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  1. neal bull

    The Strides

    Hi Ade, what’s the price. Neal. I’m a poor man these days
  2. neal bull

    The Strides

    Looking for a copy of make your move on m.s. must be E+ or mint,pm me with price & condition thanks Neal.
  3. neal bull


    Tell me about it fella, been hooked for 30 + years do you have any other wants
  4. neal bull


    Hi bud, Rare soul 45s.co.uk have a jimmy reed Neal
  5. neal bull


    Looking for a clean original styrene copy of since I found a love on so-cha must be bell sound stamped pm with price and condition. cheers. Neal.
  6. neal bull

    Alexander patten- A lil lovin sometimes- Capitol.

    Hi, try Henry Atkinson soul 45 collector he had a Canadian copy Neal
  7. neal bull


    Let’s copp. a groove. cracking dancer floor packer. only vg vg plus.lite crackle at the end of song plays quite nice. £20 plus post
  8. neal bull

    jesse slaughter - les stan

    hi Russ hope you are well, try this seller, Lee Fisher, he had a copy a few weeks ago. good luck. Neal.
  9. neal bull


    Please send pictures regards Neal
  10. neal bull


    I’m on holiday till 16 July will contact you when I get home Neal
  11. neal bull

    Looking For....Foreign Motown releases

    Hi bud, checkout Discogs there is loads.just type in your wants Neal.
  12. neal bull

    100 Club All Nighter - Record Dealers?

    Might be a good idea to take some tunes to trade, you never know what you’ll find. enjoy your time in London. Neal.
  13. neal bull

    Crossover magic - TONY BAXTER

  14. neal bull

    Crossover magic - TONY BAXTER

    Isn’t the blue copy on discogs. ?
  15. neal bull

    The Strides Make Your Move

    Hi can you reply, hope all is ok, if you have a spare to sell, please let me know Neal.


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