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    Hi Born on a train in London lived in Letchworth only 1 mile from Mick Smith, had a troubled childhood, in 1968 after attending West Hams 1st Home Match, I got a #1 haircut like most of the north bank, & started a kick shit youth sub culture , after receiving interruptions to my lifestyle spending time in HMDC I started to play soul & reggae in pubs, attended all-nighter's through out the 7ts 8ts 9ts 00ts to the present time, in the 7ts I worked with stage lighting & sound crews as a roadie for KOOL & the Gang Marvin Gaye & many more. had long relationship with Stimulants still prescribed 15 dex daily,  collect Rare Soul & Reggae. have had a bad boy reputation which I seldom use these days, I'm a qualified Counsellor specialising in Addiction spent 25 years working for NHS & in the voluntary service,  There are many life chapters that make good reading, working on new project working title "who you screwing John", I'm a Labour Party Member. That's all folks 

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    Dave Kilworth
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  1. Hi All - It is my opinion that Tony was the very best DJ on the scene, The records played by him were Northern Soul to my ears, Tony was genuine & honest with his play selection, as such so was Tony as a Soul Brother, he loved our music and to watch the dance floor come to life, I send peace & love to all Brothers & Sisters who enjoyed Tony at the TORCH & MECCA, However at this sad time It's his nearest & dearest SHEILA & all relatives & friends who loved Tony the man, we will always remember him. So on behalf of those who travelled North in 72 - 75 from North
  2. dthedrug

    Stables soul club

    SATURDAY 2nd MARCH MY PERFECT DAY! After watching West Ham win 2 0 against Newcastle, then watching a transvestite singing contest on BBC1, then Casualty, the NEWS, and then Match of the day, at the same time I was looking at pages from SOUL SOURCE, then I become aware that the Stables SOUL NITE was on, well I jumped into the car and made my way, Can I say it was the Stables that I loved, the DJs were on form and created a atmosphere that is ideal for a club night, the atmosphere was friendly, and the record dealers had good stock, this is the way forward for this event, I wish the prom
  3. HI ALL Happy New Year BROTHERS & SISTERS. It has not passed me by that 2019 is 50 years on since "The SPIRIT of 69" if you don't know what I'm talking about, there might be someone, but 1969 was the best year of my teenage, 69 was my year not my older Brother & Sisters who were MODS, I could never feel comfortable in a blue mohair suit, for me it was STA Press braces Ben Sherman Royals Doc Martins & my choice of music which was both soul and reggae, Yes 69 was the smartest youth culture that has been. My choice of records to start the new year I have chosen for you is the cla
  4. HI to all members of the SOUL SOURCE Record Club. Can I say that there have been some excellent contributions throughout 2018 so thanks for supporting the club, It's a shame that contributions have been down this year, this includes from me, the reason is the Type2 diabetes that I suffer from has been very bad, in the last 6 months I have been in the record room 3 times, it taks about 15 minutes just to go up 13 steps, and as I have my be downstairs it has made me lethargic & apathetic, So it my intention to close the club in 2 hours but then start 2019 club at the same time, so it's up to
  5. HI .. John Manship does great write up's, but he failed to mention how rare this $tateside 45 is, over my years of collecting UK 45's I have seen more yellow London DEMOS than Red & White DEMOS, I was lucky to get my copy for £10 from a collector of DEMOS of Pop hits from the 6ts, My copy is VG+ and if I was to sell it a starting price would be £250, when it comes to selling top rare UK auction is the only way,
  6. HI ALL, Here we are again! a couple of personal tip's and can I stress again my remarks are based on 50 years of collecting and are my opinions not those of Soul Source although they may agree with my sentiment? I'll start with a bit more stuff on UK Demos, only the other day I remembered that when I worked as a roadie in both PA & Lighting back in the mid 7ts, that while working at some MECCA or TOP RANK establishment, behind the DJ Booth I found some records all DEMOS plus a bit of opened mail, one letter had a list of names & addresses of members of the music trade, dance
  7. HI ALL... It's a fact that if you collect 6ts Rare Soul, whether they are vinyl or styrene, the way they are handled Stateside which is no way like we do, there will always be some damaged by the way they have been handled and stored, some have cracks some are broken and some are water damaged, the Shrine label comes to mind. For me if I get a record that has a hair line crack, after putting a bit of tape on the non hit side it will do, however for those people who want to play the record out when DJing I always assumed that to protect your records, you would use your own head shell with it's
  8. Hi your info is wrong, 500 Stateside Motown DEMO's well if you believe that, sit down and think about it? here's a question for you & anybody who reads this, perhaps the biggest Stateside/Motown 45s was "Baby Love" the Supremes' have you got a demo, when was the last time you see it for sale? have you ever seen a copy when you are out & about? at a record fair maybe? if the answer to this is yes well you would be a collector just like me!, but if the answer is no and I have a copy, where are the other 499? once you track them down you can look for a demo of "my guy" Mary Wells, ….I'm s
  9. Hi All - Well I have collected record since 1965 over the first few years I collected MOD/POP from 68 to 72 REGGAE was my bag with SOUL in 2nd place, got most of my records in SOHO & Brixton, In those days my info come from Blues & Soul Mag it was my bible, I tried to buy as many new releases as I could from Contempos, all though I did a bit of DJing, it was nothing compared to doing some spots with Billy Mac & Mick Smith this is when my Rare Soul Roots come from, Now most of my tips on record collecting are well known today, However I will start by making my statement on the
  10. Hi All... Not quite sure what you quite expect, but over the time since the Rare Soul scene started there has always been money to be made from bootlegs, this was the bone of contention that the late Dave Godin often wrote about in B&S, He often wrote about records obtained at shops like SOUL CITY, MOORS, CARLOWS, SELECTADISC, REDIFUSION & so on for under £1 were taken up north & sold for a £5 to those people that loved the feeling for All-night Soul,, Back in 1970 John Wilko Wilkinson (Twisted Wheel Brother from NOTT's) found a copy of Chubby Checkers "at the Discotheque" he paid
  11. HI ALL... It, that is "DANCE DANCE DANCE" was issued on a PYE 12" 45 Disk in 74, why I mention this is the sound is great compared to 7" & the US Roulette copy, value if you find a copy is £3 - £10, however like Contempo 12" 45s they never turn up, when they do it probably be by a car boot'er not a Soul Dealer?? However Naff it maybe on PYE, I recommend it, come to think about it any SOUL 12" from the 1970s is worth getting nowdays as an investment plus they have longer versions than 7" a good example is Skip Mahony - Janice, UNDERGROUND Records, which was released a year early than 45,K
  12. Hi All... It would be doing an injustice to the many groups that I have seen & those that I worked with as a Roadie, working in both sound & light, also it must be stated that as a Teenager (in the 6ts) most groups could play their instruments & sing the song, they had to if they wanted to make a record contract, also back then 3 & 4 track recording studios was normal, most records were achieved with 1 take, you would be surprised the amount of mistakes that are in 6ts recording, most noticeable are in Jamaican music, Also I am not going to mention Groups seen at early mu
  13. Hi Mick...Back in 69 I was very much into the short lived youth sub culture Boot or Bovver Boys, although I thought that in 68 I was a young MOD? spending Saturday afternoon walking down Green St, going into the Chicken Run, watching the only English team to win the World Cup, then spending the rest of Saturday wandering round the West End ending up in the Flamingo Club (not dissimilar to the Wheel, music wise, although they did tend to play every Drifters record at the Wheel in 68/9?). in 69 as my sage will tell you it was REGGAE all the way, 69 was the year that the press called us Skinheads
  14. Hi All.. Here is a CLASSIC from 73 when records were hard to find but when you found them like this Ila Vann 45, you never parted with them, I have only had 2 copies my 1st from the Scotch man in Kings Lynn? & the copy in my collection, had to put it up because seeing it on JM auction I had to agree with every thing he said about it, also you must try and get it as it never comes up for sale, a great soul record. KTF
  15. Hi All I just posted in the record club, however it is in the old section. I forgot to close it down at the start of the year, when the new thread started, sorry about this mistake however I will have to close it as it makes no sence to use last years thread? KTF Dave K

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