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  1. The above monthly event takes place this month on the Sunday 25th April at the open air market in Market Square. Market Square is right in the town center either side of the market hall, and there's plenty of parking around within 5 minutes walk. Normally 30-40 dealers with plenty of soul 45 and albums for sale. Usually very busy with collectors travelling from across the UK. I'm told it will share the market place with the Asian food fair, so grab a 45 and a Ruby Murray at the same time. Its run by AA Record Fairs if sellers want to get a sales pitch - AA Record Fairs Andy 07
  2. I think the story is that Numero pressed it for one of the promotional events (as they did with the Outa-Sights) something to do with Japan I read. Then Dave Thorley asked them for any spare copies and sold them over here. It does go for a tidy sum if you can get one. Bit of a tune tho'
  3. So, to round this up. I have been in email dialogue with Ebay's shipping dept. because its they who work with Ebay's shipping and tax collecting service. It outsourced to a company called Pitney Bowes or something like that. Anyway I asked why they added 28% tax on what should have been 20%. Apparently its to cover the fees charged by their outsourced service so its VAT + Fee's to Pitney Bowes, hence 28%. The surprising thing was at the end of each email, they said that I could, before paying the invoice, contact the seller and ask them to ship outside of Ebay's program and therefor
  4. It was clearly an Indian back office support operation who seemed to have no knowledge or authority to speak on behalf of Ebay, despite being Ebay's office / representatives.
  5. Another Ebay rip off I think.... I won an item yesterday and I expected the 20% VAT to be added. However when I went to pay the import tax figure was 28% of the combined value of item and shipping. Eh ? So I contacted Ebay this morning and asked what is going on and pointed out that UK VAT was 20%. I was passed from person to person and asked to wait for answers and on hold for 10 to 15 minutes each time, and finally after 45 minutes they told me they would have to raise it up to other people so I gave up. This current incarnation of Ebay is a far cry from the one I joined 20+ y
  6. Get him to contact the UK dealers over here and they will sell the Tumble Dryer as an original US issue
  7. Spot on Andy. I was a bit more polite in my comment about sound files 'leveling up the knowledge' of some to those who have done the hard yards. Great to hear the word 'Div' again, I haven't used that since the 70's Andy Mac
  8. Private bidder status was introduced (from memory) years ago because at one point in time you could see who you were bidding against and who had won. Many people were being 'tracked' as to what they were bidding on with other collectors essentially using their knowledge to obtain records. Ebay tried to eliminate this by making the bidders anonymous, as it was raised on some of their forums particularly by many here in the UK as I recall. Therefore I see no reason why they would keep Private Bidders in place now as it leaves the whole system open to abuse. The last time I sold a 45 a few
  9. I agree with all the pre-internet comments about wants notebooks, tape swappers and all that stuff. Great fun. However, what about the early days of the internet. I remember joining Ebay over 20 years ago and buying stuff blind for 2 or 3 $ with shipping at $4 it was worth a punt and found some decent stuff and some garbage along with it, but it was great anticipating the post to see whether you'd bought a monster or dud. Also as there wen't many collectors on Ebay you could pick up some obscure rarities for little money. Dealers began popping up on line and they had little or no k
  10. A round up of recent sales with reductions Paypal as F&F please or add 4% if you prefer. Postage 1.70 UK First, 3.00 Recorded and 5.00 worldwide standard airmail (other options available at cost) please PM with questions or to reserve. ATB Andy RITCHIE ADAMS - BETTER OFF WITHOUT YOU - MGM NM £20 Teddy Randazzo big production effort YT sound file for ref only : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= HOWARD TATE - HALF A MAN - VERVE Ex £10 great underrated mid tempo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEywkkMlx1w&list=RDjEywkkMlx1w&
  11. Always loved his "you're just plain nice"...great tune.
  12. Here's a top quality Northern outing and pretty rare Miami soul too from one of the best known artists in that area. Deserves to be played out more. I use NM, Ex, VG strict grading and I give a full description. Clarence Reid & Delmiras - Push a little Harder - Dade VG++ £300 Graded this as VG++ with some surface marks, which are mainly paper marks, and some more very small visible marks/ light scratches in the right light. It plays well above grade. YT clip for reference only: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PF09yzicfYU Payment by Paypal as F&F or add 4% if
  13. Didn't know it was an award Mal ! Did give you an up vote though for your troubles
  14. She also has an 'earthy' Northern cum R&B ish outing on Soul International called 'I dont care'. Relatively semi-known and most copies turn up with trashed labels - probably Katrina the cause. It has a guitar led backing so maybe Linda herself ? Andy
  15. Don't quote me Rick but I did have this many moons ago and seem to recall the flip "Oh Darling" was a ballad type thing but nothing that special. I like the slow stuff so I probably would have kept it if it was something. Andy

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