house party-Motown E+ 12

(Inc. Soul Strutt, I can sho give you love)

147.Dionne Warwick-Then came you-WB E+ 15

(Inc. Move me no mountain)

148.Carolyn Franklin-If you want me-RCA M- M- 15 sold

149.Charles Mann-Say you love me too-ABC E+ 25 sold

(Inc. Its all over, you came out of nowhere)

150.Bobby Womack-Home is where the heart is-CBS E+ 20

(Inc. Something for my head)

151.Mandrill-New worlds-Arista E+ 15

(Inc. Too late)

152.New York City soul-Soulful Rd-Chelsea M- M- 10

153.Gloria Gaynor-Park Av sound-Polydor E+ 12

(Inc. This love affair)

154.Millie Jackson-Still caught up-Polydor M- M- 15

155.Motherlode-When i die-Buddah E+ 25

(Inc. What does it take)

156.Broomfield-Same-Vision M- 10

(Inc. Dont cover up your feelings)

157.Millie Jackson-caught up-RCA M- M- 15

158.George Benson-In flight-WB M- M- 8

159.Joe Tex-Spill the beans-Mercury M- M- 10

160.The Chilites-A lonely man-Brunswick E E+ 10

161.Danny Woods-Aries-Invictus M- E+ 20

162.Luther Ingram-Lets steal away to the hideaway- Koko M- M- 25

163. Terry Callier-Fire on ice-Electra M- M- 20

164.The Friends of distinction-Same-RCA M- M- 12

165.Carl carlton-Cant stop a man in love-ABC Backbeat M- M- 12

166.Jean Carne-Happy to be with you-PIR E E+ 10

167.Aretha Franklin-You-Atlantic M- M- 15

(Inc. It only happens when i look at you)

168.Eugene Record-Same-WB E+ E+ 20

(Inc. Overdose of joy)

169.Edwin Starr-25 miles-Gordy M- M- 20

(Inc. 24 hours to find my baby)

170.Esther Phillips-Good black is hard to crack-Mercury E+ E+ 15

(Inc. Changin)

171.Tower of power-Same-WB E E+ 20

172.Bobby Thurston-You got what it takes-Jupiter E E+ 10

(slight ball point pen on cover)

173.Larttimore-Same-Glades E E+ 20

174.Jerry Butler-The Sagittarius movement-Mercury E+ E+ 15 sold

175.The Originals-Baby I`m for real-Soul E+ E+ 12

176.Syl Johnson-Diamond in the rough-Hi E+ E+ 10

177.Creative source-pass the feeling on-Polydor M- M- 15

178.The Rance Allen group-I feel like going on-Stax E+ M- 15

179.Enchantment-Soft lights sweet music-RCA E+ E+ 15 sold

(Inc. I believe in you)

180.The Choice four-Same RCA E+ E+ 10

Edited by Chris Anderton
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