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  1. Hello, just a quick one. I've found myself living in Nottingham at the moment, and am new to up here. Mostly been in London. (From Cork originally, thats not here, thats in Ireland.)] Can anyone point out worth while nights in the area, maybe Nottingham or somewhere worth travelling to on weekend... I like a bit of northern, but mostly Modern. Thanks, Graham
  2. Dreams / who am I. Thanks Graham
  3. Hello, I have a decent copy of this. clean. Soulhawk label. VG - VG+ Was wondering what it would be worth these days, as I'm thinking of cashing in. Thanks Graham
  4. Great series of compilations I bought which helped introduce me to northern soul and a huge number of artists. Released by Soul Supply with up to 8 tracks on each side, almost 32 tracks on each Lp. Remaining Lp's to sell...Postage from Ireland - prices in Euro. All in (VG+) condition. The Northern Soul Story - Vol 2 €30 The Northern Soul Story - Vol 3 €30 The Northern Soul Story - Vol 4 €30 The Northern Soul Story - Vol 5 €30 The Northern Soul Story - Vol 6 €30 The Northern Soul Story - Vol 9 €30 The Northern Soul Story - Vol 11 €30 The Northern Soul Story - Vol 13 €30 The Northern Soul Story - Vol 14 €30 The Northern Soul Story - Vol 15 €30 The Northern Soul Story - Vol 16 €30 Also selling The Twisted Wheel Story (LP, Comp) €24.99 Northern Soul - The Classics Volume One (LP, Comp) €24.99 Backdrop (LP, Comp) €17.99 Northern Soul Time (28 Tracks Of Vintage Northern Soul) (2xLP, Comp) €15.99 Northern Soul Golden Memories Volume One (LP, Comp) €23.99 On The Soul Side (LP, Comp, Mono) Kent records €14.99 You Didn't Say A Word (New Northern Soul For A New Millenium) (LP, Comp) €13.99 Northern Soul Satisfaction (Goldmine Soul Supply) LP, Comp €17.99
  5. Hi - how much does this typically go for.. Cheers
  6. Looking for this one Thanks Graham
  7. Cheers Dave, would you know anything about the record and the label invasion? why is it so rare? thanks
  8. sircharles

    Liquid Soul in Cork

    Yes- thats Cork, Ireland. Soul night playing, Northern, Modern, Raregroove and Boogie. Joined by myself and guests. If travelling at the time do line up with us, we'd love to hear from you. Mixes up on Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/Liquid_Soul/
  9. Could I resurect this one. How much and who has one.
  10. Hi wondering what the price on clean one of these would be? Thanks Graham
  11. Liquid Soul again! Now we move to a great venue - a small club in Stoke Newington - The Waiting Room. Sunday 24th, bank holiday weekend. Free in. 10pm - 2am. We play a mix of music - 60s, 70s and 80s. From Modern & Northern, to Disco, RareGroove. Graham http://www.mixcloud.com/LiquidSoulNight/liquid-soul-01/
  12. sircharles

    Liquid Soul

    Another night que'd up for The GNRT bar, in Hornsey. A really nice setting with large back room, fire place and decore. We will be spinning music from across the board, 60s Northern and Modern Soul, through to 70s, Raregroove and disco. Hope some of you can make it. Graham & Jon. 67 High St, London N8 7QB
  13. sircharles

    Liquid Soul

    Play Vinyl 7s and 12s. We are playing in BE-I-Do bar & basement Saturday from 8pm - 2am. NEXT SAT 28th JUNE BEIDO 55 STOKE NEWINGTON HIGH ST STARTS AT 8PM Will post map shortly. Thanks Graham & Jon http://www.image-share.com/upload/2600/222.jpg' alt='222.jpg'>

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