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  1. HI ALL This classic is always on want lists, the fact there are far few going around, and most copies are in Vg at best, I have had my copy for years, however the reason I have put this one up, is that there is a brand new copy on EBAY with just hours left, now remember this is tate and I expect it will sell for £300,, KTF DAVE
  2. HI I used to have Tommy Good on Tamla still have a Gordy copy but would love to have a TAMLA copy back? have you got one?
  3. Hi All For me the SHAFT LP & the Across 110th street LP & not forgetting the superb Superfly LP are a must have LP's that are deep with soul, these LP's often referred as Black Wax come to my attention at the same time as soul music was morphing into Disco and I was getting well & truly into the rare soul scene, if that was not the case I'm sure my knowledge would have gone deep into the roots of the BLACK WAX EXPLOSION of 1971 to 1975 as there is many sounds songs tunes tucked away on LP's I've yet to discover, to conclude the B side of SHAFT is a good example off what I'm trying to say KTF DAVE K
  4. HI ALL There ain't much I can add to this class record from JJ Barnes except it has been overlooked for far to long, even by myself, However I say if you ain't got a copy (the Scepter copy is the second release for national dist) do yourself a favour as I predict this will go big, so buy it when it's cheap, in fact buy 2 copies & make some money when it does!. KTF DAVE K
  5. HI ALL The first place this classic entered my Lug Holes was at the Howard Mallet Cambridge, in amongst classics like Stanley Mitchell, Joe Hicks, Shirley Lawson, Saxie Russell And the CLASSIC "open up the door to your heart" "you better believe it" on BROWN DOOR Records played by DJ Tony Deller.
  6. I first heard it at Wigan Casino & I'm sure it was Richard, I got my copy from the Scotch man John Anderson, was well pissed of when the bootleg looked the same as my Demo, if this is of any use? as it may of been played at another place like the Mecca,
  7. HI ALL Did You know that "it rained forty days" is on plastic & styrene? Also I have a spare that has a crack, but it plays great for DJing If you have a trade that I may want (UK only) or a cash offer, you will not get a cheaper copy this side of hell, or I might use it as a competition prize let me know what to do with it,Not sure if I posted this before? my copy of Craig Douglas Pye 45 on STATESIDE with Picture sleeve (Indian copy) RARE
  8. HI All.. Got a copy for £2 in early 74, sold it for £17.50 to a well known DJ, about 2 months later it was bootlegged with identical label? KTF
  9. HI probably is a word with no real meaning, that's why it's used in advertising, however I also like this side, KTF
  10. Hi All..I thought I would put up well known 45's that are hard to find as original's, but them nasty bootleggers don't care about SOUL COLLECTORS do they? I hate the wankers with all my soul, this track by Tony Galla is a superb 45, and I am glad that I own an original copy, what I like about "In Love" is that Tony is a White guy, thus making Dave Godin's "as deep as you like and then some" very apt. I got my copy (below) from Mick Smith for £200 money well spent as I rate it at £500, I really do.
  11. Hi All ....Happy Long Weekend,,, It's that time of the year, that I wonder what happened the Whitsun? why did it go? will it come back as part of the BREXIT DEAL? & while I'm on that subject, do we go back to £ s d, as decimalisation, was a part of the deal to act like the French, A quick quiz, What was the first decimal coin in the UK? Right my 45 for this morning is a classic that I got at a record fair in the early 8t's I paid £5 for it, at the time I had never actually seen a copy, so it came as a surprise to find out it was on the rare first label. & for F**K sake I forgot to download the sound file, I will do it later, unless some kind person adds it on for me?/ here's my morning pick Ann Sexton, KTF & enjoy the Picture?
  12. Hi All After raving on about the scene, this is one off my favourates although it's not a big money 45 it ain't that cheap either plus as far as I'm aware never booted, I must of played this one before? however it is Saturday Night, My copy is below johnny manshipsKTF Dave K
  13. HI ALL..... This Detriot 45 without doubt one of the true soul classics that established the northern soul scene, if the twisted wheel & the few other all night venues who played rare soul to the few who were lucky through word of mouth to find out about them, & let's not forget many people who lived within a quarter of a mile from them did not no of there existence in the late 1960's & even if they did, the idea of attending a venue that was packed out with Skinhead Types blocked up on Blues & Black bombers would of been more than enough to scare of any music loving hairy who would sit crossed legged on a dance floor smashed on black stinking of Petulia oil waving a Jos stick, yes indeed the rare soul scene was so underground at the time, and when most of it's music had been issued on UK labels had been discovered 7 by 1971 many of the faithful owned the top sounds, it is my opinion that the closing down of the Wheel & the Lantern turned out to be a good thing. It would be stupid of me to try and name the people who kept the faith in 71 72, but with venues like Blackpool Mecca & Bletsoe and DJ Tony Jebb Alan Day Keith Minshull PEP & others the scene would have died, Then along come the promoters of failing run down clubs that would do anything to earn a buck, So it come down to one man in the midlands towns known as the potteries, Mr Chris Burton & his run down club "the Golden TORCH" in Tunstall & DJ Keith Minshull & Tony Jebb plus Alan Day with a few others, supported by not only a strong local support but by the knowledgeable Brothers whose love of Soul Music was much deeper than my love for breaking into chemist shops, Back to the record this record is a typical record from 72 that was played at the Mecca, Cat;s, Up the Junction & Crewe, thanks to all for Keeping the Faith in 71/2 for creating the Northern Soul Scene,,,,,, Also to be added is Patto for picking this classic for inclusion into the SSRC Dave Godin, Blues & Soul and all the people who took time to record the music we love, Right On Now & KTF Dave K
  14. HI ALL Pete how strange your story of Joann Courcy is as I have your copy all fixed and plays perfect, as the crack was only on one half of the record (edge to centre, the repair was easy to do, in the old days I could easy palm it of at a All-NIGHTER for a good price, as buy the time the crack become noticeable any come back on me would be met with, you should look after your records sorry it's a shame as it is a good sound, but I can't help you. I stress to everyone this is back in the 1970's, I got it from MAX RIP with a few more it worked out that it cost me £100 as you know records become cheaper the more you buy, I think he wanted £250 for it, I would take £350 as it looks & plays OK, the price of a minty one is around £800 when you had it it going for over £1000, I will always remember the last pint I had with MAX, sadly he was brown bread a week later? he was a good man. KTF DAVE K.
  15. HI ALL.... I have most of the Wigan badges but not this 3rd anniversary one. as I did not go to it, at the time for me it was not important to have, (at the time I had this thing that if you did not go to a club, or in this case the 3rd Anniversary I was not entitled to ware the badge!) Strange ain't it, When the Casino management got stuck up it's own arse after Guy Darrel was on top OF THE POPS and let all the kids in, I got really pissed of about it, and when I saw some kids wearing TORCH badges & even TWISTED WHEEL LANCASHIRE ROSE BADGE, well the Casino for me was never the same, & in 74 YATE, St Ives, Cleethorpes, Samantha's & the Wirrina All-Nighter's started my attendance dropped to going every 8 weeks. So the mystery about why the 3rd Anniversary badge is so scarce, Does anyone on Soul Source know the story of why?. What I do know Mr Chris Burton of the ISC based in Soul on Spoon, got information there was a problem making the badge, hence the badge he produce at the time, the ISC 3rd Anniversary badge shown above is not the proper 1st issue, it's a later copy from 78. KTF Dave K.