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Third Off!..third Off!..third Off


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see the price and take a third off..as simple as that..all mint unless stated..PM me or email sipenfold@btinternet.com

Northern Soul..

Accents tell me challenge vg+++ £10

Admirals sawmill pulse £30

Jo armstead a stone good lover giant 25 E+

Yvonne baker I can't change jumior 30 E

Jj barnes don't bring me bad news ric-tic 5

Jj barnes say it ric-tic 10

Jj barnes baby please come back home groovesville 10 vg++

Jj barnes now she's gone revilot 5

H b barnum 3 rooms.... Audition dj 20

Fontella bass I can't rest checker 15 E+

Fontella bass safe and sound checker 5 wol

Jackey beavers there's a heartbreak somewhere sound stage7 5 vg+

Chuck bernard send for me st Lawrence 15

Bobbettes tighten up your own mayhew 5

Sandy borden stand by me diplomacy 15

Soul brothers 6 I'll be loving you atlantic 30 vg+

Maxine brown am I falling in love abc dj 60 E

Rocky brown without a warning penntowne 40

Jay dee Bryant get it enjoy 20

Solomon burke only love atlantic 10

Little buster got a good thing going jubilee 20

Sam butera rat race dot 10

James carr coming back to me baby goldmine 15

Chubby checker discotheque parkway 20

Cincinnatians do what you want to do emerald 70

Jimmy soul clark tell her moira 15

Judy clay you busted my mind sceptre 20 E

Judy clay let it be me la vette dj 10

Bobby copney ain't no good tuff 20

Lou Courtney it's love now popside 15

James Crawford honest I do omen 25

Creations footsteps zodiac 25 vg

Liz damon's orient express you're falling in love white whale 5

Dells show me cadet 8

Dells make sure cadet 10 E+

Dells hallways of my mind cadet 5

Dells always together cadet 10

Jimmy delphs almost Karen 5 vg+

Detroit emeralds take me the way I am ric-tic 5

Troy dodds trying to find my baby Baytown 20

Drifters outside world atlantic 10

Mill Edwards don't forget about me bunky 10

Emeralds baby you've got me king 50

Betty Everett love comes tumbling down abc dj 40

Fantastic Johnny c some kind of wonderful phil la dj 15

Herb fame you're messing with my mind date 15

Fantastic four you gave me something ric-tic 4 sol E

Four chaps true lovers co and ce 20

Gifts girl I love you ballad 10

Glories try a little tenderness date dj 5

Dobie gray see you at the go-go charger 10

Bobby hebb you want to change me Philips 25 seconds of 'hiss' @ start

Bobby hebb some kind of magic Philips 5

Donald height she blew a good thing jubilee dj 30

Freddie Hughes I gotta keep my bluff in wand 5 vg

Tommy hunt never love a robin dynamic 10 E+

Chuck Jackson I keep forgettin' wand 10

Deon Jackson love makes the world go round carla 5 E wol

Jj Jackson but it's alright calla 15 E

Etta james pushover argo 5 E

Deena Johnson I'm a sad girl simpson dj 40

Marv Johnson with all that's In me UA 40

Ruby Johnson keep on keeping on volt 5 vg

Gloria jones heartbeat uptown 15

Linda jones I can't stand it loma 10

Linda jones I can't stop lovin' my baby loma 10

Roddie joy if there's anything else you want red bird 60

Willie Kendrick give me lots of lovin' rca dj 80 wol

Marie knight to be loved by you addit 80 E

Marie knight come on baby okeh 90 vg++

Buddy lamp next best thing d-town 60

Major lance shadows of a memory Dakar 10

Denise lasalle too late to check your trap parka 20

Lebanon strings now she's gone solid hit 20

Jackie lee bring it home keymen 10

Lolita & the exotics put a lotta loin in it libra 10

Mary love let me know modern dj 30

Lovettes little miss soul carnival dj 30

Lovemasters pushin' and pullin' jacklyn 40

Barbara lynn take your love & run atlantic 5 vg+

Barbara lynn you'll lose a good thing Jamie 8

Malibus just can't stand it duke 35

Manhattans teach me the philly dog carnival 2 vg

Masqueraders I got it bell 10

Bobby mcclure you got me baby checker 15

Van mccoy strings sweet and easy share 10

Metros sweetest one rca 5 vg+

Mike & the censations don't mess with me highland 20 E

Miller sisters I'm telling it like it is gmc 20 E

Garnet mimms keep on smilin' veep dj 10 E wol

Mckinley Mitchell you know I've tried one-derful 20

Bobby moore chained to your heart checker 12

Henry moore she's a lover Athens 12

Roy nelson elevator man ranard 30

Bobby Newton don't fight the feeling lorraine 30

Orlons wah-watusi cameo 8 E

One-derful band honey in the bee-bo one-derful! 5 E

Jackie paine go go train jet stream 10

Persionettes call on me or dj 80

Bill pinkey I found some lovin' veep dj 20

Bobby powell it's getting late in the evening whit dj 20

Profiles got to be your lover duo 10 vg+ wol

Remarkabales is the feeling still there audio arts 20

Rosco robinson that's enough wand 15

Lee rogers I'm a practical guy d-town 20

Faye ross faith hope and trust round 20

Royal jokers love games from a to z wingate dj 20

San remo strings I'm satisfied ric-tic 10

Dee dee sharp baby cakes cameo 5

Dee dee sharp standing in the need for love cameo 20

Shirelles everybody loves a lover sceptre 5 vg+++

Singing sam move it baby dan-dy 30 blue

Soul set I don't want her but I need her Johnson 30

Soulful strings burning spear cadet 12

Spare change alive and well vanguard 12

Joe stampley not too long ago paula 10

Billy storm please don't mention her name hbr 60 E

Superiors let me make you happy mgm dj 35

Superlatives do what you want to do dynamics 10

Bettye swann lonely love money 12

Sweet got to have more love smash dj 15

B j Thomas I don't have a mind of my own sceptre 15

Tim I need your love celtex 15

True tones he's got the nerve josie 20

Baby Washington standing on the pier sue 5

Baby Washington your fool sue 25

Baby Washington you are what you are sue 10

Justine Washington I can't wait until I see my baby sue 25

Lenny Welch wait a little longer mercury dj 40

Mary wells such a sweet thing atco 10 E

Kim Weston I got what you need mgm 12

Margaret whiting love's the only answer London 10 wol

Sam Williams so called friend uptown 60 vg+++

Jackie Wilson soul time Brunswick 5

Jackie Wilson no pity Brunswick 10

Don wyatt I've got myself to blame garpax dj 70

Timi yuro insult to injury liberty 10


Ann sexton you've been gone too long seventy 7 110 E yellow

John gary Williams the whole damn world. Stax dj 100

Bobby Womack home is where the heart is Columbia Canadian 50

Ad libs nothing worse than being alone share 15E

Essence don't press your luck interstate 10

Frankie floyd I'm gonna get you ix chains 9 E

Al Johnson it's not too late marina 10

Troy keyes if I had my way vmp 7 label tear

Skip Mahoney running away from love abet 15

Natural four you did this for me abc 8

Esther Phillips magic's in the air kudo 5

Lou rawls see you when I git there pir 18

Tavares it only takes a minute capitol 3

Tower of power this time it's real wb 8

Baby Washington I've got to break away master five 5

Flora Wilson dancing on a daydream soulvation army 20

Jackie Wilson what'cha gonna do about love Brunswick 15


Four tops can't seem to get you.. tamla uk 9 vg+++

Marvin gaye & mary wells what's the matter... motown 5 E

Marvin gaye change what you can tamla 5 E

Marvelettees the day you take one.. tamla 5

Monitors since I lost you girl vip 10 E

Martha reeves show me the way gordy 8 wol

Martha reeves nowhere to run tamla uk 2nd issue 4

Spinners for all we know motown dj 5 vg+++ sticker

Bobby taylor if you love her gordy 10

Jr walker cleos' mood soul 10 lilac

Jr walker shoot your shot soul dj 7 vg+++

Kim Weston it should have been me tamla 6 vg+++

Re-issues etc etc...

Rose batiste hit & run revilot 8

Brothers & sisters make me sad toddlin' town 8

George carrow angel baby Columbia grey 10

Chandlers your love keeps drawing me closer bleu rose 20

Mr charles I don't need no doctor/nf porter keep on sos 5

Detroit shakers help me find my way counsel 5

Dennis Edwards johnnie on the spot international soulsville 10

Fascinations girls are out to get you mojo 6

Earl grant hide nor hair mca 6

Hesitations I'm not built that way kapp 10

Jimmy bo horne I just can't speak dade 9

Larry Houston let's spend some time together hfmp 001 15

Pierre hunt I've got to have your love golden wheels 5

Chuck Jackson these chains.. wand 5

Norma Jenkins the airplane song maltese 9

Little Anthony better use your head ua 5

Taj mahal ain't that a lot of love csp 5

Shane martin I need you csp 5

Willie Mitchell the champion London 10

Paris sleepless nights doc 10

Preludes deeper than that harthon 8

Rain out of my mind axe 5

Ronnie and robyn as long as you love me sidra 5

Lee roye tears mca 5

Buny sigler girl don't make me wait London 10

Sisters love don't you go through.... Soul-beat 5

Sweet things love you eternally jade owl 6

Don varner tear stained face quinvy 10

Tony joe white polk salad annie ripete 3

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