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  1. murano


  2. Found a few acetates all with unknown artists. This one sound very like blue eyed UK soul. What do you thinking about?
  3. Need a copy of "Little Tony, I'm Coming Home On W.b. 7166" Issue or demo. would pay with PayPal.
  4. Hello motown collectors Found a VIP record on a fair. "The LaSalles, LaLaLaLaLa b/w This Is True, V.I.P. 25036" Anyone know who the lead singer of the Motown LaSalles is? Or anything about the Motown LaSalles? Is it a combination like the LaBrenda Ben & the Bell Jeans? thanks for any info.
  5. If you don't find that box, i have this one. Some titles are the same, all lookalike reissues. http://vitacongusto.blogspot.de/2009/11/explosivos-deep-soul-from-latin-heart_01.html
  6. For how much goes it nowadays?
  7. Want a copy of: JOE E. YOUNG & THE TONIKS "Life Time Of Lovin'" / "Flower In My Hand" Toast Waiting for offers! Thanks!
  8. Want COLLEEN & TEDDY "beachnut" on Mira And the Joe E. Young & the Toniks "Soul Buster" LP on Toast at a set sale price. I prefer Paypal. Hope anyone got a copy or know a seller who got. Thanks
  10. Found some informalion: Legendary houseband of the Jazzclub í…¾Domicile" in the mid 70's. Produced by Werner Sch¼ler. The singer Mel Canady was born in alabama and went to munich (germany) with his gospelband. He stay here and and work with a lot of german jazz and soul bands and as an actor on some theathers in germany. Now he plays Ray Charles in the Musical "Ray" on a theather in munich.
  11. hello! Look for a copy of: Shirley Wahls "Why am i crying" on King Anyone? Prefer paypal! Thanks a lot.
  12. Found something Maybe he is Chico Chism: My link
  13. Hello all. Found this it in antiques shop, found nothing about it on the internet. Only a post in this forum about Chico that he is the ex drummer of Howlin Wolf. Chico "The Boogie Man"-Coo Fanny Coo/High Rise Blues CHER-KEE vinyl EX label has a writing Put it on youtube so you can listen and see the record My link I can't give a price cause its unknown. Please make an offer..

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