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    Living life on the edge, knitting, growing dahlias, soul music,jump blues, rockabilly, hillbilly and rocksteady
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    Surbiton sur Mer
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    Lenny Welch - I don't have the right to cry

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  1. Help please has anyone got a copy of this Hickory 45 Gail Wynters "You don't have to be in love" for sale?
  2. I'd rather demonstrate the "Walk" rather than "The Mince" that you used to do. NO REFUNDS or Jelllied Eels. I did have a jelllied Potteries Oatcake franchise but it failled to take off and I lost a packet
  3. Well its like this guv, sum of us Cockneys do 'ave a bit of heudcashun gor blimey. We've got nuffink like Manchester Grandma School or The Clitheroe Kid Academy to learn us proper like.
  4. This book is unputdowable and at 5,000 pages is unliftupable
  5. Sorry Jez,, forgot about " Under the radar" It'll be in the next edition
  6. Don't forget to take extra wicks for the lamp and perhaps a budgie to test the air. All the chip fat in the air around Blackpool makes the air a bit toxic. Sadly Pete Waterman's Mojo doesn't work anymore. You'll find him in a railway siding just outside Hampstead now letting off steam
  7. What do you know Cork? you're from Burnley at town not really at the centre of alll things sartorial. I believe the absence of socks is a local tradition intended to show how had the non-wearer of socks is. It dates from the time when all inhabitants of the town would wear clogs rather than suede loafers which were an introduction from the south . The very idea of suede shoes, especially brown ones would be enough to get you banned from t' miners institute for being a bit of a girlie.
  8. You ought to hear me play the Pink Oboe. I was booked for the Last Night of the Proms, but had stage fright and failed to rise to the occasion.
  9. HOW TO DO NORTHERN SOUL PROPERLY - A Handbook for the 21st Century by Tony Ellis - now available With my tongue planted firmly in my cheek I take a none-to-serious look at the Northern Scene Have you ever thought that sometimes we take our scene a little bit too seriously? After all this seriousness is not apparent when we go to a soul night, there has always been a large amount of piss-taking and general larking about in and around the scene. However this hasn’t been reflected in the literature of Northern Soul - until now. I was inspired to write “How to do Northern Soul Properly” by a book for cyclists called “The Rules” in which the many unwritten rules and traditions that apply to life as a roadie were collected and laid down as a set of rules. There is a convention that dictates that the valve of a tube should always line up with the logo on the tyre, which in turn must line up with the logo on the wheel. This may sound poncey but you’ll always know where the valve is! It was while I was reading this that the connection between the soul scene and cycling occurred to me; until recently cycling was an obscure sport with no media interest, the same with the soul scene, every few years we become trendy and the media and punters start taking an interest and like cyclists we have a set of unwritten rules & conventions that you learn as you go on. Seemingly trivial things like when to clap during a record, dancefloor etiquette, how to navigate across a flooded toilet and not get your beer towel wet, why the Chinese connection theory is bo***cks and many more snippets of useless information. The book itself has evolved into more than just a book of rules, it’s part autobiography, part fiction and all tosh. There are chapters on dance lessons, health matters, a potted history, what to wear, taking gear, what record dealers descriptions really mean, what we want from our DJs and much more. I don’t pay much attention to individual records. This subject is covered better than I could hope to do in many other publications. This was and is a light-hearted look at the Northern Scene through the eyes of someone (me) who has been loitering around the Northern Scene since 1972. The book is more suited to the reader who has been around for a while and seen the changes, both good and bad, that have taken place over the last 40 or so years. The book 102 pages x A5 wire bound (by me), full colour photos and illustrations. It costs £ 11.50 inc postage from me. You can Paypal me at tone5446@tiscali.co.uk or send a cheque to 37 Thornhill Rd, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7TN Both John Manship and Derek Mead at Soulmine Records also hold a stock of the book. Here’s what some readers have said about HOW TO DO NORTHERN SOUL PROPERLY. Its Tony’s comedy take on Northern Soul behaviour over many decades. If you are a newcomer or have a loose connection to NS, it may not suit your palate, for those who have lived it since its inception it’s a real rib tickler. KEV ROBERTS Totally brilliant lolled my head off thanks Tone x SUE FISHER One of the best books (On Soul) I've read. KEITH ROBINSON So that’s what you used to get up to. TONY’S MUM A must read for all real northern soul fans (nsf). Incredibly witty & spot on! ANTHONY HANNINGTON
  10. News/Article/Feature Highlight: How to do Northern Soul Properly- A Handbook for the 21st Century by Tony Ellis - words and details of this now available book View full article
  11. Liz Christian - Suddenly you find love CBS issue excellent condition,few light paper scuffs nap. Small green sticker on a side, name stamp on b side £75 SOLD Gloria Gaynor - Honeybee CBS demo excellent condition. Green dot and a small tear where a sticker has been removed. Name stamp on b side £7.00 The Carrolls - We're in this thing together. CBS issue Light paper scuffs nap otherwise excellent condition. Green dot on a side, name stamp on b side £15. (nice uk version of Peaches andHerb) Patti Austin - Are we ready for love CBS Demo. Excellent condition. Green dot on a side, name stamp on b side £18.00. The Glories - I stand accused CBS demo Excellent condition Green dot on a side. Name stamp on b side £18.00 Postage UK second class recorded £3.00 Payment by PayPal GIFT please or cheque Ta!
  12. Hi Rocco I've got a copy for sale. Its a demo, labels are clean and so is the vinyl, although there is a bit of a crackle on the play in.. Nothing serious though! I have just noticed a tinytinytiny (Very slight) edge warp which doesn't affect play.. Yours for £35 quid and post free if you are in the UK. If you are interested my email is tone5446@tiscali.co.uk Thanks Tony

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