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  1. I can't listen very slow connection - I'm on 'oliday in N. Cyprus - but I think this is its re-issue, ignore the Dennis Brown credit... B side of the Cyclones' intru of MY SWEET LORD
  2. ZapatootheTiger

    Jackie Mittoo Info Needed Please

    Good tune and recently discussed over on Pama. The Gaylads vocal (BOOGALOO WITH YOU) is a belter...
  3. ZapatootheTiger

    Welcome To The Ska Section

    Controversial? ...not in my house - I'm with you. Yet I have more Soul singles than Reggae/JA
  4. ZapatootheTiger

    Bush Chemists

    I have a handful of Bush Chemist tunes (some of thes on the Dub Convention album) Nice stuff, though I only listen occasionally - reckon I should dig some out and give it a go B)
  5. ZapatootheTiger

    Anyone Recommend Any Cheapie Ska 45S ?

    Plenty of Ska and other re-presses down at Peckings (Askew Rd. Shepherds Bush London W12)
  6. ZapatootheTiger

    Anyone Recommend Any Cheapie Ska 45S ?

    Also check Phil Etgarts's ebay listings (google Enthucol) http://www.google.co.uk/search?sourceid=navclient&hl=en-GB&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4HPEB_en-GBGB256GB256&q=enthucol
  7. ZapatootheTiger

    The Blue Beats - Roarin

    The other Blue Beats tunes I have BABY WHAT YOU DONE ME WRONG and GO PRETTY BABY, GO are both pretty lame, Dave - I hope RARI' is better!!!
  8. ZapatootheTiger

    Can Anyone Put A Title To This Instrumental

    LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON appeared on the Westside CD "Top Deck Vol. 1 Ska-Ra-Van" (WESM509 / 1997)
  9. ZapatootheTiger

    Where Do I Start?

    I try Gordon. Also, Trojan and (separately) Pama forums are useful sources information, knowledge and dubious wit (plug plug) http://www.trojanrecords.co.uk/forum/index.php http://s7.zetaboards.com/PAMA_FORUM/index/
  10. ZapatootheTiger

    Dj Ugently Required 19Th Dec

    I hope you've got this sorted, Teresa.
  11. ZapatootheTiger

    Maytones - Botheration - Uk Blue Cat

    I always liked that one - but have successfully "avoided" getting it so far, for some reason
  12. ZapatootheTiger

    Bobby Aitken - Never Never - Blue Eat

    I saw this for £8 quid - looked to be in decent nick - back in the summer (Blue Beat 93) on a market stall just in front of Brighton's West Pier. I didn't have the cash to spare... Nice "lazy" rhythm (I have it on a CD-R).
  13. ZapatootheTiger

    The Upsetters - Dollar In Teeth

    Mine is an original issue, but due to popular demand, was subject to at least 1 extra pressing run at that time - the first run had the "usual" 4-pronged centre. The matrix number for this one is noted on the label (TMX72 - Return of Django is TMX73)
  14. ZapatootheTiger

    Where Do I Start?

    Did I sort this for you, Pete? I thought I did, but now I'm not so sure...


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