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  1. A few to go All records play great and in top condition Jo Ann Garret - A whole New Plan - Chess - Ex £120 On Hold Andy Mack - Later Than You Think - Chess - Ex Drill Hole £30 Willey Wiley - Just Be Glad - King - Ex £40 Ray Pollard - Wanderlust - Decca - M- £40 Ronnie McNeir - Different Kind Of Love - Tortoise International - M- £40 Eddie Ray - Glad I Found You - Prix - M- £40 Connie McGill & The Visions - I Cant Stop MY Love- Dynamic - M- £35 Paypal only Free postage on single records Andy
  2. A few to go Smoke - Have I really Lost You - J Bridge VG++ £15 Charles Allen - Winterman - Dash M- £20 Ray Pollard - Wanderlust - Decca - M- £40 Jimmy Lewis - Is That Any Way to Treat A Lady - Hotlanta M- £35 (Title felt tipped out and written in on top in pen) Think there all like this! Lady Margot - Simply got to Make It - Cynthia M- £15 Paypal andyronline@gmail.com Free uninsured first class postage on all records
  3. All priced to sell. Some nice bits here for new homes, all records play great Andy Mack - Later Than You Think - VG++ Chess - £40 Ronnie McNeir - Different Kind Of Love - M- Tortoise International Demo - £30 The Masquerders - How Big Is Big - M- Bell £30 Sold Milton Harris - She's Hurting Me - VG++ Mutt £35 Eddie Ray - Glad I Found You - M- Prix £35 Richard Brown - Sweet And Kind - Ex Steeltown £25 TNT Band - The Meditation - VG+ Cotique £25 David Ruffin And Eddie Kendrick - I Couldn't Believe It - M- RCA Demo - £20 All records include free first class postage Message to reserve Paypal andyronline@gmail.com
  4. Some nice tunes here at good prices! Running out of room so need to make a bit more space PM to reserve and buy Milton Harris - She's Hurting Me - Mutt - M- £40 - Great double sider Ray Pollard - Wanderlust - Decca - M- £40 - Just great Smoke - Have I Really Lost you - J Bridge - Ex - £15 - Quality 70's Eddie Ray - Glad I Found You - Prix -Ex £20 - Another top double sider TNT Band - The Meditation - Cotique - VG + £20 - Dance floor winner Richard Brown - Sweet And Kind - Steeltown - Ex £20 - Just Great Jimmy Radcliffe - My Ship Is Coming In - Aurora M- £20 - Big Beat Ballad ON HOLD David Ruffin - I couldn't Believe It - Motown Demo - M- £15 - Catchy dancer, always a winner The Feathers - Tryin To Get To you - Team Ex Small drill hole £10 - Quality Northern Soul for the dancers Paypal to andyronline@gmail.com as family and friends or add 4% to cover fees Postage £3
  5. Brad Lundy - Julmar - The Breaking Point - Ex £120 The Flairs - RAP - You Got To Steal It - Ex £100 Viola Wills - Supreme - I've Got News For You - EX £30 The Caesars - Lanie Records - (Lala) I Love You - Ex £25 Barbara Jackson - Warner Bros - Big Man - Ex £20 Paypal only to andyronline@gmail.com Free uninsured postage Andy
  6. Some nice collectable Grapevine records here. Most are EX. All records look new and play fine. Nabay - Believe It Or Not Ex - £50 SOLD Al Williams - I Am Nothing Ex £50 Lester Tipton - This Won't Change/Masqueraders - How, both sides Ex £50 Larry Clinton - She's Wanted (A in green pen on wanted side) vinyl VG ++ £40 Soul Twins - Quick Change Artist/Give The Man A Chance, both sides Ex - £15 The Ellingtons - Destined to become a Loser, Millionaires, You've Got to Love Your Baby - Ex £15 Milton Wright -The Gallop, demo Ex £20 Judy Street - What VG + £10 Ray Godfrey - Come And Get These Memories VG ++ £15 Popcorn Wylie - Rosemary What Happened, demo - Ex £20 OR BUY THE LOT FOR £220 PM to buy, postage extra Paypal only please Thanks Andy
  7. All records play great Please PM to buy Joyce Hopson, I Surrender, Revue Drill Hole Ex £50 FourWonders, Just Looking For My Love, Solid Foundation Ex £50 Edward St Ann, More Luck To You Baby, USA Records Ex. On b side WOL £30 Imperial Wonders, Trying To Get To You, Black Prince Ex, £50 Barbara Mercer, Call On Me, Capitol Demo, Ex £40 PayPal only please. Prices not including postage. Andy
  8. All records originals and all play great Danny Moore - Somebody New - ALLRITE Records - m- £80 (stamped) Sugar and the Spice - Have Faith In Me - Swan VG+ plays fine £140 (small letters on label both sides) SOLD Four Wonders - Just Looking for My Love - Solid Foundation ex- £40 The Delcos - Arabia - Showcase (small wol) ex £50 Willie j & Co - Boogie With Your Baby - KIKI Records - £150 The Imperial Wonders - Trying to Get to You - Black Prince vg++ - £40 PayPal please as a gift to andyronline@gmail.com Free postage in Uk Please PM to reserve Thanks Andy
  9. A few bits to move around Betty Boo - The in demand Say It Isn't so, Grapevine M- £100 SOLD Rufus Wonder - Under The Moon, Lendo Demo M- £200 Ray Pollard - Wanderlust, Decca M- £60 Al Mason - Good Lovin, Bunky M- £100 Brown sugar - Game Is Over, Capitol M- £60 Barbara Mercer - Call On Me, Capitol M- £40 Vessie Simmons - I Can Make It On My Own, Simco M- £70 Brooks Odell - The Lively Ones, Columbia, date stamp on label, vinyl M- £60 Brenda Lee Eager - You Gave Me Everything Demo, Mercury M- £15 Tempest - would you Believe - Smash M-£15 SOLD Horace Faith - I Cant Understand It DJM M- £15 SOLD PM to reserve Paypal Gift to andyronline@gmail.com £2.50 for 1st then 80p for each additional record Recorded Delivery add £2.00 to normal postage rates, Special Delivery add £8.00 to normal postage Thanks for looking Andy
  10. Under The Moon - White label DJ Vinyl is M - to Ex £250 with free uninsured postage worldwide paypal only, PM to buy Andy
  11. Some nice pieces to go here Barbara Mercer - Call On Me - Capitol (Yellow Demo) ex £40 - (2 brilliant sides) Benny Latimore - Girl I Got News For you - Dade Vg ++ £80 (Finally in demand) ZZ Hill - What More - Kent, vinyl ex, X on flip side £40 (great 6ts) SOLD Louis Curry - I'll Try Again Tomorrow - M-S Records ex very slight label wear £25 (Brilliant Detroit) Quinn Harris - I'll always Love You - M L E vg++ £80 (Great x over now getting played) SOLD Big Frank - I wont Let Her See Me Cry - Philips vg+ marks on vinyl with very minimal background static on quiet parts otherwise plays fine £150 (Class, nuff said) SOLD Sammy Ambrose - Welcome To Dreamsville/Platters - Not My Girl - 100 Club Anniversary single m- £40 (Platters unissued version only available on this 45) SOLD 125th St Candy Store -Strange Sensation - Uptite m- £65 (On lots of wants lists, great track) Brooks Odell - The Lively Ones - Columbia - small mark on flip, vinyl m- £50 (Class, 2 great sides) Gwen McCrae - It Keeps Raining - Cat, drill hole m- £30 (Great 6ts R&B) Charles Allen - Winterman - Dash m- £25 (Quality X Over) Free worldwide shipping PM to buy PayPal only please to andyronline@gmail.com Andy
  12. A few bits to move on, all records play fine! PayPal only to andy62@fsmail.net Free uninsured postage worldwide Gordon Keith - Look Ahead - Calumet, lovely m- copy £75 now 65 ON HOLD TNT Band - The Meditation - Cotique, vg++ light mark on vinyl that does not affect play £70 now 50 Louis Curry - I'll Try Again Tomorrow, MS Records ex £40 now 30 Jimmy Radcliffe - My Ship Is Coming In, m- Aurora Demo - £40 now 30 Richard Brown - Sweet And Kind - Steeltown Inc m- £40 now 30 The Flairs - You Got To Steal It, RAP m- £100 (2 belting sides) now 90 ZZ Hill - What More, Kent m- £50 now 40 Lenny O Henry - Mr Moonlight, Smash m- £30 now 25 Viola Wills - Have I Got News For You, Supreme m- £25 The Volumes - That Same Old Feeling, Impact Demo, will grade at vg++ but plays ex £150 ON HOLD Benny Latimore - Girl I Got News For You, Dade vg++ plays ex £35 now 30 The Girls - The Hurts Still Here, Memphis m- £15 Barbara Mercer - Call On Me, Capitol Demo m- £50 now 40 Interested, please PM Thanks Andy
  13. 3 nice tracks up for grabs here! The Volumes - That Same Old Feeling - Impact DEMO VG++plays great small wol £200 The Vonetts - Touch My Heart - Cobblestone EX £70 SOLD The Trends -Dance With Me Baby - Smash DEMO £40 SOLD PM to buy PayPal as a gift to andy62@fsmail.net FREE POSTAGE on records under £100 Andy

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