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  1. I've always used Vinyl Carvers who are quick and good quality Andy
  2. Why ? The point I was making is that on Popsike you can see the full range of prices. For example I was checking a price on a 45 recently where the dealer was asking 150. Popsike showed about 25 instances of Ebay auctions and prices varied from around 40 to 120, so I figured 150 was too much. I certainly wouldn't base any purchase on UK dealer auction prices. Discogs only gives you what's been on Discogs, and in most cases what I'm looking for is never on there (or very rarely) and never sold according to them, but I know its been for sale elsewhere. The main dealers are also on there so the pricing is still distorted in my view but its is actual prices paid. However come to think of it there was a thread on here some time ago about how Discogs pricing can be manipulated by various methods, so maybe not that accurate after all.
  3. Prices are subjective and often highly variable. Popsike will give the full range of pricing and the average paid, so will Discogs. Don't base your prices on some cheque book Charlie stupidly bidding on dealer auctions at ridiculous prices just because they have to have the 45. You will soon be bankrupt. Remember also that most dealers have to pay taxes and employ staff and this is accounted for in their pricing.
  4. Bought mine as a new release on the recommendation of Rob Wigley who spun it at The Hollingwood in his set amongst the likes of Charles Johnson etc and it didn't seem out of place. It seems to have gone up and down over the years but I've had very good offers for mine in recent times.
  5. Either service is good and reliable and the only real difference is a signature. The internationally tracked used to be called Airsure I think but RM changed the name. A note of caution is that if you want to insure high value items for full value the cost jumps massively.
  6. Agreed internationality is a factor, but there has always been different scenes worldwide that have sought out different types of soul music. However it seems in recent years that everyone is chasing more or less the same 45's. Then of course you have records that appeal to different collectors e.g. one side soul the other funk, one side NS and one side sweet, and so on. So the 'pool' of 45's becomes smaller and harder to get. Having said that some of the prices are ridiculous, especially when you see the condition of some.
  7. There are two types of charges at different values, Import Duty and VAT. As Chalks has already said the postage counts towards the actual import cost, so you can also blame the US postal service for doubling their rates a couple of years ago. If the customs flag it then the PO has to pay up and then collect from you and as Steve says its actually better for you that they do it otherwise it would cost a fortune in travel and expenses. Best policy is to ensure you only buy from US sellers who will declare a low value. I wont bid or buy on any listing where they state that actual costs will be declared on the package and I also try to avoid those who use the Ebay global shipping programme which seems to sting you for duties no matter what the value is.
  8. Spent some happy hours there myself Mr P. Musically very open and forward thinking at the time and it was a shame to see it go. I vaguely remember trading some 45's with you and probably coming off worst. I also remember Rod D doing a spot or two, but all of the DJ's played some nice stuff. Memory for me was when Rod played 2001 Black Essence - 'Change in my life' after he just purchased it...a rather spiffing tune I thought at the time.
  9. Somebody was after a Chappels in the 'wants' a short while ago.
  10. Unfortunately Paul revisionism is part of the scene. It makes me laugh with threads on here about "who was the first to play XXX or YYY" as a) it doesn't really matter and b) 95% of the time credit goes to the wrong person. If folks want to do a bit of willy waving I'd just let them get on with it, as my old boss used to say "smile, say yes and think b******s". ATB
  11. It is I believe. The vocal on 'The one...' sounds white in places, so it all seems to fit. Nice harmonies though.
  12. Just putting up some bits for sale and hopefully some bargains for everyone. I'd consider a deal if ordering multiple 45's ! Usual Grading : NM: I don't use mint so this is the closest Ex : Nice disc with small signs of use VG: Some surface marks etc but no skips, jumps and maybe some light noise - still a nice disc G: Surface marks, some light scratches, bit of noise but no skips jumps etc, label may have issues but will describe. All sales come with 100% refund if not happy Post 1.50 first, 2.70 Recorded and 5.00 worldwide YT clips for ref only +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Big Guys - Hang my head and cry - Warner Promo £20 (brill Xover) This disc looks G+ with worn label and some film on the styrene (which I can't get off) but it plays superb and well above grade. Currently 150 for a minter. Woody Carr and the Entertainers - Just another fool - Jerden Promo VG++ £15 ( blue eyed and an old cover up) Barbara Mason - Oh how it hurts / Aint got nobody - Arctic VG £10 ( small WoL - Bargain for a great Philly double sider) Maskman & Agents - The world is a cafeteria - Mask VG++ £15 ( First label for this nice mid tempo) Blossoms - That's when the tears start - Reprise VG++ £25 (needs no introduction - classic) Derek Martin - You better go - Roulette WLP VG++/Ex- £10 ( good ender for the night) Eddie Simpson - Got to keep on believing - Mamie Ex+ £40 ( On dealer lists at 150 !! Bargain) Bernie Milton & Soul patrol - 60/40 - Chatmon Ex £40 ( on dealers at 100 - classic xover) Manhattans - Love is breaking out (all over) - Carnival NM £15 (Carnival stuff seems to be rising in price) Sins of Satan - Dance and free your mind - Buddah Ex+ £20 ( One major dealer tipping this recently) Cody Black - the night a star was born - Carla Ex £30 ( Brill Detroit) Shirelles - Wait till I give the signal - Scepter Promo - Ex £25 ( great stuff their best) Orthea Barnes - I've never loved nobody / Waiting for Joey - Coral Ex £40 ( terrific double sider) Thanks for looking PM's for order or questions Andy
  13. Just a few bits for today... NM: Don't use mint Ex : Nice 45 small signs of use (few hairlines etc) VG: still a nice record but clear signs of use ( NO pops, skips, jumps etc) + / - will refine a bit further Esquires - State Fair / You say - Bunky NM £10 ( always the forgotten one - State Fair for me !) The Orlons - Spinning Top - VG++ £15 (classic oldie) Cody Black - The night a Star was Born / Life goes on - Ram Brock Ex- £40 ( JM has this at 75, his rare one on the label) The Shirelles - Wait till I give the signal - Scepter DJ Ex £30 ( DJ copy - Really thick vinyl ) The Diplomats - I've got the Kind of love - Dynamo Ex £25 ( great mid tempo group tune ) Orthea Barnes - I never loved nobody / Waiting for Joey - £40 Coral Ex ( both sides a fab) Post 1.50 UK First, 2.70 recorded, 5.00 worldwide. Paypal as F&F please or add 4% if you wish PM with any questions or queries. ATB Andy
  14. I don't know the CD version but I have a couple of copies left of the 45 in question. The vocal is not Curtis Mayfield alone as its more of a group effort. The backing vocals are paired back so the backing track is often more prominent. For example there is no 'my baby' on the intro. I have both versions and I think both have their own merits. If you want a copy just let me know. Once they are gone they are gone as they say. ATB Andy
  15. Hi all For me one of the best Impressions tunes, and cracking crossover. Totally mint unplayed and in its 'birth sleeve' ..LOL !! A lovely promo copy for you !!!. The Impressions - Love me - Curtom promo M £20 Please see the information added below. I have never heard this version of it and its brill to my ears, better than the standard one usually seen. 'I can confirm it is totally different. The first thing you will notice is there's no vocals on the intro with the repeating "My Baby, My Baby". The vocal is more group than someone actually taking the lead and i think i can hear that soft Curtis vocal in there, deep voiced spoken parts and the bassline does seem prominent in this mix.' Paypal as F&F or add 4% please Postage 1.50 UK First, 2.70 Recorded and 5.00 std airmail worldwide. PM for order or questions Thanks Andy

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