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  1. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Oh dear

    I'm not disagreeing Chalky, people who have always liked the more upfront side will know many of them but we don't know them all, and of course other genre's of soul music have become accepted e.g. group soul harmony. I can guarantee I hear something or several things I don't know or have only heard infrequently. If you are saying that this is equivalent to an oldies top 50 bash, slipping on talc and having your shins whipped by 40" baggy bottoms during a spin, then I think its a negative view. Anyway here's a picture of me, Mick Brown and Franc Giacobbe on the way to Groovin in Derby a few weeks back. Francs the good looking one keeping his hand on the talc in his pocket. Andy Mac
  2. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Oh dear

    Chalky once again I agree with 90% of what you state. However we are 30/40 years on from when new sounds were discovered regularly, so it wont be the same now as it was then, it never can be. I mentioned two venues above and I don't know if you have attended either, but will you hear something 'known' - yes of course, but you will also hear a spread and range of musical styles that present something different. Its more of a mix like the Euro scene and my experience has been these venues are well supported as are others I have attended. Andy
  3. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Selling on Discogs - VAT question

    Thanks to all for the advice Andy
  4. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Oh dear

    I would agree in the most Chalks, but there are still venues that do something different. I find the Sunday venues are the best in terms of "something different". There are a number around the midlands and could recommend the likes of Groovin @ The Tavern in Derby and Feed Your Soul in Newark are just two of them. Other Sunday soul brands are available At the last 'Groovin' there was everything from group harmony/sweet soul, modern, crossover and NS with the odd soulful Reggae track thrown in for good measure. Andy
  5. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Selling on Discogs - VAT question

    Thinking about selling on Discogs as a private seller as I have a few 45's which I think would appeal more to the Euro / Rest of World crowd. I went to register and it asked for a VAT number which confused me a bit. As a private seller do I need a VAT number ? Will I be charged VAT for the listing fee and sale price ? Is it chargeable each month you have something listed ? Any other advice ? Any of you experienced Discogs sellers out there, your input would be appreciated. ATB Andy
  6. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Car Insurance

    There are also new EU regulations in force which pushes up your premiums also I believe. Did my daughters car with Hastings direct and saved quite a bit
  7. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Flip is good also.. Pigtails...more northern tho..... Pigtails released twice on different 45's if you were wondering why the record number is different
  8. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    I've always liked this and I've seen it appearing on a couple of xover playlists recently. Put a spare copy up for sale last week but no takers....maybe its just me that likes it
  9. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Problem with ebay filters

    Does it to everyone, me included.
  10. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    X-Over double sided bargain

    For your delectation... His best release on Buddah for me and seen on a couple of playlist recently ....uptempo crossover dancer with storming version of The Impacts tune....have a listen below (YT clips) Timothy Wilson - Loving You / Pigtails - Buddah Ex+ £30 Paypal as F&F please UK post: 1.50 first, 2.50 recorded, 5.00 worldwide PM for questions and to reserve Thanks YT Clips for reference only Loving You https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpYQSqjjOAQ Pigtails https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3gdIECrpdQ
  11. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    England v Spain

    Chalky I think its going to be difficult for Dier or Henderson when they have Ali and Lingard in front of them with no discipline. I'm not sure Ali in particular is worthy of a place. His one good season at Spurs seems to have made him a permanent fixture. I agree its good to see Shaw back in form, but my point about Vardy was he can turn the defence and run the channels - its doesn't have to be lumped over the top. But if you don't have any real creative midfielder then that's difficult to do. Our answer seems to be to play into Kane with his back to goal and no runners or support around. That worked Ok against the lesser teams in the WCup, but he struggled against the better teams. I'm not an Allardyce fan but he did make a good point during the competition that if its not working you have to change. That could mean changing the system or the players within the existing system. He got panned for saying it amid the euphoria, but he had a point I think.
  12. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    England v Spain

    Agree with most of this Chalks except you can't really pin it on Dier. As I've been saying during and after the world cup, we didn't really play anyone of note and lost three times including Belgium and Belgium reserves. Croatia beat us even though they had previous games go into extra time and still they had the stamina and guile to win. Kane is not firing and I'm at a loss to see what Ali's role is. We have nobody that can run in behind opposition defences and the one player we did have in Vardy didn't get a look in at the W Cup and has now been told he's surplus to requirements. I'm not convinced of three at the back especially against the better technical and passing teams like Spain. Southgate and the squad were / are media friendly, so they are getting a bit of a free pass at the moment. I'm afraid the truth is we have to accept what and where we are in international footballing terms.
  13. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Cracked records that play great

    Totally agree. I can't believe people bidding huge sums on cracked 45's on Ebay. The crack itself puts the disc at risk and one slight knock or a bit of mishandling could ruin it very quickly and easily. There are ways to stabilise (and I use the term stabilise rather than repair) the 45 as JM demonstrates on his Youtube channel and it does work, but bottom line is you still have a cracked record.
  14. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Silly Names, Pseudonyms, Aliases, Why?

    No sir, I'm Peregrine Cuthbert Tarquin Fontelriod the 3rd. I merely post on here as Andy Mac as a form of cunning disguise.
  15. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Hosepipe Ban

    And of course the UK collects only 4% of its rainfall.....because the utility companies tell us we don't need to collect any more than that for our usage.....really ?


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