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  1. New releases from Hit and Run - January 2021 HR 1523 DON BRYANT – Cloudy Days / Just A Touch Of Your Hand One of what will be occasional deep soul 45s on the label. In 1967 Detroit’s Wheelsville group of labels took some artists down to Willie Mitchell’s Royal Studio in Memphis. Willie had the Hi house band in, he produced and Don Bryant guided the Detroit artists with his vocals. Later the songs were cut on Jim Coleman and Al Gardner – but what we have here is classic era Memphis deep soul. Unreleased at the time, finally got a CD release in 2006 – and here for the first time on vi
  2. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Don Bryant - Johnnie Mae Matthews View full article
  3. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Hit and Run Records - 2 New Releases Marvin Smith and Coco & Ben Follow link to read and listen... View full article
  4. Announcing 2 recent releases on the Hit and Run label : HR 1521 MARVIN SMITH - Heartache Comin' On / Hearts Made Of Stone Two totally wonderful mid-70s Chicago previously unreleased tracks - A-side is a classic Chicago midpacer, B-side a super super ballad. After all his iconic Artistics and later solo sides, we all know Marvin's ability as a vocalist; both sessions here are self-produced and arranged by the great Tom Washington with The Kitty Haywood Singers backing. Marvin spent so much money on the sessions he couldn't then manage to get them released till over 40 years later.
  5. Try as I might, I can't find details of a studio for this. Does anyone have definate info, please. Thanks
  6. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Hit and Run - New 45s from Syl Johnson & Bill Brandon. 2 new-to-45 releases, Read and listen... View full article
  7. Hit and Run - New 45s from Syl Johnson & Bill Brandon ANNOUNCING - 2 New Hit and Run 45s - 1st August 2020. Orders being taken NOW - Same day mailing Please paypal - hitandrunsoul45@gmail.com £12.00 each + UK postage £3.00 (good for 1-3 records) Iconic names in the world of soul music, here with 2 new-to-45 releases HR 1519 SYL JOHNSON - Try My Love Again / Starting Tomorrow Starting Tomorrow https://www.dropbox.com/s/zg487eyn7cxzh3b/HR 1517 B - Syl Johnson - Starting Tomorrow.mp3?dl=0 Syl gave me a CDR with these 2 unreleased tracks on s
  8. New release - 2 x Hit and Run 45s - Jo Jo Benson + Bernard Drake 2 NEW RELEASES - DUE : 29 May 2020 MAILING : Wed 27 May 2020 HR 1517 JO JO BENSON - You're Losing Me / I'll Be The One I remember during the days of Grapevine 2000 going to the studios in Houston with JA to try and work a deal for Huey's masters. There was a legal thing going on and we never got to it - so I'm particularly pleased to be able to eventually release this one on vinyl 45. Unreleased in the 70s, the 'A' side did get a CD release in 2015 and the 'B' side was out on a pretty hard-to-find Jetstrea
  9. JUST MAILED OUT TODAY ALL PRE-ORDERS FOR THIS NEW RELEASE : HR 1516 - DELREYS INCORPORATED : Destination Unknown - Crying In My Sleep £12 + £3 p/p = £15.00 - paypal as f&f please to - hitandrunsoul45@gmail.com One of the occasions when we will do a 45 previously released on a small regional label in USA - this is one on an obscure Florida label we had lined up for release around 10 years ago. 'A' side is a Cleethorpes era dance winner - there's been a 1972 pretty hard-to-find £500+ original, an alleged boot repress £80+
  10. IT'S BEEN A WHILE - GEORGE JACKSON IS NOW HERE ! GEORGE JACKSON - I Want That Love Back / If I Could Open Up My Heart - HR 1515 'A' side from the 1991 CD 'Heart To Heart Collect', became a 'Soul Essence' anthem and still sounds the business today; flip is a 1972 midpacer from the 2002 Grapevine CD 'In Muscle Shoals'. Two classic George Jackson sides. Listen... NOW ACCEPTING ORDERS WITH PAYPAL PAYMENT : Price is £12.00 + £3.00 p/p - you can send 3 45s for the same price as 1, so if you need some back numbers of HR releases, this might be a good time.
  11. We decided to reactivate the label after a near 10 year hibernation and the 2 new releases are now here. A new phase of the label begins with 45s by 2 iconic names of 60s/70s soul music HR 1513 - Richard Caiton - Got To Get Across To You / I'm Gonna Love You More HR 1514 - Don Varner - When It's Over / He Didn't Know If you don't know them, there are sound clips of the B sides on youtube. Release date - Saturday 01 February 2020 Limited press - 400 copies Price - £12 each + p/p; there are a few demos available - pleas
  12. John's son Stuart told me last night that JA had died at home in his sleep Wednesday night - he had been back in hospital for a couple of weeks.
  13. Hi Pat - and anyone else interested in the Mary Gresham CD and 45 - The CD is available here - www.garryjcape.com/sscd7008.htm The 45 is available here - www.garryjcape.com/hitandrun2.htm I won't take up your time telling you all how great they both are - those who already have them will know that already, and those who don't have them need to find out for themselves .... :yes:

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