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  1. Hi Rick - I don't have a website anymore for the past 3 years or so. Everything goes through the facebook group - hitandrunsoul45
  2. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Great unreleased version of Barbara Lynn + ultra-rare Modern soul dancer View full article
  3. New release - 2 x Hit and Run 45s - Jo Jo Benson + Bernard Drake 2 NEW RELEASES - DUE : 29 May 2020 MAILING : Wed 27 May 2020 HR 1517 JO JO BENSON - You're Losing Me / I'll Be The One I remember during the days of Grapevine 2000 going to the studios in Houston with JA to try and work a deal for Huey's masters. There was a legal thing going on and we never got to it - so I'm particularly pleased to be able to eventually release this one on vinyl 45. Unreleased in the 70s, the 'A' side did get a CD release in 2015 and the 'B' side was out on a pretty hard-to-find Jetstream 45, which I recall had off-centre pressing problems on many copies. Here they are now - totally remastered and sounding pretty darned good. I think most of us love Barbara Lynn's Atlantic original and Jo Jo's version sounds pretty top-notch too. BERNARD DRAKE - I've Been Untrue / The Natural Thing. For the last few years, one of the biggest Modern / Crossover sounds in the country. It may well have been the same Texas trip around 15 years ago, we'd been to Houston and went on to the Austin show that I saw what is possibly the only copy I've ever seen of this 45. Ultra-rare and the few known copies are in the hands of Premier League DJ/collectors. - last one I saw through ebay was $4,000. Over 50 years old and sounds perfect for today. On sale with paypal payment now : £12.00 each + £3.00 p/p ( good for 1-3 records) paypal to - hitandrunsoul45@gmail.com
  4. A John Anderson to Colin Curtis Blackpool discovery - and also in the reminiscences of John Manship, a big Cleethorpes play.
  5. Good to read comments from all on this subject. Out of interest, Tony Hancock - you won't be buying at £12 - at what price would you buy ?
  6. News/Article/Feature Highlight: New release - Hit and Run 45 - The Delreys Incorporated - Destination Unknown / Crying In My Sleep View full article
  7. JUST MAILED OUT TODAY ALL PRE-ORDERS FOR THIS NEW RELEASE : HR 1516 - DELREYS INCORPORATED : Destination Unknown - Crying In My Sleep £12 + £3 p/p = £15.00 - paypal as f&f please to - hitandrunsoul45@gmail.com One of the occasions when we will do a 45 previously released on a small regional label in USA - this is one on an obscure Florida label we had lined up for release around 10 years ago. 'A' side is a Cleethorpes era dance winner - there's been a 1972 pretty hard-to-find £500+ original, an alleged boot repress £80+, occasional carvers £30, and a recent Soul Club press. You now have a beautifully remastered Hit and Run with a quality flip. - pure indulgence on my part - totally brilliant deepsoul featuring Joann Stevens and I'm thrilled to be able to get another deep title out on the label.
  8. Hi Rick - I was probably at that time operating either under my own name - Garry Cape - or Black Grape - from Wakefield. As you suggest, I seem to remember the Sunday openings were staffed by Ed's kids. We didn't get the entire run of the place. Usually a pre-order from on of his lists and then a certain part of the floorspace was opened up for browsing. It may be the fact that John Anderson had a close tie with Bernie Binnick, also in Phila, may have influenced Ed's decision to come to UK .
  9. Great memories, Rick. I used to like it when Ed had those open days and you could go along (on a Sunday morning ? ) to load up, really I used to go mainly for the great buffet lunch Ed used to put on (it was pretty much a new concept in UK at that time) - though I always made sure to spend enough to get invited back next time.
  10. IT'S BEEN A WHILE - GEORGE JACKSON IS NOW HERE ! GEORGE JACKSON - I Want That Love Back / If I Could Open Up My Heart - HR 1515 'A' side from the 1991 CD 'Heart To Heart Collect', became a 'Soul Essence' anthem and still sounds the business today; flip is a 1972 midpacer from the 2002 Grapevine CD 'In Muscle Shoals'. Two classic George Jackson sides. Listen... NOW ACCEPTING ORDERS WITH PAYPAL PAYMENT : Price is £12.00 + £3.00 p/p - you can send 3 45s for the same price as 1, so if you need some back numbers of HR releases, this might be a good time. ( All HR 45s now have soundclips on fb group - most are also on youtube ) Simply make paypal payment ( by 'friends' please) to - hitandrunsoul45@gmail.com - any queries, email me on same address. If you have ordered HR from me before, I should have your address. If this is your 1st order, please pm me your address.
  11. News/Article/Feature Highlight: IT'S BEEN A WHILE - GEORGE JACKSON IS NOW HERE ! GEORGE JACKSON - I Want That Love Back / If I Could Open Up My Heart - HR 1515 View full article
  12. A bit of a bump for this couple of new releases - 4 great sides from 2 iconic names in soul music history - paypal £12.00 each @ total p/p £3.00 to - hitandrunsoul45@gmail.com
  13. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Hit and Run Records - New 45s Richard Caiton - Don Varner - Read and listen via the below link... View full article
  14. We decided to reactivate the label after a near 10 year hibernation and the 2 new releases are now here. A new phase of the label begins with 45s by 2 iconic names of 60s/70s soul music HR 1513 - Richard Caiton - Got To Get Across To You / I'm Gonna Love You More HR 1514 - Don Varner - When It's Over / He Didn't Know If you don't know them, there are sound clips of the B sides on youtube. Release date - Saturday 01 February 2020 Limited press - 400 copies Price - £12 each + p/p; there are a few demos available - please pm me if interested. To order - no need to pm me - just go to paypal as f&f - and send to - hitandrunsoul45@gmail.com Tell us : Records wanted + your address Previous releases - 1501-1512 available @ £10 each. Buy now, combine order. (full details of earlier releases on facebook page) Postage rates - 1/3 - UK £3.00; EU £4.00; ROW £6.00 4/6 - UK £4.00; EU £6.00: ROW £8.00 UK - 'Sign For' optional - add £2.00 Enquiries - email to - hitandrunsoul45@gmail.com

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