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  1. There Must Be a Love Somewhere / Funky Funky - Betty Brooks ( Le Cam 107) Price and Condition Please tony@dellar.demon.co.uk
  2. Interested in your copy of the Trends. What offers have you had?? Please reply using my own e-mail address tony@dellar.demon.co.uk
  3. Hi Neal, Is this the original one with the blue logo? Sold mine some years ago. Tony
  4. Interesting. As per usual the other side was the Northern Hit. Also I notice Elbie is in mighty fine company alongside Cliff Nobles in that year!
  5. Prices may have fallen in some peoples eyes but how often do you see a stock copy as opposed to a promo?? Still a darn good tune!!
  6. Thanks for coming back Nick. By the way I need to replace both Joe Hicks - "Don`t it Make You Feel Funky" & Coasters - "Crazy Baby" as both have had a hard life after 45 years. Let me know? Best Wishes Tony
  7. Hi Nick, Thanks for sending the Sparkels. One thing I have noticed whilst playing it is there seems to be a constant whistling in the background of the actual record. Is this something you also noticed? Is it like it on all of them? Tony
  8. Hi Nick, Just wondering when the Sparkels is going to arrive. You will not have any problem with the cheque I can assure you. Tony
  9. Hi there Nick. Cheque received O.K. ?? Tony
  10. Hey Up Nick - Cheque on it`s way. Posted at Twelve Noon. Tony
  11. Hi there. I am interested in the Sparkles? Is it still going? Tony
  12. Is it trades or readies on Ernestine Eady?? tony@dellar.demon.co.uk
  13. I wish I had known Hammie. A mate of mine is after one.

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