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    Sam Williams - Love slipped thru my fingers
  1. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    Only problem with the amp is no Bass adjustment. Speakers are great and I'd recommend - small but powerful
  2. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    What's Your Audio Setup?

    Low end for me I'm afraid.......but there again I'm cheap Reloop 1000M Player (bit of a technic rip off) NAD 3120 Amplifier (old version which plays mono) Wharfdale Diamond Bookcase speakers
  3. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Non Vinyl

    Grahame Don't despair or give up. The 150 sounds you know are just a tiny fraction of what's out there. As others have said trawl through Youtube and follow the recommendations and you will here a whole range of sounds that now constitute the rare soul scene - northern, modern, crossover, sweet group etc. Look on the dealer sites and play their sound files. As with any of us there will be tunes you like and others not, but I assure you there are thousands of tunes waiting for you. As for venues, DJ's, exclusivity, CD's, mp3's etc. that's a bit of a political minefield, but suffice to say (with tin hat firmly on) that CD's and mp3's at a venue are a bit of a no no. There are plenty of venues which still play towards the oldies scene with the classic sounds of yesteryear, and maybe this is the place to start for you. Look out for something advertised as 'Northern Soul & Motown Night' and I'm sure you will hear some of your faves and see a packed dance floor. Record collecting need not be an expensive pastime as there are plenty of 5 quid records that will tickle your fancy. But I would say come and join the scene with an open mind and listen to everything it has to offer. Andy
  4. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Mac's Mints - NS, XO & Group

    OK folks back to the stuff that's been coming out of the basement in the US which was the stock of an record store which closed 25 years ago. I'm going to grade all as NM but I think most will be unplayed. Where I don't think it is I'll indicate UK grade - ususally Ex - Ex+. P&P is 2.50 UK recorded ( just to make sure as its Crimbo) and 5.00 worldwide. You will find sound files on Youtube 1. The Falcons - I'm a fool - Big Wheel £50 (probably the best copy I've had label and vinyl) 2. The Shirelles - Wait till I give the signal - £35 ( in its 'birth sleeve' as the current BS goes) 3. Otis Leavill - Why Why Why / Glad I met you - Dakar WLP £40 ( both sides great xover) 4. Marva Whitney - Ball of fire - King £25 ( classic xover in its original sleeve) 5. Loleatta Holloway - I know where your coming from - Aware WLP £10 ( classic xover) 6. Earl Duke Jenkins & Roulettes - Misusin' me - BEE £15 (R&B, nice deep flip if I remember) 7. Denise Chandler - Yes I'm ready / You've hurt me now - LOCK £20 ( both sides nice with a bit of low rider action) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUVzdgIpiHo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pZHjVGQqUo 8. Diplomats - I've got the kind of love - Dynamo £25 ( superb group soul and often over looked) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fl7HNaZ6_XI +++++++++++++++++++++++++ UK Graded 9. Mel Vena Allen - The bigger your heart - Salvadore Ex DJ £35 (on JM its £100 so dip your bread) 10. Dynamics - I wanna know - Big Top WLP Ex+ £75 ( two XoL but half dealer price). 11. Jades - Ain't it funny what love can do - Capitol Green DJ Ex+ £15 That's it for today folks Questions or orders please PM. Andy
  5. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Quality Affordable Crossover

    Some nice crossover tracks for your delectation. Sounds are just from YT for reference. Might be open to offers or trades. PM any questions queries etc. Paypal as F&F please UK post: 1.50 first, 2.50 recorded, 5.00 worldwide PM for questions and to reserve Timothy Wilson - Loving You / Pigtails - Buddah Ex+ £30 (his best for me with good NS flip) Loving You https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpYQSqjjOAQ Pigtails https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3gdIECrpdQ Otis Leavill - Why Why Why / Glad I met you - Dakar WLP Ex+ £50 ( great double sided 45) Why https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f23NRremf3s Glad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUtEIe4FoN8 Johnny Adams - You're a bad habit - SSS VG++ £40 ( just hairlines and light marks so graded lower) Bad habit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdRUjHU4oVE Rob Galbraith - Just be you (short) / (Long) - RCA DJ M- £25 (breezy catchy crossover) Just https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09CN3dFo1wI Bernie Milton & Soul Patrol - 60/40 - Chatmon Ex £50 (half the price of dealers) ATB Andy
  6. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Isley Brothers "110Th And Lenox" Does It Exist?

    Tell us more Kim. Don't you just love record collecting
  7. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    V Rare Modern Boogie / Deep - Richard Mark

    Hi For sale is a 45 I know nothing about except that it seems very rare and the last copy sold I could find went for $735 on Ebay and many people have it as a 'want' on Discogs. Is this Richard Marks or a different artist i.e Richard Mark ? https://www.popsike.com/DeepModern-Soul-45-Richard-Marks-I-Cant-Stand-Midtown-mp3-rare/201374680789.html Richard Marks - Pretty Woman / I can't stand (being alone without you) - Midtown VG++ £600 (or offers around ) Top side is a modern boogie dancer with a lovely ballad deep flip. Labels are clean, no writing, rips etc ( see scans). Both sides of the vinyl have some radial surface marks which do not affect play, but the vinyl is bright and shiny otherwise. PM with any questions queries etc. I'll leave it up for a week or so then put it on Discogs if no interest to anyone. Postage would be as Special delivery at around £8, and worldwide would be sent Airsure or other tracked and traced method (please contact me if overseas). As always full refund available. Cheers Andy Edit: I've now had it confirmed that this is definitely Richard Marks of Tuska et al fame. Must be a label misspelling.
  8. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Oh dear

    I'm not disagreeing Chalky, people who have always liked the more upfront side will know many of them but we don't know them all, and of course other genre's of soul music have become accepted e.g. group soul harmony. I can guarantee I hear something or several things I don't know or have only heard infrequently. If you are saying that this is equivalent to an oldies top 50 bash, slipping on talc and having your shins whipped by 40" baggy bottoms during a spin, then I think its a negative view. Anyway here's a picture of me, Mick Brown and Franc Giacobbe on the way to Groovin in Derby a few weeks back. Francs the good looking one keeping his hand on the talc in his pocket. Andy Mac
  9. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Oh dear

    Chalky once again I agree with 90% of what you state. However we are 30/40 years on from when new sounds were discovered regularly, so it wont be the same now as it was then, it never can be. I mentioned two venues above and I don't know if you have attended either, but will you hear something 'known' - yes of course, but you will also hear a spread and range of musical styles that present something different. Its more of a mix like the Euro scene and my experience has been these venues are well supported as are others I have attended. Andy
  10. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Selling on Discogs - VAT question

    Thanks to all for the advice Andy
  11. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Oh dear

    I would agree in the most Chalks, but there are still venues that do something different. I find the Sunday venues are the best in terms of "something different". There are a number around the midlands and could recommend the likes of Groovin @ The Tavern in Derby and Feed Your Soul in Newark are just two of them. Other Sunday soul brands are available At the last 'Groovin' there was everything from group harmony/sweet soul, modern, crossover and NS with the odd soulful Reggae track thrown in for good measure. Andy
  12. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Selling on Discogs - VAT question

    Thinking about selling on Discogs as a private seller as I have a few 45's which I think would appeal more to the Euro / Rest of World crowd. I went to register and it asked for a VAT number which confused me a bit. As a private seller do I need a VAT number ? Will I be charged VAT for the listing fee and sale price ? Is it chargeable each month you have something listed ? Any other advice ? Any of you experienced Discogs sellers out there, your input would be appreciated. ATB Andy
  13. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Car Insurance

    There are also new EU regulations in force which pushes up your premiums also I believe. Did my daughters car with Hastings direct and saved quite a bit
  14. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Flip is good also.. Pigtails...more northern tho..... Pigtails released twice on different 45's if you were wondering why the record number is different
  15. Billy Jo Jim Bob

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    I've always liked this and I've seen it appearing on a couple of xover playlists recently. Put a spare copy up for sale last week but no takers....maybe its just me that likes it


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