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Some Soul, Some Rnb, Some Funk

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ERNIE K DOE - Here Come The Girls (Janus demo copy) VG++ SOLD

Recently went for silly money on the bay, New Orleans dancefloor romper that definitely does seem to attract the fairer sex to the floor. In 45 format, I've never seen an issue, perhaps there wasn't one, which might explain the scarcity of these demo copies. V. Clean with perhaps the slightest fluff on the very start of the drum roll intro.

TAB THOMAS - Mary Jane (3 Stars) M- £85 HOLD

Managed to source one last copy after the small batch I had all sold within a couple of hours a month or so ago. Notice that the only copy on popsike is a VG- copy at $225. With those two facts in mind, have marginally increased the price on this last copy, and there aren't any more to be had from that source either. Superior quality funky soul from the NOLA blues vet on one a super obscure label.

NAPPY BROWN - Coal Miner (Savoy) VG+ £40

Brilliant record 50s hollering, honking New Breed blues. Has some storage wear and scuffing but plays nice, label is clean. Listen here:

LOUISIANA RED - Who Dat? / Little Girl, Take Your Time (Laurie) £35

Bare bones Blues Rocker with unusual rhythm pattern - almost a carribean feel. Hard drums either way, great track with trigger happy, gun toting lyrics. Flip is a nice shuffle version of the Sugar Boy Williams biggie.

DYNAMIC WALTER-B AND THE NEW BREED BAND - A Mans Way of Life / Before I Fall In Love (New) M- £150

Highly sought after superb rare dancefloor funk backed with quality deep ballad. Both sides on clip:

JOE TEX - I've Got a Song / The Next Time She's Mine (Michelle) VG++ £30

Bouncy Northern backed up with oddball ballad heavy on the melodrama. Very obscure one from Joe.

THE BARONS - Kid Stuff / As Sure As You're Born (Shagg) VG++ vinyl with some label discolouration from water £50

Fantastic group soul from one of New Orleans most cherished soul labels. Wardell Q on the boards.

DAVID BATISTE - Funky Soul (Soulin) M- £45

All time classic dancefloor funk.,_david_an...ky_soul_pt1.ram

PM or email liamlarge at hotmail dot com

Edited by Liam Large

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Liam sir, bring that Joe Tex tune with you on Saturday, I might be persuaded to buy it :unsure:

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